Curtains for the bedroom: 265+ (Photo) Novelties for modern design


New items among curtains for the bedroom offer fashion trends for your interior: elongated and double curtains, brushes and contrasting trim on the edge. The choice is huge, which everyone can appreciate. And what kind of curtains to choose so that it fits into the overall interior of the bedroom, we will show you.


The choice of curtains for the bedroom

Curtains fill the room with comfort. At registration, they first decide the general style, and finally select the structure and color of the fabric for curtains. Popular classics - the design of window openings with veil curtains, complemented by night curtains.

Curtains for bedroom

The upcoming season offers to turn to natural fabrics:

  • clap;
  • organze;
  • silk;
  • flax
  • bamboo

Portieres made of bamboo or linen fabric with synthetic threads are considered fashionable and durable. Curtains do not lose their positions from:

  • velvet;
  • brocade;
  • chiffon;
  • taffeta

All ruffles and draperies are in the past, simple lines and simple cut are replacing.

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Fashion offers

  • Old-fashioned fabric textures with shebby-chic scuffs will fill the room with airiness, and curtains made from natural fabrics with blurred patterns resembling watercolor strokes will serve as a highlight.
  • Japanese style at the peak of popularity - using lamellae working on the adjusting mechanism. The combination of monophonic or contrasting color slats will add to the bedroom conciseness - complement ethnic style or high-tech.

Enjoy the beauty of nature

  • Proper mix of styles. Pastel wallpaper and carpets blend in color with curtains in the same range. It is best to hang the curtains with prints, and lay a bed with a tiger skin blanket.
  • Let's combine rolled up curtains (protecting from the sun) with light tulle curtains.
  • Roman curtains are twigs with sewn strips of matter, and the whole structure is in close contact with the window. Recommended for small rooms to expand the space.
  • Window drape with lace curtains imitating hand-knitted, hand-made is welcome.
  • Kisey or long threads falling down, covered with glass beads and beads. They serve only as an additional decoration, do not close from prying eyes.
  • Austrian style involves draping a rounded shape around the edges of long drapes, allowed in any style other than minimalism.

The trend of the season are shades of green, especially the shade of pistachios. Justified in the design of dairy, cream and beige fabrics that do not irritate the eyes, disperse the sun's rays.

Use competent mixing styles

For the classic style, choose heavy curtains in:

  • maroon;
  • violet;
  • chocolate;
  • blue tones.

For Provence and country style, light natural fabrics of pale blue, lavender or ash-pink color are suitable. At the peak of popularity, plain curtains, curtains with floral ornaments or with a 3D pattern also look important.

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We select the color combination and texture of the fabric:

  • Classic. We choose dense fabrics - velvet or brocade, we supplement with lambrequins and weightless tulle curtains. We decorate the room in the same palette, but with different shades. Wine curtains with golden tassels look exquisitely against the background of a light furniture set.
  • The royal baroque implies a luxurious design. For curtains we use deep red and blue colors, emerald or coffee-golden tones. Decorative curtain pillows with tassels and gold embroidery are combined with curtains.
  • Hi-tech is a cool combination of glass and metal. We install blinds on window openings, we complement it with air curtains of pearlescent or smoky gray color with a pattern or splashes of silvery threads.
  • Provence - we will focus on linen or cotton curtains with tulle. Gentle pink, green or blue fabric with floral patterns will do.
  • Minimalism - involves a simple cut drapes without lambrequins or drapery. We decorate the room with curtains of white, cream or vanilla color.

Velvet perfectly complements

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In a small bedroom

When making a small bedroom place accents through textiles. It is recommended to fix the eaves to the ceiling, and not to the wall, in order to visually lift low ceilings with the help of curtains. Massive designs make the room heavier, and thin cornices with flying curtains made of natural fabrics do not accumulate dust, are easy to maintain, and expand the space.

