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110+ (Photos) Simple ways to organize a New Year party in your favorite style (Russian, Scandinavian, oriental). Modern design ideas


Theme party will be an alternative to the traditional celebration of the New Year. It is necessary to decorate the room in advance, sew costumes, create a menu on the table, pick up a fun competitive program and music. After reviewing examples of celebrations, choose a strict option for office celebration or fun for a friendly event. Find out how you can arrange an apartment in the Russian style, rock or Scandinavian. More detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • New Year in Russian style
  • In the style of a fairy tale
  • The embodiment of the tale of Cinderella
  • Oriental tales
  • Invitation to Narnia
  • On a visit to the Hatter
  • Rock style
  • Venue
  • Room decoration
  • Parties in the style of the 80s
  • Apartment decoration
  • Party Wear
  • Scandinavian style
  • Japanese style party
  • VIDEO: Getting ready for the New Year
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 110 photos)
  • New Year in Russian style
  • In the style of a fairy tale
  • Rock style
  • Parties in the style of the 80s
  • Scandinavian style
  • Japanese style party
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 110 photos)
  • New Year in Russian style

    To celebrate the New Year under the Russian style, it is recommended to sort through the contents of the grandmother's chests, where the abundance of ancient utensils is stored. The internal space of a house or apartment is decorated with napkins or fabric with national motifs, Russian motifs are printed on cardboard, and the washable wallpaper is painted with paint using stencils.

    Handmade wooden jewelry set

    Planning a party in a country house, gathering a friendly company:

    • The living room is designed as an old room, covering the TVs with microwaves from outside eyes with a cloth. Covering serve patchwork bedspreads, colorful scarves with tassels.
    • In the center of the room are long tables with wooden benches, stools or chairs. The walls have large chests or cabinets under the style.
    • The floors are covered with homespun floorboards, the windows are covered with linen curtains. On window openings hang embroidered panels with valances.
    • Against the background of wooden furniture, clay toys linen or cotton napkins with tablecloths look harmoniously. For sewing furniture covers choose natural fabrics in the tone of unbleached homespun material.
    • If you wish to create a party under the style of a rich merchant's hut, textile fabrics like velor or silk, embroidered with gold threads, are used for decorating. Instead of benches, chairs and sofas are placed at the tables, covered with patterned bedspreads. Homespun paths are replaced by carpets, curtains are made of shiny fabric.
    • Themed party will be decorated with wallpaper with a Russian stove. The rectangular table is pasted over with cardboard and wallpaper under natural stone, cut out the firebox, and under it are placed logs with “fire”.

    Decoration on the tree in the Russian style

    The walls are covered with bear skin, round trays or grandma's handkerchiefs under the folk style. Also hang on the corners and walls of the room are bundles of onions and bagels, compositions of rowan berries and fir paws. A samovar, polished to a shine, is placed on the table, tubs, kegs, wicker utensils, food and drink are served in clay and wooden dishes.

    Old Russian costumes for a party, rented in a theater studio, will create a festive mood. Men try on patterned embroidery shirts, zipoons and sheepskin coats under the Russian style. Girls look colorful in embroidered shirts, stylish red or yellow sundresses and leather half boots. The ladies wear headbands with colts, beaded necklaces and coral beads.

    Special color will add clothes

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    In the style of a fairy tale

    Preparing for a fabulous New Year's party begins in 2 weeks from the planning of the decor of the room and table setting. At first they send invitations indicating the theme of the holiday, the cover is decorated with images of fairy-tale heroes.

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    The embodiment of the tale of Cinderella

    The country house for a party turns into a royal palace. Tables are arranged along the hall, decorated with white satin tablecloths with gold tassels. The hall is decorated with a predominance of white and gold color, glittering garlands are hung, and spruce wreaths with candles are placed on the tables.

    Garlands in the style of "Cinderella"

    For heavy curtains hiding figures of mice under the fabulous style. Two high-backed chairs become thrones for the party hosts — the king and queen. The arrival of the dukes and duchess is announced by the master of ceremonies, inviting guests to the table.

