How to get settled Classic living rooms: Tips from designers (205+ Photos)


Have long been interested in classic living rooms? Photos with ideas about the design of your apartment are inspiring, but you need advice from designers with experience? Read the article carefully to equip the guest room rationally and according to all the laws of the classical style.


  • What is a classic style?
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  • What is a classic style?

    Considered classic a mixture of many historical styles:

    • Empire;
    • rococo;
    • romanticism and others.

    Because the classic style has a rich history, he will always remain the main one for the decoration of the premises of people with income. Over the years, his canons have absorbed the very best in terms of beauty and convenience of design ideas, which makes him a favorite among designers.

    Classic style living room

    It is impossible not to notice that every year the classics are slightly modified under the influence of fashion and the needs of people, but some characteristics still remain:

    • The spaciousness of the room.
    • Natural materials for decoration and repair.
    • Symmetrical designs.
    • Expensive household items and accessories.
    • Focus on wood.
    • A small calm range of colors.
    • The absence or disguise of modern technology.

    Classic is considered a mixture of many historical styles.

    Depending on the main function of the room, it should be designed with an emphasis specifically on this appointment according to the classical style. If you are planning a guest room for a large number of people, take care of a sufficient number of beds and a cozy homely atmosphere. If you want to create a rest room, try so that everyone can comfortably sit on a sofa or armchair, and also create an area for entertainment.

    Every year the classics are slightly modified under the influence of fashion and the needs of people.

    If space permits, it is worth making several zones in the living room at once, where you can relax, have tea, chat, have fun, and the like. In the classical style, as in many others, this allows you to make the zoning of furniture - a wardrobe, a sofa or a screen.

    BoardIf you want to put audio equipment and TV in the guest room, try to fit them into the interior organically. For example, you can buy a rack with a shelf on the size of the TV to leave only its screen.

    Guest room with a long corner sofa

    What features does it have?

    Classics valued elegance and beauty in every detail. When they talk about the classical style, they always represent a rich finish with good-quality and high-quality materials, furniture made of precious wood and luxurious fabrics. In the modern sense of the classics, the designers distinguish the following features of this style:

    • Parquet floor.
    • Expensive wooden furniture.
    • Velvet, silk and velor fabrics.
    • Many mirrors are necessarily in beautiful frames for paintings.
    • Framed paintings, sculptures, figurines and other decorative elements.
    • Textile wallpaper.
    • Decorative columns.
    • Fireplace.

    Classic valued for elegance and beauty in every detail.

    There is no need to use each of these elements in your renovation, but a few of them still need to be in order to complete the image of the interior in a classic style. Enough to use in the interior of wooden furniture with upholstery, velor drapery and stucco, so that everyone understands that this is a classic.

    Feel free to decorate the walls with paintings and tapestries, floors with pots with exotic or simply beautiful plants, and ceilings with fancy chandeliers.

    Use textile wallpaper

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    We select the appropriate wallpaper

    As already mentioned, one of the features of the classic style are textile wallpaper, but now not only they can be chosen by you to maintain the style. There are several options for wallpaper that could come up if you correctly select their design.

    Wall decoration should be directly related to the overall style

    Among these:

    • Vinyl.
    • Flizelinovye;
    • Natural.
    • Under the metal.

    Drawings and patterns

    Remember that the design of the walls should be directly related to the overall style, while not drag on attention. In order to achieve this, it is worthwhile to choose, predominantly, a light color scheme, and already the decor will complement the walls with rich accent spots. The main pattern is floristics, because floral patterns do not distract and look organic.

    The main drawing should be on the theme of floristics

    Now we know that even bright monochromatic walls can be beautiful on their own. Moreover, the majority of ordinary people think that a room without wallpapers is not cozy enough. However, it is not worth arguing about tastes. To add "peppercorn" to the interior, to give the room individuality is the main goal of any design.

    For classics, the best colors will be:

    • beige;
    • peach;
    • cream;
    • lactic;
    • olive;
    • pastel;
    • brown.

    Textile Striped Wallpaper

    Pay attention to the location of the room relative to the cardinal points, because in cases where the windows are located on the north side, the room does not have enough light. For such living rooms it is worth choosing mostly warm colors, placing artificial lighting in different corners of the room. Warm pink, ocher and olive colors are more suitable for the northern rooms, for the southern ones - cold blue, gray and silver.

    For such living rooms it is worthwhile to choose mostly warm colors.

