Kitchen combined with loggia: Real ways to use the space wisely. Not boring interior design (120+ Photos)


A kitchen with a loggia can be found in many modern houses, and many owners are puzzled: what to do with it? The place seems to be useful, but how to use it so that it is stylish, comfortable and no law has been violated? Several options.

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  • Without combining kitchen with loggia
  • If done partially
  • Complete
  • How to furnish the resulting space?
  • Styles
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • VIDEO: Cool ideas for stylish kitchens with loggia
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • Without combining kitchen with loggia
  • If done partially
  • Complete
  • How to furnish the resulting space?
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • Without combining kitchen with loggia

    To combine the kitchen area with the area of ​​the loggia, you need to invest time and money. It is necessary to obtain permission for redevelopment (and this is not a matter of one day), to glaze and insulate the loggia, to remove the wall, to make cosmetic repairs.

    Not everyone has so many resources to do this.

    When you can relax and unwind

    Therefore, the easiest way is to use a loggia without uniting it with a kitchen:

    • Set up a storage area on it. If the kitchen is small, it will not turn around from the cabinets and shelves with dishes, cereals, vegetables, oil and tools. To slightly unload the area, you can put all this on the loggia. Put a locker and several drawers there, nail shelves and hooks, hang everything neatly. Of course, every time you need something, you will have to go outside, but in the kitchen there will be a free place, which can be arranged to your taste.
    • Arrange on her recreation area. In a small apartment there is often not enough space to put a chair and a lamp where you can sit peacefully with laptops, read or do some work. Kitchen loggia can be used to equip such a place. Of course, it will have to be insulated and glazed, but for this you do not need to get permission and hire builders: even without experience, you can do it yourself.

    To use the office

    Even on the loggia, you can take out the refrigerator with the cabinets, but only if it is really well-insulated and there is no likelihood that the ceiling will leak once.

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    If done partially

    If you have enough time and effort to remove the windows and the balcony door, you can partially combine the kitchen with the loggia. A big plus is that you do not need permission, but the functionality remains complete. Moreover, the beautiful semicircular arch looks even more spectacular than the complete absence of the wall.

    Table-island - a classic solution

    In the vacant place traditionally have a dining area. This is reasonable: there is no need to move communications, and the table and chairs on a standard loggia fit perfectly.

    Interestingly, the design may be different:

    • Table-island. The classic solution, appropriate in any style. It takes a lot of space, but it looks good, you can lay a tablecloth on it and put a lamp on it.
    • Bar counter. The solution for those who dream of a loft, but does not have enough space. The wide window sill of the loggia serves as a stand. While eating you can look down and admire the view if it is good.

    Sill as a bar

    This stand has the only negative - it is lower than the classic. But it looks no worse.

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    It is possible only if the wall between the kitchen and the loggia is not a carrier, otherwise it will not be possible to receive any building permit. But, if it is not carrying, it will only be about money and willingness to wait.

    It is important to check the bearing wall or not

    And then enough to warm, glaze the loggia and destroy the wall, and then carry out cosmetic repairs. As a result, the kitchen will be more than a few square meters and you can use them as you like. Even carry out communications and make them work area.

    Extend square meters at the expense of a balcony or loggia

    However, it is much easier to restrict ourselves to the dining area - and it is cheaper, and additional permits are not needed.

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    How to furnish the resulting space?

    In order to have benefits from all the events, you need to be able to not only free up space, but also decorate it beautifully. We need to take care of the furniture, about the light, about color combinations, about additional accessories.

    Every year this idea is becoming increasingly popular

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    In order not to think about all this every time anew, people came up with styles - ready-made cheat sheets that tell which design looks exactly good.

    Do not clutter up small kitchen areas with extra furniture - just everything you need

    For a kitchen with a partially attached loggia, the following styles will be suitable:

    • Oriental. Low table, soft pillows, forged lamp with an intricate pattern, light curtains, bright, natural colors and floral patterns. Be sure - the arch should be curtained with a light natural fabric with tassels. The overall impression is the palace of the Sultan.
    • Eco. You can not just eco, but with a bias in Hawaiian motifs. Untreated wood table, rattan chairs, bamboo curtains, always fresh flowers. On the table you can put a lamp with a real candle, curtain an arch with a rustling curtain of wooden multicolored beads. On the wall - ukulele.
    • Minimalism. There is no curtain in the arch, the table is simple, next to it are plastic and metal chairs. No accessories, except for a simple lamp on the table (necessarily geometric design). If the window and the curtains, the roll, without a pattern.

