Projects of one-storey houses from a bar: Rules of registration, advantages and disadvantages


Creating a suburban housing begins with the choice of the desired project at home with all the necessary facilities. Spacious country houses located in well-equipped cottage villages, designed for the life of large families. The owners have in the territory of the site utility buildings, swimming pools, recreation areas. The basis of comfortable housing is a thoughtful architectural project.


  • The choice of material for construction
  • Construction technologies
  • Choice of dimensions
  • Projects with additional premises
  • The choice of material for construction

    Technical characteristics of suburban residential buildings depend on climatic conditions, the area of ​​the site, the planned budget of the owners, their taste, the estimated construction time.

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    Wooden cottages from a bar

    Projects are harvested from natural moisture or pre-dried timber. Eco-friendly microclimate in residential premises, low price and durability have brought great popularity to the construction technology of wood. The color scheme of the interior depends on the color of the tree, which is left "open", not trimming the walls, floor and ceiling.

    Wooden cottage from a bar

    In such rooms interiors in the style of Provence, a traditional Russian, Scandinavian look well.

    BoardDecor and textiles are better to choose warm bright colors, to focus on floral ornaments, natural fabrics.

    Illumination should have a warm color temperature, wood of dark shades (cherry, bog oak) requires the installation of additional light sources.

    Small house project

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    Frame technology projects

    Inexpensive option for permanent residence. Such buildings are built in a few weeks, in the northern latitudes require additional warming, installation of engineering communications. The building is ready for operation after the completion of installation, the owners can choose any style for interior design. Frame projects have limited dimensions, so one-storeyed variants and buildings with attic are popular.

    The traditional style of interior design of frame architectural solutions is minimalistic, with an emphasis on large windows and natural finishing materials.

    Successfully looks avant-garde style with contrasting geometric elements, discreet and functional Bauhaus.

    Option planning house

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    Block country houses

    The construction of concrete blocks will cost more than frame or wooden buildings, requires additional strengthening of the foundation. The volume and price of interior work are similar to a city apartment:

    • wall leveling required:
    • wiring;
    • engineering communications;
    • finishing and rough finishing.

    The interior of the building of aerated concrete blocks depends on the taste of the owners, durable wall material withstands massive decor, installation of suspended ceilings, installation of forged stairs, heavy furniture made of natural wood. For the decoration of the walls choose wood panels, decorative plaster or thick wallpaper.

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    Construction technologies

    Popular wooden buildings for year-round living are based on a number of technologies that differ in materials, price, size and timing of work. Country cottages are built from glued or profiled timber, use Finnish technology to create fully finished buildings.

    Wooden buildings are suitable for year-round living.

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    Houses from glued beams

    The compromise between expensive log cabins and compact frame constructions is glued timber houses assembled from processed pieces of wood glued together.

    Construction technology

    After choosing the layout of a one-story residential building from a timber, the construction company brings the right amount of material, the size and shape of the modules are agreed in advance. Assembly is carried out quickly, the building does not need to be further dried or insulated. Finishing begins immediately after construction. Due to the natural material and primary processing, such buildings are protected from moisture.

    Interior decoration

    Natural material does not require decorative finishing, so the walls in houses from a bar are left open, and the interior is “built” around them. Successfully emphasize the texture of natural wood:

    • country style;
    • bright boho;
    • vintage shades;
    • American country with bright accents.

    Rustic style house project

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Eco-friendly, beautiful and quick to build architectural solutions of laminated veneer lumber are relatively expensive, we need experienced craftsmen to work. Residents of northern latitudes need to regularly care for the material, updating the antiseptic impregnation.

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    From profiled timber

    A classic frame made of treated wood creates a solid, fully eco-friendly building. Material - dried trimmed wood, the pieces of which are stacked on top of each other, are trimmed with insulation.

    Compact house with good thermal insulation

    Construction technology

    The construction of a project from a profiled bar begins with the selection of the project, then the treated wood is assembled by a team of builders. The finished “box” of profiled timber is trimmed with an insulating material.

    Before starting the interior work, you need to wait about four months to complete the "shrinkage" of the structure.

    Interior decoration

    Interior finishes include sanding, varnishing or surface painting. The walls of the profiled timber are smooth, no alignment is required before finishing. The eco-style looks good in the rooms, bright eclecticism, the wood of light breeds is combined with the colonial style.