Curtain selection rules:

  • It is possible to increase the area of ​​small bedrooms with the help of single-colored curtains without ornaments or patterns. Fashionable fabrics with floral designs will decorate spacious rooms, and here they will be inappropriate;
  • for a bedroom in pastel colors, bright textiles are needed, and when floral wallpaper is glued on, the space is balanced by curtains of soothing tones;
  • the classic version is white curtains made of light fabrics, tulle curtains are allowed;
  • curtains will expand the room with only one pattern - a wide horizontal stripe in the middle of the cloth;
  • synthetic banned, opting for natural light curtains or bamboo blinds;
  • if there are two small windows in the room, then one long cornice is hung on the whole wall.

Brick wall decoration

It is impossible to hang window openings with intricate curtains, lambrequins and multi-layer curtains, so as not to reduce the small room. Opt for simple shapes, Roman or Japanese curtains.BoardThe smaller the size of the bedroom, the brighter the tones used for decoration and curtains. To prevent the room from becoming a kind of hospital ward, we make several bright accents. Return to the menu

Curtains and Tulle

Combinations of curtains and tulle remain in demand for decoration:

  • the main place is occupied by a patterned tulle fabric with drawings or embroidery. Backgrounds are curtains of heavy dense matter. We select pastel colors for curtains, and bright colors for tulle;
  • the curtains come out in first place, and tulle serves as a complement. We hang curtains of rich color - burgundy or plum, and for tulle choose a pastel palette. It should be hung over the tulle curtains, adding garters.

Combination of green and gray

If the bedroom does not need full shading, then decorate the window only with tulle curtains. They can be made out:

  • ruffles;
  • lace;
  • bright floral patterns.

The composition of a hanging drape of tulle, complemented by a lambrequin of the same fabric, looks like a winning one.

The right combination:

  • in the bedroom decorated in bright colors, the same curtains will suit the color, but the background will be peach, linen or pink-lavender tulle;
  • if the design did not meet expectations, the whole idea is spoiled by a catchy sofa or colorful wallpaper, switching attention to the window. We make an opening with curtains with a large ornament, wide stripes or a border, and fold the tulle with pleats, decorate with bows or butterflies made of organza. We select the fabric for pillows and covers to match the composition;

In bright colors

  • the winning option is to hang the curtains and tulle in the same colors with a large piece of furniture. Combine the color of the curtains with a sofa, bedside table, carpet or lamp. It is not necessary to use one color; we select a tint palette;
  • for a room in pastel colors, choose bright curtains and tulle with catchy patterns so that the room does not visually dissolve;
  • pearl, blue or light green tulle will expand the space, the window will be brought closer - yellow and purple-red curtains.
For small bedrooms, a palette in bright colors is suitable, and for spacious rooms any design solution is used. The combination of natural fabrics and synthetics for curtains is erroneous; they are not only different in weight, but they also miss the sun rays unequally.

Art Nouveau

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Curtains and bedspread

According to the classic canons, bedspreads and curtains should be combined in material and color. A cover made of bright satin looks strikingly against the backdrop of heavy curtains, so it’s worth staying on a set of velor.

Bedroom Solution:

  • It is recommended to combine the texture of fabrics for sewing curtains and bedspreads. Fashionable innovation to choose a different tone for curtains and bedspreads, but with the same color pattern.
  • If the bedspread is in pastel colors, and the curtains are animal prints, then the composition will be tied together by pillows and a path on the bed, repeating the pattern. We supplement with the color of the curtain covers, that is, with a purple blanket, we tie up the same straps on white curtains or hang lambrebane lambrequins.

The combination of the texture of the fabric on the pillows and curtains

  • Playing with shades. When there are coffee and white tones in the design, the curtains will be brown and the bedspread beige or white.
  • We select textiles in one color scale with walls, we bring in a little variety. If the wallpaper is pink with floral patterns, then for the bedspreads and curtains choose pink monophonic matter, and vice versa.
  • For a bedroom in two colors, one color is allowed for bedspreads and the other for curtains. If the room is in lilac-pearl tones, then choose a lilac coverlet with pearl or ashen curtains.

Drawing attention to bedding with color

In small-sized rooms, a technique of attracting attention to the sleeping area is used. To decorate the windows choose pastel shades, and for the curtains - rich colors or delicate with a bright pattern. The bedroom in the beige palette will be transformed with a bright red bedspread, and with soft turquoise walls will play in contrast with the black and white bedspread with an animal pattern.