    It is important to pay attention to the shape of the guest hall itself - if the dimensions are small, then you need to use wallpaper with a glossy decor, leaving plenty of space for mirrors.

    In no case for small rooms can not buy wallpaper with a massive, large and carefully thought out pattern, it is necessary to restrict simple patterns. By the way, horizontal and vertical lines are only welcome - they are able to change the height and width of the walls, at least visually.

    In bright colors with an olive pattern

    BoardTo add vitality to the walls and emphasize the elegance of the classics, be sure to use stucco elements like pilasters and columns, not forgetting the paintings and wall chandeliers. Return to the menu


    Curtains are very important in historical style, because with them you can convey luxury, sophisticated taste and sophistication. The most popular ideas for the design of the guest room curtains include:

    Matte fabrics in the style of the British interior. With their heavy folds, they are able to gently highlight the beauty of the landscape outside the window, while remaining an organic part of the interior.

    Choose curtains in the historical style

    Classical halls in the style of the Empire and Rococo earlier were often decorated with massive curtains with a lot of draperies along the entire length of the model. Usually they are made of shiny fabrics to match the elegance of the rest of the room decor. Another option is French curtains, more related to the era of romanticism. Because of their chic drapery and bulkiness of fabrics, they completely lose their practicality, so they are not suitable for city apartments.

    Empire style

    Another European country presented the world with draped bottom curtains, which are now called Austrian. They are much more practical than the French models and will be especially pleasant to look at the window openings of the panoramic type.

    You can choose any model, not only dwelling on these. The main thing is that the curtains are appropriate and stand out due to its beauty, and not a different style.

    Curtains are an important element of such a living room.

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    In high-tech, modern, pop-art and other styles, they rarely think about how the ceiling should be designed, simply selecting organically fitting fixtures. In the case of the classics, you will have to suffer, making a work of art out of the ceiling no worse than any other decorative element in the interior. You can leave a flat ceiling, just whitewash it, but then you should add stucco or gold patterns.

    Ceiling as a work of art

    In general, for the classical style is selected:

    • Stretch ceiling.
    • Dropped ceilings.
    • Simple staining.
    • Work with decorative plaster.
    • Plasterboard two-level ceilings.

    Add stucco or gold patterns

    The last two options will be most appropriate, because they are better off from the present, yielding to vintage and aged decor. Decorative plasterer is a cheaper ceiling design idea that can express the individuality of the interior of your living room without large investments. It is better not to play with colors, choosing something from shades of white.

    BoardIf you have a small living room or low ceilings, do not try to pile up on the ceiling, stopping at a simple plaster. Observe the unity of style, even in small things, repeating patterns on the ceiling with curtains or furniture.

    Decorative plasterer - cheaper ceiling design idea

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    Light fixtures

    For any home, especially for a city apartment, it is very important to be able to correctly arrange artificial lighting, because the natural is often not enough. If in modern houses hidden recessed light bulbs are more often used, then in classical style chandeliers in all their glory are welcome. Changes in historical style often have the following features:

    • The presence of glass, crystal or porcelain ceiling.
    • Trimmed with fabric silk and or textile lampshades.
    • The manufacture of reliable solid metal that can withstand a lot of weight - often bronze with gilding.
    • Decorating with crystal pendants, wrought iron elements or candlesticks.
    • Considerable distance down from the ceiling.

    Classic style welcome chandeliers in all their glory.

    Chandeliers of this type are considered a sign of prosperity and good taste, so they can not fit into any style other than the classics. Thanks to glass and crystal shades with an additional carved decor, unusual patterns can appear on the walls, and pendants will add a magical glow.

    Do not forget also about colored crystal, which also fits well into this style.

    BoardTry to look for the ceiling of an unusual shape to really decorate the room and surprise the guests. Interestingly look chandeliers in the form of candles, directing the light straight up, and carved balls, playing with a shadow on the walls.

    Chandeliers of this type are considered a sign of prosperity and good taste. 

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    Carpets under the classics

    Carpets are less often used by designers due to the fact that many owners cannot afford really expensive models. In addition, many say how impractical in urban environments such refined models are. But if you are arranging a guest room in a private house or are just ready to carry out thorough care of the carpet, you should choose a model according to some rules.

    Carpet will not be superfluous for this style.

    First of all, pay attention to the color scheme of the interior, so as not to be mistaken with the colors of the carpet.

    Choose a contrasting model: in a room with prevailing light tones, the carpet will fit perfectly in cool shades. A lot depends on the amount of light in the room too, so try to place the model in beige colors in the dark living room.