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    Oriental tales

    For a theme party in the style of Aladdin, remove all the tables and chairs from the room, unrolling a carpet with motley patterns on the floor. It is recommended to leave low tables for vintage lamps, candles, burning incense. Throw pillows on the floor, taking care of the convenience of guests. From the color design for the party choose red, golden, green shades under the style. Guests are treated to oriental sweets on copper trays, candied fruit is served.

    A bit east for your decor

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    Invitation to Narnia

    Guests through the closet door get into Narnia, where stylized snags are decorated with white garlands, white and silver balls are hung on the walls and windows. They make a fireplace from cardboard and wallpaper, place wicker furniture, hang red scarves on the chairs under the style of a faun’s house inviting to a celebration. In the center of the room is a heavy wooden table with wicker chairs.

    Decoupage bottles in the style of "Narnia"

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    On a visit to the Hatter

    In the fabulous Wonderland, guests choose the role of the Hatter, Wise Caterpillar, Alice, Rabbit and other characters. It is recommended to arrange a table for tea drinking, on which to arrange appliances and sweets for guests. Cardboard clock stopped at five o'clock, it's time to invite to the table. Pre-sew the puffs of the type of mushrooms, snags are entwined with garlands, make a cardboard tree with a hole for the rabbit.

    BoardFor a fairy tale about pirates around the house, caskets with jewels are hidden, and the guests, divided into two teams, are looking for treasure. Table decorate ship mock-ups, bottles of rum, black flags with skulls. The official atmosphere of the Potter Lovers is reflected in the repetition of the decor of the living room by Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, or by transforming a small room under Harry’s closet.

    Making a fairy tale in the country is always bright, beautiful, with a hint of childhood

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    Rock style

    A meeting of the New Year in the style of rock musicians will give a great mood, let you forget about the office dress code for the day. Advance in a stylish form of clothing and accessories, table setting and room decor.

    For a party, men dress up in t-shirts with skulls, leather pants and a vest, hoodie or leather jacket. A black bandanna is tied up on the head, high army lace-up boots are suitable for shoes.

    Ecostyle in the New Year's decor

    Metal studded bracelets, medallions and chains complete the look. Girls choose a combination of femininity with rudeness, dressed in light dresses under boots with thick soles. For a stylish party, make-up in dark colors is suitable - black eyelids and eyelashes, lips of deep cherry color.

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    A themed rock party is perfect for a corporate or friendly event. It is recommended to celebrate in a nightclub or a rock bar with an entourage under a concert style. Decorate with attributes garage, storage room or disco-bus. The grunge style impresses with rooms with brick walls, here include loud music, without fear of complaints from neighbors.

    Theme parties celebrating the New Year

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    Room decoration

    The walls of the garage are covered with posters with images of rock musicians, guitars are arranged, records are hung out. The party will be decorated with black balloons with white painted symbols of the groups, skulls, guitars to match the style.

    Replacing the motorcycle rockers serve as a foam copy, painted with fiery strokes. They put spotlights on an improvised stage, leaving the room lights dimmed. In the center for dancing leave free space, tables are placed along the walls. Gothic add thick candles, placed on the tables.

    The theme will be decorated with guitars

    They advise in advance to discuss the performance of a rock group at a stylish party, such an idea will not leave you bored, will give joy and vigor. Furor makes the appearance of rocker Santa Claus in big black glasses and a bandana, giving souvenirs to brutal office workers.

    Santa Claus will please every guest

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    Parties in the style of the 80s

    Parties of the 80s delight with a rainbow of colors and give a cheerful mood, and it will not be difficult to equip a room and a table to suit the style of past years. Under the colored curtains hiding appliances, blinds, so as not to disturb the atmosphere of action.

    Old tree in a new way

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    Apartment decoration

    The larger the room for the party, the better for creating the New Year's mood to the style of past years. They leave a wide dance floor, tables and chairs move to the walls.

    Party organization rules:

    • A ball is hung from the ceiling - a disco-style symbol pasted over with shiny discs. Brilliant paraphernalia hanging on the walls, ceiling, windows. Cut out of foil garlands, stars, snowflakes, flags.
    • Posters with the stars of discos, posters with slogans, printed images of the leaders are pasted on the walls. Home-made lamps, cut out of cardboard New Year's figures, are placed on the tables.
    • For a party need a stereo or cassette recorder. Let not in working condition, but as an attribute of style. They set the light music, the more brilliance and chic, the better for the holiday.
    • For a stylish party set the tree with a sparkling "rain", glass beads, toy soldiers.
    • The table is served with a colorful tablecloth and Soviet canned food labels are printed on napkins.

