Apartment style chebbi chic. How to make: Shabby chic in the interior. 210+ (photo) for bedroom, kitchen, living room


Shebbi-chic in the interior looks impressive and interesting. The style is young - he is barely more than thirty years old. It was invented by a lady named Rachel Asheville, an eccentric person, but with a good taste. It all started with a simple hobby - Rachel bought old, but expensive and luxurious furniture at flea markets or via the Internet, and processed it.

Chebbi-chic in the living room

Sometimes - updated. Sometimes - artificially old. Sometimes - completely changed the design.

And then either sold anew, or included in the interior of his own room, carefully picking up one object to another. The result was photographed and put on the Internet.Gradually, photos began to gain popularity. The new style looked chic, but not too pretentious. It was not only pleasant to consider him, but also to live in it.

People began to decorate their homes in the same style, and Chebbi-chic soon became the official design direction.

Shabby gloss, but looks presentable

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The overall concept and colors

From the English phrase "shabby ckic" can be translated as "shabby chic" - this is the easiest way to describe this style. Beautiful, expensive items - furniture, small accessories, textiles - are artificially aged and combined so that as a result the room looks cozy, shabby, but also somewhat pretentious.

The main danger of chebbi-chic is the wrong combination. If you use too many things, if you choose a bad color or clutter up space, the result will not be a beautifully designed spacious room, but something like a grandmother's attic, which is stuffed with all unnecessary trash.

The main thing is to combine everything in the interior and not to overdo it.

The main color of chebbi-chic is white. The color of simplicity and innocence, it visually expands the space, and also serves as an excellent background for other colors, including:

  • mint - the color is soft, discreet and soothing;
  • beige - the color is warm, soft and adding comfort;
  • cream - similar to the color of whipped cream;
  • pink - that gentle its shade which is often used for children's bedrooms;
  • peach - pink with the addition of yellow, delicate and pleasant;
  • sky blue - the only truly cool color chebbi-chic;
  • colors of natural materials - red brick, natural wood and stone.

All colors in this style are pastel and cozy.

All colors of chebbi-chic are soft, gentle, pastel, soothe and create a feeling of comfort. If you like contrast, brightness and sharpness, this style will not suit you.

It is also interesting that they can not be afraid to overload the interior. They are so well chosen that they can look great all together - if the main color is white, and the rest will be in small quantities, as accents.

The classic room pattern is roses.

In addition to flowers, chebbi-chic also has a classic pattern - roses. They can be anywhere, but they should not be too much and they should be one of the primary colors.

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Room decoration

Proper decoration - the first step in the design of any style.

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In shebbi shikah, the following ceiling finishing solutions are permissible:

  • Coloring. Paint is not afraid of water, but also does not "breathe." As a result, the room usually feels heavy atmosphere, especially if the region of residence is characterized by high humidity. In addition, it is inconvenient to apply it, if you don’t have a habit, you need to work by raising your hand above your head. But the paint does not burn, lasts a long time, it comes in different shades and is sold at a very different price.
  • Plaster. Dense than paint, and therefore easier to operate. It looks just as good. Usually has a rough texture on which to draw patterns. He is afraid of moisture, but also "breathes" as well - as a result, the atmosphere in the room is better.

Popular type of ceiling finishes - painting

  • Wooden panels. A classic interior solution that looks good. However, the panels are expensive, and need periodic treatment, because they are afraid of water, parasites and hardly endure temperature fluctuations.
  • Whitewash. Not relevant now, but for chebbi-chic fits perfectly. It is afraid of moisture, does not like sudden temperature drops.
The ceiling may look worn, as if it were for many years. But at the same time rubbing should not be sloppy - if the paint leaves, it should move away carefully, and not in clocks, for example.

You can add a bit of scuffing to the ceiling.

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To trim the walls can also be different. To do this, use:

  • Wallpaper. It is desirable that they resemble ordinary wallpaper made of paper, with a small pattern of roses. In this case, in fact, it must be either wallpaper with glass or non-woven wallpaper, otherwise you will have to change them in just a couple of years.
  • Paint. It is much more convenient to apply it on the walls than on the ceiling, but it looks just as good. In addition, if you have a penchant for creativity, you can always paint it with patterns or drawings.
  • Decorative plaster. Not only looks beautiful, but also pleasant to the touch. It happens in different colors, the pattern on it can be made arbitrary, with a simple trowel. Water is not afraid of parasites, too.
  • Clapboard. Wooden panels for all walls will not work - for Chebbi-chic, this is too old-fashioned, too boring. But you can finish one wall with them, after which you can make the tree look worn. Periodically, the paint on it will have to be renewed - a tree without proper treatment quickly begins to suffer from moisture, dryness, temperature changes or attacks of parasites.
  • Brick. Also, as with a wall, it cannot be applied to all walls at once, but it fits perfectly for one wall. It will look pretty, not afraid of anything, especially if you use a quality solution.

Wall decoration with wallpaper - of course, with a pattern with roses

BoardThe walls should also look worn, but not sloppy.

