Pool House: Reality or Fantasy? 160+ (Photos) Incredibly Beautiful Ideas


The pool house is not only a beautiful addition, but also a place to relax. It is also a great opportunity to improve your health. Find out what kinds of pools there are for open areas. What ideas will be a great addition to your landscape design. And what style to choose for a particular pool. Everything further in our article.

Content of this article:

  • Guest house with pool
  • Types of pools for open areas
  • Stationary pool
  • Collapsible pool shape
  • Inflatable pool
  • Pool location
  • Design Ideas
  • Top pool design ideas
  • The choice of design style
  • VIDEO: The best ideas for the pool
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Guest house with pool
  • Types of pools for open areas
  • Pool location
  • Design Ideas
  • The choice of design style
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Guest house with pool

    Installation of an artificial reservoir includes a specific sequence. Starting from the choice of the shape of the bowl, ending with the design of landscape design in the area that surrounds it. You can do this business on your own or turn to professionals.

    Country house with pool

    Many adapt the plots not only for the maintenance of the garden, but also as a resting place. Therefore, a special place is allocated to landscape design, the setting of a place for a comfortable pastime.

    An ideal addition to such a place could be an artificial reservoir. It will not only provide additional coolness during the summer period, but will also serve as a reserve tank for irrigation water if interruptions in the central water supply occur.

    Pay attention to landscape design.

    Depending on the wishes, possibilities, sizes, design of an artificial reservoir, you can do it yourself or involve specialists in this business.

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    Types of pools for open areas

    First, the design of the tank is selected. Reservoirs differ in size, shape, care and complexity in the design. There are 3 main categories of choice:

    • Stationary.
    • Folding
    • Inflatable.

    First, determine the shape and size of the future reservoir.

    The choice depends on the wishes and possibilities of summer residents.

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    Stationary pool

    Such models of reservoirs are installed once in a permanent place in the cottages with a spacious plot. This type is considered the most costly in finance. It is used in frequently visited cottages or houses where someone permanently lives.

    A stationary reservoir is of medium and large size and is made in the following ways:

    • Break out the pit.
    • Mounted frame on the surface of the earth.

    Stationary option on the site

    Next, the pit is sheathed inside or set the finished bowl.

    You can install a multi-level bowl that will look much more spectacular.
    Installing a stationary tank requires additional communication systems. Requires a centralized water supply, as well as cleaning and draining systems. If these conditions are not met, it will lead to a rapid stagnation and bloom of water. You can optionally install a system for heating water.

    For the construction of the pool can not be refurbished foundation under the house

    A good solution for additional protection from dust, leaves, garbage will be the installation of a roof or shed. Cover it can be in those periods when the reservoir is not used for a long time.

    When choosing a material, the climate is taken into account, since even under the condition that the water in the cold season will be drained, the integrity of the container under the influence of strong frosts may be violated. To avoid this, you need to pick up the material. It must withstand continuous operation in these conditions (withstand frost).

    Frost-resistant round frame pool

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    Collapsible pool shape

    This type of construction requires not such material costs as the previous one. The dimensions of the tanks are small (small and medium). Large models will be impractical for installation and disassembly.

    Collapsible frame models installed in the cottages. This is convenient because at the beginning of the summer season it is installed, filled with water, and with the onset of cold weather it is dismantled and cleaned for preservation in the room. For him, the installation of a cleaning system is facilitated.

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    Inflatable pool

    The easiest way to purchase an inflatable model. She has her advantages:

    • Affordable price.
    • Easy assembly and installation.
    • Compactness and mobility.
    • Does not require a plumbing, cleaning system.
    • Can accommodate in a small area.

    Frame option - the best solution for home

    This does not mean that the artificial reservoir is installed only in small areas. There are medium and large sizes, so that not only children, but also adults can rest.

    To make it more stable, a special frame is prepared for it, consisting of aluminum tubes. If it is more than 1 m high, a ladder must be installed. It is necessary for its convenient use. And also, so that the sides do not bend over, and the integrity of the protective layer is not damaged.

    We set the stairs for convenience

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    Pool location

    To correctly draw a pond near the house you need to find the right place. This is especially true for a stationary tank. It is better to place it on a plot with clay soil, if any. This will reduce fluid loss if the integrity of the product is compromised.

    We select the right place for the pool

    To avoid any problems during operation, a number of such tips should be taken into account during installation:
    • To create a drain system, it is worth placing the bowl on the natural slope of the post, if there is one.
    • Filling the tank with liquid and reducing the estimate during construction should be placed near the aqueduct.
    • To make it easier to clean the tank in the future, it is placed so that the wind passes along it. This will lead to the fact that all the accumulated debris will be near one side.

    It is advisable to place near the plumbing

    No matter how beautiful and cozy the trees look, tall shrubs near the pool are not worth placing it in such a place. The shade of the tree will interfere with the natural warming of the water. In addition, it will once again be contaminated by fallen leaves. If the vegetation is too close to an artificial reservoir, its root system can damage the waterproofing of the outer layer.