    Do not save on lighting

    Of course, any other style will do - you can edit it, or you can use it as it is. For example, Japanese - place in the arch a sliding door, which is closed only occasionally.

    Light curtains and other floral textile elements will help emphasize Provence style.

    For the kitchen, which is combined with the loggia, other styles are well suited:

    • Provence. Light colors, floral wallpaper, wrought-back chairs and a white tablecloth on the table. Be sure to flowers in a vase, a couple of landscapes on the wall. On the window is a "cafe" style curtain that will only partially close it.
    • Loft. The walls are made of brick, the floor is concrete, necessarily a bar counter (it can be used to separate the dining area from the working one), rotating high chairs. Metal, leather, plastic. Lamps, similar to a spotlight, graffiti on the wall.
    • Country music. The table is solid, from a tree, chairs too. Be sure to braided rug on the floor, curtains on the windows, generally a lot of textiles. The colors are saturated, natural.

    According to the rules of design art should be decorated kitchen and balcony in the same style.

    Style is not so much a guide to action, as a tip. After reviewing the list, you can estimate what will look good in the kitchen, what you like, and use the knowledge gained to get a beautiful result by combining important elements on your own.

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    Proper selection of furniture is an important part of success. First of all, the table is important in the dining area.

    If possible, purchase a kitchen set of natural wood.

    It may be:

    • Table-island. It is located separately, surrounded by chairs. You can cover it with a tablecloth, put a lamp under the lampshade in the middle and get a very cozy classical-style dining room on the site of the former loggia.
    • Bar counter. It can be attached to the wall instead of a window sill, and can separate the dining area from the work area. Must be high, highlighted by lamps from above. Below it are shelves for storing useful things.
    • Folding table. Very useful thing for a limited space, but in the dining area on the loggia fits badly - it is too small, the whole family can not sit down for it. Only if a person lives alone can be a good solution.
    • Peninsula. It clings to the working area, its working part is usually higher than that on which they have lunch. It makes no sense to put it on a loggia, but if it is combined with a kitchen, it may turn out well.

    The small-sized kitchen can be expanded using the balcony area

    Chairs attached to the table. They should be not only comfortable, but also be suitable for him in style. For the rack - rotating, bar, with an iron bracket, which is so nice to put the feet. For folding table - a small folding chair. For the island - individual chairs, you can even chair.

    The table is usually illuminated with a lamp or lamps on top. Give it an accent - put flowers on it or cover it with a tablecloth. You can even make a painting on it, it will also be spectacular. Or buy a table with a beautiful glass or marble cover.

    There is no much light in the kitchen

    The chairs are covered with textiles, supplied with pads or chosen with carved backs.

    The entire headset must be combined not only with each other, but also with the furniture that stands in the working area.

    The best solution would be to enlist the help of designers.

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    From the lighting depends on what impression the room will leave.

    In the case of a kitchen, partially or fully combined with a loggia, the rules remain standard. Highlight need to:

    • Working area. It is imperative that the light falls from above, so that the one who cooks, clearly sees what he is doing and does not cut himself inadvertently. It is desirable that it can be turned off at will.
    • Dining area. Here, the backlight gives an accent rather than really helps. Place it usually or on top, or directly on the table. You need to look at what will look better.
    • Accents. You can highlight the shelf under the TV, if it is, the picture on the wall, the photo on the fridge and anything else you want to highlight. There is no functional sense in this, but the appearance of the kitchen changes dramatically after such lighting is turned on.

    Very often used in the interior lighting

    It is very important that the lamps fit the overall concept. So, in the classic English style, spots that look like spotlights will be inappropriate. And in the loft neat classic lamp under a fabric shade.

    Lamps should also fit into the overall style.

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    VIDEO: Cool ideas for stylish kitchens with loggia