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Short curtains

For the design of window openings in small bedrooms choose short curtains. The solution is not suitable for rooms with low ceilings, so visually narrow the space.

Option for a small window

By design and cut, there are models:

  • Austrian curtains to the window sill. Woolen or cotton fabrics are selected, and many horizontal folds are sewn onto the canvas. Curtains will make the pomp in the decoration, prevent the penetration of cold.
  • London curtains are equipped with ribbons to fix the position of the cloth. Tapes choose one or a contrasting color. If you lift the design, soft tissue folds form at the top.
  • Roman curtains are suitable for small bedrooms, for sewing do not need to spend a lot of material.
  • Roller blinds are sewn from durable fabric, decorated with voluminous patterns. Curtains are known for brevity and simplicity, protect from direct sunlight. The solution is suitable for lovers of minimalism.
  • French curtains to the window sill. For sewing use satin, organza, taffeta or silk, make an abundance of folds and draperies. Spacious curtains decorate the spacious rooms, emphasizing the Baroque style.
  • Japanese curtains origin from Eastern culture. The Japanese used panels covered with silk fabric for zoning rooms. Now sliding compositions are used for the decoration of window openings.

The bedroom design is transformed with short curtains. The decoration will not overload the small room, it will create a twilight and a cozy atmosphere. Most often I use short curtains in a classical interior, in Provence and Country styles.

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Curtains with lambrequin

If earlier brocade or velvet were chosen as fabrics for lambrequins, now we use natural or artificial materials. For a pelmet, you can adjust a long strip of fabric, cut an asymmetrical cloth, lay folds, draw a contrast edging or braid. At the edge of the folds we sew a bright band, which we repeat along the edge of the curtains or we make podhvaty.

Curtains with lambrequins will complement the composition of a large bedroom, and small rooms will become even less visually. Cannot be used in rooms overloaded with furniture.

High-tech interior

Popular hard lambrequins of dense matter, stretched on a solid frame. A bold decision to completely abandon the curtains in favor of lambrequin and blinds. In the trend of natural fabrics - chintz, satin, silk, flax or bamboo.

  • Hue lambrequins choose a couple of tones lighter or darker than the color range of the room. If the curtains are selected in the same palette with the bedroom, then we prefer the lambrequins with patterns.
  • Romantic style is created by weightless lace curtains, complemented by tassels and swags.
  • Lambrequins with heavy fabrics - velor or velvet - are suitable for spacious rooms. Beige-colored lambrequin of black fabric, complemented with a patterned beige fabric, will add aristocracy to the decor.
  • Standard bedroom is better to issue lambrequins soothing colors - beige, green, pink or peach.

Beautiful, bright room decoration

Lambrequins look pretentious in more than three colors. Enough two pastel shades for a small bedroom, or one rich dark color in combination with a light fabric for lambrequins in a spacious room.

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For sewing night curtains using thick fabrics that do not allow ultraviolet light. Such curtains look pompous, cover all window space.

When choosing take into account the direction of the window. If the bedroom is located in a southerly direction, then the curtains are selected from dense dark materials - velvet, taffeta or polyester. Choose dark green, steel, purple, cherry, or black tones. The palette of fabric for curtains, which not only do not protect from sunlight, but also become dirty more quickly, is unacceptable.

Low-key, stylish option

Blackout fabric curtains completely hide the room from the sun. Such matter is not only in black, but in other colors, which does not prevent it from darkening the room.

Diversify the design will help two sets of night curtains. In the winter, we decorate the window with heavy multi-layer structures, and for the summer we change them for cotton or silk curtains. The combination of two colors of night curtains looks interesting, fabrics with floral or animal patterns are also popular.

BoardThe easiest thing to do is to hang classic curtains in the bedroom - a long canvas of dense matter, flowing in waves. Austrian or Roman curtains will be more expensive, and they use sophisticated technologies for tailoring.