    Pay attention to the color scheme of the interior.

    An interesting idea for a design is matching the carpet with or near the floor.

    This allows not to place much emphasis on the flooring, leaving the main focus on the furniture and decor. In relation to the walls, the carpet must be contrasted, so that the “box-room” visual illusion is not created.

    BoardIf your guest room is made mostly in bright colors, choose a carpet with a bright classic pattern that matches the color of the furniture.

    Light carpet in the interior

    In a small room where the walls are decorated quite poorly or completely monotonous, you need to select the carpet very well. This will help the usual classical patterns of floristics and horizontal dark stripes.

    In the classics, carpets of soft geometric shapes, oval and round, are most common. Best of all, round models fit into large rooms, and for small rooms it is worth picking up a rectangular carpet.

    Visually increase the space due to its design

    BoardIf you are going to lay a carpet in your home, be prepared to take care of it a lot, washing it away from dirt, dust and products of family life. Expensive carpets are particularly demanding of themselves due to the materials from which they are made, which will be noticeable if the model has a high pile. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Furniture under the classics

    Although in the article we specifically understand the classic style, do not forget about the purpose of the living room as a room. It must necessarily be located not just elegant and luxurious, but, above all, comfortable and cozy furniture, albeit with a bias in historicity. Standard guest rooms feature:

    • sofa;
    • chairs;
    • cupboard;
    • rack;
    • sideboard;
    • chest of drawers for equipment and shelves.

    The furniture should be comfortable and cozy.

    Remember that the classic loves the scope, and not piles, so try to fit the minimum possible furniture, arranging each element at a short distance from each other.

    It is better to put a more comfortable, roomy and multifunctional model than a few compact ones that serve one purpose. Do not forget that in classical style the correctness of symmetry is important, both in the furniture design and in its location in the interior.

    Classic loves swing

    The main parameter when choosing furniture should be the materials from which it is made, because the classic recognizes only natural wood of valuable species. It is on the tree and the reliability of natural materials that emphasis should be placed on selecting the appropriate decor from leather, natural fabrics and forged elements. In addition to the correct forms and natural materials, the furniture must be distinguished by its vintage or artificial aging.

    Use comfortable, roomy and multifunctional furniture

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    Classic sofa

    The sofa is not only the main decoration of any room, but also the main detail of the interior of any living room. In a classic style, the sofa should look chic and tasteful, upholstered in expensive fabrics, trimmed with natural materials and “set” on carved legs. Its design should be rounded, but have clear smooth lines, as for every detail from the legs to the armrests.

    The sofa is the main detail of the interior

    If the room is not very large, then you can stay on the corner or U-shaped models, which also fit for zoning the hall.

    In terms of colors for the sofa always choose the most neutral:

    • coffee;
    • lactic;
    • creamy;
    • peach.

    The sofa should look chic and tasteful, upholstered in expensive fabrics, trimmed with natural materials.

    The sofa should look chic and tasteful, upholstered in expensive fabrics, trimmed with natural materials.

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    Chairs and armchairs

    In the classic, you can safely use both types of furniture, but it is important that they are made of natural materials. Furniture upholstery must also be expensive and comfortable, because it is necessary that the design remains completely comfortable and reliable. If possible, purchase chairs and armchairs in one set with a sofa, because it will allow you to better observe the integrity of the design.

    The upholstery of this furniture should also be expensive and comfortable.

    Do not think that the chairs - a simple type of furniture that can be selected without any frills. For a classic style, you need to find an antique or a model similar to the old and noble, even if we are talking about simple chairs. In the guest room you can arrange chairs and armchairs at the same time, as long as they are arranged harmoniously and correctly.

    Soft chairs upholstered in the overall style of the room

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    For the living room, it is important to have furniture that will store household items, bedding, books, souvenirs and other trifles that I would not like to keep in the bedroom. Some places should be closed, while others can be left to a stranger’s sight. In the historic interior, massive and heavy cabinets made of dark wood will become the main tool for storing any items.

    The closet - sideboard is perfect for a living room in this style.

    Such cabinets can be complemented with windows for storing valuable and beautiful items behind glass, so that the owners can always show them to their guests. Pilasters, capitals, and, especially, full-length mirrors that allow you to visually increase the size of a small room will also look very appropriate. For such living rooms, by the way, it is worth taking one long corner wardrobe.

