Arch to the kitchen instead of the door: 115+ (Photo) Design between rooms


Many apartment owners strive for the original design, for example, replacing the doors with arches. In this case, the arch is often mounted at the entrance to the living room, kitchen, or between these rooms. Consider all the nuances of implementation.

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  • Features
  • Interior arches and their functions
  • Types of designs
  • Between other rooms
  • From plasterboard
  • Curtains to close
  • Options for the kitchen in Khrushchev
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Features
  • Interior arches and their functions
  • Types of designs
  • Curtains to close
  • Options for the kitchen in Khrushchev
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Features

    When making the opening, it should be remembered that this design fits into the main design. A lot of things are connected with the style of the room: for a classic kitchen, plasterboard or wooden modifications with stucco work are suitable. For modern high-tech kitchens or loft is recommended to use stone, plastic or painted drywall.

    Select materials for interior styling

    Will help to diversify the interior arches installed in doorways. Classic doors are massive, and the arch will provide freedom, spaciousness. If you put it between the living room and the kitchen, it will make the space more free, emphasize the good taste of the owner, high social status.

    Often the cost of arched structures is less than the door. Accessories are not required for them. For them, you need to choose only the decor. These are more durable products for which you can choose any material and design.

    Making the arches diverse

    Arches are intended for zoning of space, dividing it into zones. They can be used in the office, apartment, house in the division of the territory into functional parts. This solution is widely used in spacious and small rooms.

    The main advantages of arched elements include:
    • creation of access to adjacent rooms, visual expansion of space;
    • saving of useful space;
    • easy installation and maintenance;
    • giving the interior originality, style;
    • variety of decor.

    We save usable space

    According to the design sketches can be made assembly arched kits. The arch does not prevent the spread of odors, extraneous noise, appearing in the process of cooking. Therefore, it is not the best option if there are children in the apartment.

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    Interior arches and their functions

    Designers offer a variety of stylistic decisions, forms that will allow to choose an arch for any interior. In the kitchen, such constructions are installed if the exit leads to the living room or corridor. If the kitchen is located near the nursery or bedroom, then the arched system is not set. It will interfere with a relaxing holiday.

    A great idea that separates the living room and kitchen

    But if you need to show the room in all its glory, then the arch will be the best solution.. Additionally, you can equip a powerful hood, so as not to spread odors. It is better to put it at the exit from the kitchen, which will allow you to safely take out the garbage, to bring bags with purchases.

    Arched structures are ideal for dividing areas into zones, suitable for studios or large premises with numerous plots. You can also divide the dining room with a corridor or hall. Some people prefer to divide the work area and dining room. At the same time the design can replace the partition.

    Drywall arch option

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    Types of designs

    Now designers offer differently shaped arched models. This is not only a semicircular system, so any style and design ideas can be applied.

    Connoisseurs of classicism believe that all arched elements should be in the form of a classical semicircle. Mostly they are combined with semicircular window frames, different furniture, where similar outlines were used. They are often combined with decorating details, different curls and patterns. They attribute arched details to exquisite refined systems that are not able to be combined with other styles.

    With the help of a classic arch, you can arrange the entrance to the kitchen, the hallway, and any other transitions

    Arches are produced in a simple or luxurious design.

    More versatile is the first option, suitable for arranging any interior. They are produced according to standard or individual parameters, according to the customer. Elements can be made of plywood, wood and drywall.

    Based on the opening area, wide or narrow arches can be made. This indicator affects the structural thickness, the width of the passage between the rooms. By design, standard symmetric and asymmetrical unique variants are distinguished, depending on the bend radius. There are also models with rounded outlines or unusual angular solution.

    Narrow arch instead of the door

    The form distinguishes the following types of arched structures:
    • half-cook. This form involves the use of straight lines, a circular opening characteristic of classical designs. They are suitable for rooms with a narrow passage from the kitchen, often placed when the exit goes into the corridor;
    • eastern. The designs have elaborate and unusual asymmetric outlines. Their main difference lies in the complexity and versatility of execution. Usually they are characterized by a large number of sharp corners, convex parts. Oriental arches are suitable for interiors made in the Eastern or Mediterranean style. These are extravagant and original items;

    Universal variety with stone

    • roman. This classic type has a symmetrical rounded regular shape. They are called Roman, because for the first time in the construction of houses the inhabitants of Rome began to use such products instead of doors. Such housing became pompous. Classic models are suitable for arranging any opening, will complement each interior. Often they are used in rooms with high ceilings. They are most often placed in the aisle between the kitchen, living room or corridor;
    • ellipsoidal. Such models are among the most popular options (except classic). Their upper part has the shape of an ellipse. These universal arches are considered more sophisticated in comparison with the rounded and rectangular counterparts. They will ideally fit into any design, including modern furnish of the house;
    • portal. In appearance, this form is the simplest. The design is presented in the form of a rectangle. It almost does not differ from the standard opening, but provides an interesting design. This is a great solution for owners of small apartments with low ceilings. It is portals that provide a visual expansion of the space, they look simple, strictly and add comfort to the interior.