Roman model

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Roman curtains are held on the eaves by a special mechanism that is set in motion with the help of the control unit. In the folded state, the fabric is gathered at the top, gathered in folds. After lowering, the Roman curtains turn into a flat cloth of dense or transparent texture. Attach the design not only in the window openings, but on the ceiling or on the wall.


  • we choose fabrics by color combined with furniture upholstery, pillows and bedspreads;
  • in the small bedrooms do not recommend dark curtains with a large pattern;
  • curtains with horizontal wide stripes will increase the space, and with vertical curtains - visually raise the ceiling;
  • it is best to use flowing fabrics that are gathered in folds.

Choose fabrics by color matching furniture upholstery

For lovers of bright bedrooms, light curtains with a floral pattern are suitable, and thick curtains will protect from light while watching movies.

Use in different styles:

  • classic design with thick fabric curtains with fringed patterns;
  • in modernism the emphasis on the color of the curtains is plum, olive or coffee;
  • for country style, choose natural fabrics - cotton or linen with stripes or check;
  • Scandinavian style complement the translucent light cotton curtains. We further decorate windows of the southern direction with dense linen curtains;
  • Oriental style is characterized by flashy fabrics with fringe and embroidery with golden threads;
  • minimalism and high-tech complement the fabric color of wet asphalt with a metallic sheen;
  • eclecticism combines all style directions, therefore color and structure are not as important as UV protection.

Classic design

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Double curtains are called two wide fabric canvases, one on top of the second.. Composition complement openwork lambrequins, bows, garters and tassels. They do not have lush folds, so care for curtains is simplified. Before the expensive material from the side of the window opening there is a dense fabric that protects against burnout and ultraviolet radiation.

Varieties of double curtains:

  • Classic option. Choose a thick dark fabric for curtains and a weightless tulle fabric. Below we hang a translucent tulle curtain, and on top a heavy curtain.
  • Double roman. Two different in texture matter are controlled by different mechanisms. The bottom curtain is sewn of light fabric, and the top one of dense fabric. Using the mechanisms adjust the level of illumination.
  • Double Rolled. Rolettes of matter, where the bands are combined with different textures. At different heights, you can open and close the structure.

In blue tones

Violet-lilac or green-brown tones for double curtains are allowed.. We select classic black and white curtains or beat a combination of chocolate and light brown.

BoardWe create the illusion of double curtains, if along the edge of the curtain we sew a strip of matter contrasting in color. You will need less fabric, you do not need to install a triple cornice to hang two rows of heavy curtains and one tulle curtain.

Beige discreet color

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Japanese conciseness

Japanese curtains are characterized by the shape of a rectangle, they look like closet doors or a screen. Previously, they were used in the design of a minimalist style, but now complement any interior:

  • most often used in spacious rooms;
  • if lightweight fabrics of natural shades are taken as a material, even small rooms will visually expand;
  • in relation to the size of the room, up to 10 canvases can be placed on the eaves. When changing, we control the lighting, change the interior;
  • we install screen curtains of their fabrics of different texture, we combine silk with organza;
  • layering at the peak of popularity. We supplement the panels with other types of curtains - transparent tulle, velvet curtains or muslin.

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For white bedroom

The decoration of the white bedroom will serve all shades of white for curtains. So that the white room is not lost on the background of the same color curtains, we complement the interior with bright spots - with a picture, wallpaper or bed linen. We use linen, woolen and cotton fabrics as a material for curtains.


On the background of a white headset stand out the curtains of dark colors: chocolate, coffee, steel or natural wood. On monochromatic thin curtains we emphasize golden patches.

The room will be transformed with silver or golden curtains. We use embroidery with golden threads when decorating pillows or drawing wallpaper, decorate the walls with stucco.

Beautiful sea tones


It assumes the abundance of wood surfaces in the white bedroom. Among the vegetation stand out the curtains of soft pastel shades, pink, chocolate and coffee color.


The design of such a white room will appeal to young girls. Curtains with light matter in bright colors with floral patterns contribute to the romantic mood. Lace inserts and ruffles are allowed.