    Classic elegance

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    Instead of cabinets you can put a more useful wall - the main attribute of each city apartment in our time. Although the classic accepts mostly old antique furniture, such an omission is possible if you select an artificially aged wooden model. The wall must be decorated with carved elements, but not very much.

    BoardRemember that the modular furniture in the classics will look unnatural and rough, so you have to look for a complete design in the same style.It is better if the composition includes not only a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, but also shelves, shelves and display cases.

    Wall - the main attribute of each city apartment in our time

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    Fireplace perfectly dilute the interior of the living room in the historical style, because its presence shows the status and welfare of the owners, which is required to maintain the atmosphere. To be able to install a fireplace in your house with different people, they offer to buy different types of them on the market:

    • Standard, which can only stand in a private country house and heated with wood.
    • Closed, having a cast-iron firebox and also allowed for installation only outside the city.

    Fireplace perfectly dilute the interior of the living room

    • Gas, which is the best option between artificial and standard.
    • Electric, powered from the network, showing the animation of this fireplace and heating batteries.
    • Dummy, without excavation for firewood and fire. It looks like a fireplace stand with a TV or wardrobe instead.

    If you want to equip a real fireplace, you will have to take care of a lot. You need to build a fireplace in the recess in the wall, making a pipe for smoke, and the smoke should not interfere with its neighbors. Also near the fire should not be expensive consumable items and furniture, and especially the carpet, which can be damaged by coals and sparks.

    Suitable for a large company

    You can do without the purchase of firewood and coal if you install a gas or electric model. Both options are much safer, they heat well and can be installed even in a city apartment.

    The model, working on gas, will cost more than electric, but will allow you to watch the real flame and get warm in winter evenings.

    In the classical style of the interior, any model of the fireplace should be placed near the blank wall not exactly in the corner of the room, so that it can heat the whole room. For large guest rooms, a massive open-type u-shaped fireplace is perfect, allowing you to fully enjoy the flame. The decoration of the classic model should correspond to the room - natural stone, forged decor and carved details.

    The fireplace should not be located in the corner of the room so that it can heat the whole room.

    BoardIf you want to put a fireplace mainly for heating your country house, then you should purchase a model with a closed firebox. To be able to admire the fire, you can choose a model with heat-resistant glass. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    We make a living room-kitchen

    In apartments with not very large sizes, many people combine a guest room with a kitchen to win more space. Zoning between rooms is often performed using a bar counter, a worktop, a dining table or a closet, but which option should you choose under the classic style? Appointments of the rooms are different, and the kitchen does not have to be made in the classics, which will help to competently separate both zones from each other.

    Option for small apartments or houses

    If dimensions allow, it is worth separating the kitchen from the living room with not furniture, an arched opening, a sliding partition or a screen. Under the classic style organically fit wooden partition and an opening with columns. It is also possible to put a closet with books between the rooms up to the ceiling so that a small passage remains.

    Zoning space with a bar counter

    Also there is an option in order not to block both rooms from each other at all. If they are made in the same historical style or at least in one range of colors, then you can leave the passage untouched.

    Both rooms are not separated from each other, because they are made in the same style.

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    In addition to socializing, entertainment and tea drinking, the living room can be used as a room for a bedroom, usually in this case guests and guests spend their nights there. Unlike the living room, the kitchen here is enough to install a bed, wardrobes and armchairs in different parts of the room without zoning it with additional furniture. It is possible to organize at all only a sleeping area for guests with a bed, small wardrobe and a coffee table.

    Option modest living room with bedroom

    Here, too, will have to adhere to the canons of the classical style, and if it has already been said about cabinets and chairs, the bed has not yet been disassembled. In the classics, it must be quite cumbersome, massive and luxurious, recalling the bed of emperors and earls. High height, wide and soft mattress, carved and upholstered in the color of the seats, canopy - better tools of the classical style.

    Do not forget about bed linen: it must also be expensive and have a pattern that is similar to the rest of the room.

    You should choose a bedspread with shiny threads and silk pillowcases on pillows. By the way, you can sketch more pillows than you need as an additional decor.

    Must be quite bulky, massive and luxurious.

    Arrange the living room in the classic is easy, but very expensive. This style is often chosen by wealthy people who can spend a large amount on designer furniture made from natural materials and expensive finishes with gold leaf. However, it is possible to create such a miracle not only in a private house, but also in a city apartment, and even a fireplace will fit there successfully. Bring patience and experience of designers to make in your home a quality repair, pleasing your eyes.

    This style is often chosen by wealthy people.