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Finishing the floor to natural materials. It may be:

  • A rock. It looks good (except for the lack of lack of color diversity and lack of bright colors in principle), is not afraid of any external conditions at all, can serve for decades. The only negative, in addition to the price - weight. Even if you live on the ground floor or in your own home, you will have to calculate whether your floors will withstand the stone tiles.
  • Tree. Parquet is a capricious material, but for shabby chic, faded, old boards are also suitable. They are laid, however, should be carefully, should not be deformed and go in waves. You will need to take care of them - from time to time to lacquer or waxed. Then they will not be afraid of moisture and temperature changes. Burn, however, will be all the same, because the lit matches are better not to drop.

Floor finishing mainly occurs with natural materials.

Shebby-chic does not accept other materials - no linoleum, no faux tiles, and, of course, forget about the shiny, bright-looking laminate.

BoardFaded floor gradually formed by itself. You don't need to do anything for her.

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When the redecoration is finished - the walls are covered with wallpaper, the flooring is on the floor, the ceiling is plastered - the room is ready to give it a real gloss.

Shabby effect looks good in any room.

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The main requirement for furniture in the style of chebbi-chic is that it will not be possible to buy it in mass stores like the same Ikea.

This is the beauty of style and its lack.

The ideal scenario for buying furniture looks like this:

  • you look in the Internet on sites of antiques, on sites where people give old things or on any flea market in reality;
  • choose the furniture that you like - a cute Empire style dresser, a classic bed with a carved back;
  • ennobles the furniture - clean it from stains, re-paint it, then artificially aged.

Cozy furniture in the interior of the balcony

If you have neither the time nor the desire for flea markets, you can buy furniture with a claim to antiquity and make it old, but it is more difficult and you need to try to make the chest of drawers bought in the store look as chic as a chest of drawers that have served for forty years , hand made, and still strong.

BoardIf you have money and there is no inclination for creativity, you can find people who will not only choose the right furniture, but also process it correctly.

Choosing furniture under the design style

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The lighting should be abundant - a white interior even without a thoughtful light seems spacious, and if you put in a little effort, the result will be magical.

You can use:

  • Chandeliers. Usually they choose a chandelier in the Baroque style or classics, with elegant wrought-iron elements, with crystal pendants, large and impressive. The main thing is to buy not a crudely made fake, but a truly elegant and beautiful lamp. Have a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.
  • Sconce. Wall lights also need to pick up in classic styles - with elegant legs, with shades of glass, fabric or metal. They must look pretentious, light to give a warm, yellow. You can place them where you need to focus - in the bedroom above the bed, in the kitchen above the work area.
  • Floor lamp. If the room has a seating area, a floor lamp in it is simply necessary. It should be tall, with a fabric shade in roses. Under it should be easy to read.
  • Table lamp. The bedroom is placed on the bedside table, in the living room on the coffee table, in the kitchen at the dining table. Lamps with a metal base and a glass or fabric shade are well suited. The light should also be warm, well, if the decor will appear roses.

Light for this style is very important.

And, of course, we must not forget about the natural light. Windows should be large (if you have the opportunity to affect their size), easy to open and give a lot of light. Also they need a properly selected textile.

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Textiles in shabby chic also plays an important role - they fit into this style:

  • Carpets. Slightly worn, with a floral or geometric pattern, they complement the interior well, plus they help to not freeze in winter on the floor of stone tiles.
  • Curtains. Should be light, from natural fabrics. It will be difficult to erase them, but they will look good, and also let in a lot of light. Lambrequins, garters and the combination of curtains with curtains are not recommended. The simpler, the better, and it is desirable that the fabric flowed and lay down in beautiful folds.
  • Tablecloth. A good solution for the kitchen or dining room, if you have one. Natural fabrics, white color, a pattern of roses along the edge - you will often have to wash such a tablecloth, but it will look good.
  • Decorative pillows. Also made of natural fabrics, soft, with patterns, they fit perfectly into the interior of a bedroom or living room. In the bedroom will decorate the bed in the living room sofa or chair.
  • Cover. It would be nice to look on the sofa in the living room or on the bed in the bedroom.

Textiles play an important role in the design

They can also look good knitted and lace napkins, but there should be very few of them - literally a couple of pieces per room. Otherwise, the interior will not look comfortable, but overloaded.

BoardDo not abuse the textile in general. Under it should be seen the interior itself.

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And, of course, can not do without accessories that complement the interior until final completion. Shebby-chic fit well:

  • large watch - floor or wall, with a pendulum, antique;
  • mirrors - and not ordinary, but in bulk frames with a floral pattern;
  • sculptures and busts - only in large rooms, and only if you like a particular bust or sculpture, otherwise it will look cumbersome and annoying;
  • caskets - it is good if such a box is decorated with a pattern of roses;
  • candle holders - it doesn't matter if it is made of real bronze or made of bronze, it is important that they look good;
  • dolls - classical, porcelain, in magnificent dresses and with impassive faces;
  • dishes - it should have a pattern of roses, and in the kitchen you can hang up cooking tools with a pretense of antiquity.

Accessories do not hurt the overall style of the room

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