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White and black tones

The color scheme is suitable for the Scandinavian style, high-tech and minimalism. The combination is always fashionable, just choose which of the colors (black or white) will prevail in the interior. The abundance of black is unacceptable in a small room - it will become cramped and uncomfortable, like a closet. Curtains are selected in the same color with a veil, suitable interesting textured fabrics with small patterns.

In the style of minimalism

In such a room, in the winter, you can hang black double curtains with complex draperies in winter, and for the summer, change them with lighter tulle curtains. If the black tone seems too heavy, it is facilitated by analogs - coal or dark blue.

The enthusiasm in the white bedroom add a patterned cloth curtains. Instead of floral patterns we use a neutral color print.

BoardWhen choosing textiles and upholstery, it is difficult to choose matching colors. If a fabric of the color chosen earlier is removed from production, then such a shade cannot be found later. It is better to purchase fabric with a margin to use for the repair of leaky curtains.

In the style of romanticism

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Lilac curtains

Curtains in lilac colors are suitable for a romantic bedroom. The lilac color of the curtains should echo the same color as the bedspread and headboard.

We make a bedroom:

  • For a small room choose lilac, as the main color. We combine the lilac tone in the wallpaper, bedspread, curtains and decor items. In slightly larger rooms for walls it is better to choose pastel shades - sand, beige or pistachio.
  • For a white bedroom headset fit lilac drapes, for the girl's room choose violet tones. For curtains, we use not only plain fabrics, but with patterns and colored lines.
  • In spacious bedrooms we experiment with more saturated shades. Against the background of a pastel palette of walls stand out a dark purple carpet with bright curtains.
  • To play on contrasts, we combine a common lilac background with canary-yellow roller blinds.
  • Not only the yellow-purple combination complement the interior. We make small blotches of rich pink and blue.

Velvet option

As a material for curtains, it is better to choose flowing fabrics without gloss, gathering in soft folds.

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Curtains in shades of green for the bedroom soothe, evoke sleep. Choose a suitable shade based on the degree of illumination of the room:

  • olive;
  • green tea;
  • malachite;
  • emerald;
  • pistachio color;
  • brownish yellow palette.

On heavy fabrics, green looks more saturated, and on tulle curtains - gently and naturally.

Tight sun protection

The right combination
  • we make out a room in green with the addition of sand color. We paste over the walls with wallpaper of pastel or sand color. For curtains fit dense bottle or emerald fabric;
  • lovers of a laconic interior will appreciate the bedroom in gray tones with soft turquoise or malachite curtains;
  • Classic - a combination of white and green. To add freshness to the room, you should introduce a few flashy accessories;
  • Outside the bedroom looks in blue-green tones. Green curtains effectively set off the blue wallpaper and textiles.
BoardAgainst the backdrop of a dark bedroom set, even bright emerald curtains dissolve. To emphasize the depth of the green color, it is recommended to use it in bright bedrooms with natural wood furniture.

Sun room

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It is a mistake to avoid brown shades when decorating a bedroom. Brown palette favorably emphasizes other colors, does not irritate the look, gives a sense of security. Use the choice of a rich range of shades - beige, baked milk, coffee, chocolate, the color of "brown cola". Heavy dark portieres protect from ultraviolet radiation, contribute to falling asleep. Light shades of brown will be added, interspersed with gold or silver threads.

In the classic version, we decorate the bedroom with long, hanging brown curtains on the floor. The fabric can be plain or with a simple pattern. We supplement with lambrequin, fringe or golden tassels.

The highlight of the interior - red curtains in the big white peas

Combination with other colors:

  • caramel drapes with light beige patterns will decorate the bedroom in pastel colors;
  • against the background of purple wallpapers look best with light brown curtains with a glossy shine;
  • Mediterranean-style bedroom is decorated with lime walls, turquoise furniture and coffee curtains;
  • brown curtains with stripes will tie dark floors and furniture into a single composition.

Portieres should create a soothing atmosphere. For their tailoring, it is better to use UV-impermeable matter. Sometimes a bedroom in itself combines not only a place to relax, but also a working area.. In this case, choose plain-colored curtains in gray, brown and blue tones or use dark-colored curtains made of opaque blackout fabric.