    Arch portal for apartments with low ceilings

    The parameters of the arched elements depend on the height of the ceilings and the width of the opening. Large structures are used when there is a lot of free space at the exit. For a small kitchen, it is advisable to choose narrow models that take up little space.
    There are options with large sizes and widths. They are mounted in the aisles between the kitchen and living room.

    They look elegant, are replacing the 2-hinged swing doors.

    With a touch of minimalism - nothing more

    For narrow passages, small arches are used. This applies to openings between the kitchen, balcony or lounge.

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    Between other rooms

    The arch, installed between the living room and the dining room, connects two rooms of different purposes, smooths out sharp boundaries. In small apartments, this technique visually expands the space, transforming both zones. The design allows you to talk with relatives, simplifying the table setting during the holidays.

    As a way of zoning space

    If you choose a wide product, the design of both rooms should be combined in color and direction. Otherwise there will be a dissonance. Before choosing a product, the possibilities of the situation are determined in order to fit organically.

    Effective in the spatial division will be figured design, made of plasterboard. Her spatula and painted under the shade of the wall, which merges into a common element. It seems that in the ceiling cut out the opening. This option is ideal in spacious rooms, additionally increases the space.

    Before choosing, determine the possibilities of the situation.

    The original will be the installation of an arched element with a bar.

    This will allow you to prepare cocktails and serve them in the living room. Many people consider such a design prestigious and unique. But this requires a wide opening between the rooms, so that in addition to the rack there is a place for passage. You can create asymmetrical and symmetrical forms with shelves, columns, with a modern finish.

    In such details of the interior, you can install spot lighting, where halogen, fluorescent or LED lamps are used. All lamps create even, not flickering lighting. They are economical, have less power compared to incandescent bulbs, do not harm the body.

    Can be made with a bar counter

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    From plasterboard

    Before you start building, you need to choose the design element. The form of the structure can be a full circle or describe its part.

    GCR is an inexpensive material in the arched design, which can take any shape. It is easy to fit and serves for about 15 years. But the material is not very durable, although this disadvantage is offset by low cost and visual properties.

    Drywall - inexpensive material for registration

    To establish such an element, the width and height expand the passage after the measurements. For the arched frame, aluminum guide profiles are used, which are finished with plasterboard sheets. They are fastened with screws.

    The length of the profiles is defined as the sum of double height and width of the opening. The profile is bent to the desired shape, and after lining can be made to taste. For cutting drywall apply a jigsaw, hacksaw or construction knife. If the material is slightly moistened, it will not collapse, it will become soft and elastic, so it can be used to create fantastic shapes.

    Lightweight, durable and can take any shape.

    Type GKL depends on the functionality of the structure. For decorative trim, without lighting and shelves, you need to choose lightweight ceiling sheets. For arched elements, combined with complex details of decor, lighting fixtures, more dense wall material is suitable.

    Profile fixings are selected according to the quality of the walls.
    The installed lighting will add to the design elegance and comfort, additionally zoning the premises. In the drywall frame, you can easily make holes for lamps of any shape.

    Inside we mount the lights

    After a full installation, the surface is putty, decorative paint is applied or wallpaper is glued before painting. The decor can be made with any materials (mosaic, glass, stone, liquid wallpaper).

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    Curtains to close

    One of the simplest options for closing the arch will be curtains. They are selected in accordance with the interior. But the fabric is not very practical, as it absorbs odors, therefore it requires regular washing.. More functional are wooden and plastic blinds horizontal or vertical type. Based on the chosen form, they can visually expand or increase the height of the room, when assembled they are almost imperceptible.

    An alternative solution is Roman or roller blinds rolled in a small roller.

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    Options for the kitchen in Khrushchev

    Of Khrushchev make comfortable housing difficult. It is necessary to level the main problem - a small area, the height of the premises and an uncomfortable layout. Now there are many solutions to improve the comfort of such apartments.

    If there are load-bearing walls between the rooms, they cannot be destroyed, especially in panel Khrushchev. On the wall before they laid gas pipes that need to be moved.

    You can skillfully use in any apartment

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    VIDEO: Interesting ideas arch in the kitchen