    Light wood combined with minimalist style

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Eco-friendly, durable and stable material withstands harsh winters, frequent temperature changes, high humidity. Solutions made of timber are expensive in construction, they need regular impregnation with antiseptics, heavy walls require the installation of a massive foundation.

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    Finnish house

    The technology combines the construction of frame houses and architectural solutions of laminated veneer lumber. Compact Finnish projects are made of dried wood, so finishing work begins immediately after completion of construction.

    Finnish, stylish house

    Construction technology

    All elements of the future building are manufactured in the factory, a team of builders assembles the structure in a few weeks. Companies operating under the Finnish technology prepare the buildings on a turnkey basis, brigades carry out a complete interior decoration of the premises.

    Interior decoration

    The combination of colors in the interior depends on the shade of the tree from which the Finnish house is made. Warm light colors (maple, pine, birch) are combined with:

    • bright textiles;
    • large accessories;
    • abundance of mirrors;
    • lighting.

    The characteristic "Finnish" style of the interior is white walls (bleached oak, ash), complemented by brightly colored furniture. The original version is a combination of light walls and chocolate-colored beams.

    Warm light colors combined with bright textiles

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Inexpensive and compact Finnish houses from a bar are built in a few months. The turnkey assembly method limits owners in choosing the style of interior design, wood requires regular maintenance and antiseptic processing, and durable building materials increase the price of the finished building.

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    Choice of dimensions

    The construction of a building for year-round living involves the costs of insulation and communications, so for the most part projects are compact. Living rooms are limited to a bedroom and a kitchen-living room, equipped with several bathrooms for the owners and guests.

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    Single-storey houses 8x8

    The area of ​​such a project is equivalent to the size of a standard two-room apartment. Such buildings contain a spacious kitchen-living room, dressing room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The rooms of the boiler room, pantry and dressing room are located closer to the hall.

    One-storey house 8x8

    • The 8x8 housing project is suitable for families of five, two spacious bedrooms make it possible to comfortably accommodate children and parents.
    • Large kitchen-living room accommodates several beds for guests. Some plans suggest three rooms, a miniature kitchen.
    • The dimensions of such buildings are the most versatile, they can be placed on a compact plot in gardening or extensive possessions in the cottage village.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Construction requires the purchase of a plot of rather large area

    Spacious residential building allows you to arrange the necessary premises, competently zone the space for the life of several generations. The disadvantages of projects with dimensions of 8x8 include the relatively high cost. Construction requires the purchase of a plot of relatively large area, finishing work will be relatively long.

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    Single-storey houses 6x6

    Country housing is equivalent to a standard one-room apartment. The area of ​​this room allows you to arrange a small hallway, bathroom, kitchen-living room and a small bedroom. Garages, outbuildings or storage spaces are located outside the building.

    • House 6x6 is suitable for one person or a couple without children. You can arrange sleeping places for guests in the kitchen-living room.
    • Some projects require a minimum of internal partitions to visually increase living space.
    • The interior is designed with an abundance of lighting, mirrors and glossy surfaces that visually increase the space.

    House 6x6 is suitable for one person or a couple without children

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Compact, inexpensive, fast to finish, 6x6 projects - a popular option for affordable suburban housing. The disadvantages of such layouts are modest footage, the need to equip compact storage spaces, the limited color gamut with light shades.

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    Projects with additional premises

    Year-round living in a country village requires the arrangement of utility rooms, storage space for equipment, and spacious recreation areas. Popular projects of single-storey houses from a bar suggest a number of additional premises.

    • Houses from a bar with a veranda. Such projects include space for recreation, attached to the front or end of the building. Glazed porch is used as an addition to the living room, a separate room for rest, a guest bedroom, a covered gazebo.
    • Houses from a bar with a bay window. A rounded wall with an abundance of windows visually expands the living room or kitchen. Bay windows are used to install a massive decor, arranging a recreation area or a space for receiving guests.

    The option to design an outdoor terrace

    • Building projects of timber with a terrace. An inexpensive way to expand living space is to design an open terrace. The space is used to create a recreation area, placement of dimensional equipment, large plants. The terrace is decorated with railings, a wide staircase, built-in street lighting (lanterns, lamps, LED lights).
    • Houses from a bar with a garage. The project for car owners with the placement of the garage on the same foundation with residential premises suitable for small areas. The building is better located near the access road.