    For decor - a matter of taste, but with a twist

    The highlight of the party will be a tube TV, with a knitted napkin thrown over. Top put a glass vase with three studs. An old-time radio, wall-hanging rug, an outdoor cuckoo clock will be useful. Return to menu

    Party Wear

    The style of the 80s was marked by a combination of bright colors. Men for the party fit narrowed shirts with suspenders and tracksuits, shoes are replaced with stylish sneakers. Girls dress in leggings, mini-skirts, jackets or "olympic". A tunic or dress of shiny fabric opens one shoulder. Large accessories: clips, beads, earrings, bracelets.

    We make the room for the chosen style

    At the party, girls are advised to do high bouffant, the tail is allowed on one side. Makeup attracts the eye with sparkles, bright blue eyelids, pink blush, scarlet or fuchsia lipstick.

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    Scandinavian style

    The main thing is that the chosen decoration creates an atmosphere of comfort.

    Party under the Scandinavian style offers to spend holidays with your family. Home comfort with simple decor without bright colors and tinsel:

    • toys, stands, tables and chairs are made of wood;
    • the use of improvised material: cones, berries, acorns;
    • ornaments in the form of animals, often deer;
    • homespun cloth for the decoration of windows, walls, tables, chairs.

    With a wooden Christmas tree and in the Scandinavian style

    At home they hang up mittens, place sledges and skates used to recreate the style of scandi. The room and the table are decorated in cold colors, the handmade decor will emphasize the brevity of the New Year's image

    Preparing for a Scandinavian party:

    • When choosing to decorate a white palette, it is recommended to put an artificial Christmas tree with silvery branches and sparkling garlands on the floor or table.
    • Decorations in the form of pendants made of metal or wood, garlands of silver-plated cones, and berries of mountain ash are suitable for a green Christmas tree. Craftswomen sew soft toys, located between the branches.
    • Traditional gnomes "ran" on the shelves, hid on the mantelpiece, table, sofas and armchairs.
    • White paint draw snowflakes and funny animal faces on the windows or glass door details.
    • Snowflakes for garlands are cut, and wreaths are made from spruce paws and berries on the walls.
    • On the table are placed wooden stands for candles, baskets of wicker, wine barrels. It is advised to place decorative or dried fish between the devices.

    Handicrafts are valued in this style.

    BoardThe style of the Scandinavian party is displayed in a real or improvised fireplace, with red socks hanging on the wall. A chimney shelf and table are decorated with wreaths of fir or juniper, berries, and candlesticks.

    For serving use the dishes in white and red tones under the style. The red color sets off the white purity of the plates, tray or teapot. On the table, choose a tablecloth and napkins with images of deer, repeating the pattern on pillows or curtains.

    Christmas tree in a wicker basket - interesting and reserved

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    Japanese style party

    For a Japanese style party, they recommend getting a red carpet on the floor, decorative fans on the walls, and a table for the tea ceremony. A stylish event with colleagues or friends will require preparation:

    • They recommend zoning the room with screens, highlighting a place for tea drinking, buffet and dancing.
    • Paper lanterns, garlands, pictures of cherry blossoms, hieroglyphic images with wishes of happiness are hung on the walls.
    • The table is served with rectangular plates, decorative umbrellas, floating candles.

    Fan can be easily and quickly do it yourself

    Men try on the image of a samurai warrior, armed with a sword. Girls at the party are transformed into a geisha in a silk kimono, making a high hair style. For make-up, you should whiten your face by drawing an Asian eye shape, make a scarlet “lip” lipstick on your lips. Geishas are recommended to serve sake to the table, fan themselves, make dance moves.

    Clothes that will take you to the Japanese New Year

    It is advisable to put in the room an aquarium with goldfish, fountains, pots with chrysanthemums or bamboo. An addition to the style will be ikebana or bonsai, set on the table.

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