    The shape of the bowl is chosen exclusively from the wishes of the future swimmers. For children fit round shape. For regular swimming lessons it is better to choose a rectangular shape. If there are not so many places, it can be made narrow, but long, which will look original and allow you to swim along without problems.

    Large territory allows large options

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    Design Ideas

    Self-designing is sometimes difficult. To do this, turn to professionals to implement all ideas, plans and wishes.

    It all starts with the choice of materials, planned bowl lining. You can choose at will tiles of any color or special films resistant to moisture. The easiest way to paint the bowl, only the paint should be resistant to chlorine.

    It all starts with the choice of material and its color.

    Walls can be decorated with any pattern. Suitable marine topics. At the bottom you can place patterns, or shade it in a different color. The wall can be decorated with a single-colored or multi-colored mosaic. Most importantly, all materials used in the design of the pool, were safe, resistant to external conditions.
    At night, the lights will look interesting, it will create a cozy atmosphere.

    So in the afternoon and in the evening you can go swimming. You can illuminate only the bottom, sides or the entire reservoir surrounding its territory by selecting spotlights, special lamps for underwater lighting, or LED strips.

    Use the backlight for extra light.

    If the pond with sides, you can arrange them stylishly. It can be a decorative stone, granite, a special tile, or the material is stylized under a tree. Since this is a recreation area, sand can be poured around the sides, having decorated everything in a beach style.

    From the house, gazebos or any recreation areas, you can lay a path laid out, for example, with pebbles, saw cuts, tiles. And along place small bushes, flowers, or flowerpots with vegetation.

    We make a comfortable zone of descent and rest

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    Top pool design ideas

    To the pool looked especially original, you can use the following tips:

    • The walls and base of the bowl with transparent materials. For this, the tank is placed on an elevated foundation or rise, and the walls of the bowl are heavy-duty glass. Acrylic panels embedded in concrete walls can be used. The entire tank is made transparent, one side of it, or just small inserts, like a porthole.
    • Pool with a private island. It looks like this: in the center of the bowl or in another area, a seating area is created where you can put a deck chair or chairs. It will look like a land, "island" among the water. You can reach it only by swimming.
    • Imitation under the pond. You can try to approach the natural pond, and stylize it under a small pond.
    This is done with the help of green spaces that will adorn the boundaries of the reservoir.

    Traditional style house

    • Pools flowing into each other. On a large plot, it is possible to place tanks at different levels, so that the water flows from the top to the bottom.
    • Creating decorative waterfalls. If the land is far from the city, you can create a decorative waterfall. You can install special nozzles that will create artificial waves. Spending time near such a place will resemble a resort.
    • Fountain in the center. There are 2 advantages at once. It will look elegant. In addition, if you build in the backlight, then in the evening it will be an extraordinary sight. Fountains come in completely different shapes.
    • Installation of a hill. This can be interesting for children and adults. Immediately two advantages together, this is an interesting design of the reservoir and a fun holiday. In addition to slides, you can install springboards.
    • Pool Bar. An interesting idea, especially for young people, although not only. The bar should be placed so that when swimming, you can get a drink with your hand without leaving the water.
    • Pond on the cliff. If the site is at a height, a hill, a hill, a bowl for the future reservoir is placed at a high point, so that a person from there looks down.
    • "2 in 1". To do this, another one is attached to the main tank, a small one. The difference may be that there is sea water, or a jacuzzi.
    It can be located both near the main and inside it.

    Choose an idea that will appeal to the whole family.

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    The choice of design style

    Style is selected based on the appearance of the cottage, mansion, the surrounding landscape. Artificial pond should blend harmoniously into the overall exterior.

    The following styles are suitable for decoration:

    • Classical. In this style many houses, summer cottages, mansions and other buildings are made. Classic style should look luxurious and expensive. Use marble, ceramics, natural stone, mosaic tiles. Statues, fountains, vases with flowers will successfully fit into the design. Make out all the better in light shades of blue, white, beige.
    • Country music. It is used more often for indoor ponds, but it is also possible outside. Can be used in the design of natural stone, wood, various textiles. Country music in the open air is particularly interesting, if you use canopies, wooden arbors and wooden flooring.
    • Provence. The difference of this style in simplicity, elegance, bright colors. Stone steps, a plant in tubs, ceramic or porcelain figures are used. Forged iron elements may be present.
    • Hi-tech, art deco, minimalism. In modern areas use metal, glass, wood, mirrors, tiles. Use a minimum of jewelry and additions to give rigor and conciseness. You can do a little emphasis on greenery. Here you can install overflow tanks, complementing them with lamps.

    It is not so easy to build a reservoir, harmoniously fitting it into your design. But, this is not just entertainment, but a place where you can relax after and get healthier.

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    VIDEO: The best ideas for the pool