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Wall decoration

Wallpaper in the bathroom: Which is better to stick? Liquid, vinyl, washing, moisture resistant - choose the most practical (115+ Photos)

Bathroom - a room with its own microclimate, high humidity, serious temperature changes. Therefore, when thinking about the design of a bathroom, preference is often given to ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, and plastic panels. But the profile stores offer wallpaper for bathrooms, which are not inferior in terms of basic working and technical indicators tile.
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A catalog of flowers for the country (240 + Photos with names): All the rules for creating incredible beauty

How to plant flowers in the country, to give your summer cottage an incredible charm? Secrets that everyone should know about. Everything is more detailed later in the article. The content of this article: Landscape design cottages Design flower beds. TOP-6 rules Perennial Varieties Annual Varieties Proper arrangement on flower beds Designing a vertical flower bed Creating monochrome compositions Contrast compositions Flower compositions in a neutral style at the cottage Landscape design cottages We make flower beds.
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Curtains on the door - How to settle the harmony in the house? 215+ Photos of Beautiful and Modern Ideas

The choice of textiles is an important decoration step. What is behind these strict words? Do you want all the details of the interior in harmony with each other? Consider the color scheme of the premises. Much depends on the taste and preferences of the owners. However, beauty and harmony should surround the person. Features of the application For rooms whose walls are painted smoothly or covered with wallpaper without a bright pattern, you can use curtains with a textured pattern or a rich color.
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