Swedish Wall in an apartment for children and adults with their own hands (135+ Photos)


For the children's body to develop normally, exercise is required. With the help of the Swedish wall, you can perform the necessary set of exercises every day. As a result, the child develops dexterity, endurance and strength. About materials, types, nuances of choice in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Description of construction
  • Varieties
  • Performance materials
  • Metallic
  • Wooden
  • Child wall, selection conditions
  • For a teenager
  • Construction with bars
  • Wall with horizontal bar
  • Installation with a pear
  • Additional configuration options when creating a functional simulator
  • Wall fastening methods
  • Compliance with the rules of safe operation
  • Nuances design choices
  • VIDEO: How to choose a wall bars?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 135 photos)
  • Description of construction
  • Varieties
  • Performance materials
  • Child wall, selection conditions
  • For a teenager
  • Additional configuration options when creating a functional simulator
  • Wall fastening methods
  • Compliance with the rules of safe operation
  • Nuances design choices
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 135 photos)
  • Description of construction

    The Swedish wall is a universal simulator that can be installed as a separate projectile or together with a sports complex. It is useful to use it in the winter when there are few outdoor games left for children. For installation of the Swedish wall does not require a lot of space, it is enough to prepare a few meters on the floor and wall.

    The Swedish wall is a universal simulator

    Additionally, you can attach shells to the structure, expanding the possibilities for different occupations. During the operation of the simulator young children require control from the adults in order not to get injured.

    The structure includes a staircase from the ceiling to the floor, in the upper part of which there is a horizontal bar. Sports equipment (parallel bars, rings, rope ladder, rope, punching bag, etc.) can be mounted near the wall. The most economical option is a frame with transverse crossbars.

    Not much space required

    This is a good choice for the physical development of children of different ages. The sports complex helps to strengthen muscles, the formation of correct posture, the development of endurance and agility in children. With regular exercises, the cardiovascular system, immunity and coordination of movements are strengthened and trained. Exercises are also necessary for the prevention of flatfoot.

    The presence of a universal simulator in the house will save on visiting the gym. You can do it at any time, choosing the level of load and improving physical fitness.

    Ideal room for a boy

    The advantages of the Swedish walls are as follows:

    • Variety of features. Installation of additional equipment will help to diversify the application of the design.
    • Ergonomic. There are walls with different characteristics available. Therefore, the buyer can find the best solution.
    • Durability. Modern models are durable in use. In their manufacture, firms carefully select high-quality materials, given their reliability.
    • Availability. In the range there are inexpensive models, as well as prestigious products for professional training.
    • Beneficial effect on muscles, immune system, increased tone.
    • The possibility of employment for people with any level of training.

    The option that takes up little space

    There are several drawbacks to sports complexes. This applies to difficulties with transportation. Volumetric design is difficult to take out of the store by car, lift it on the elevator. The walls are not easy to install, as the circuit is first studied, suitable components are selected.

    BoardIt is necessary to select a sport center taking into account the overall design and style of the room. Before purchasing such a product, you need to contact a consultant to find out if there are any restrictions.

    All of these shortcomings can be easily fixed.

    Variety of features

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    Manufacturers offer a large selection of Swedish walls, where there are compact and larger models. The latter are not suitable for compact rooms. The main material is metal and wood, although in comparison with outdoor species. Home walls have limited functionality.

    If there is enough space at home, but you can choose a ladder of any size. Typically, the height of the manufactured products starts from 1 meter, the width is from 60 cm. The design should be installed so that during the exercises the children are not injured.

    Modern models are durable in use.

    The form distinguishes the following types of structures:

    • U-shaped. These are more massive models that are suitable for spacious and large rooms. The structure of the structure includes two ladders connected by a handle or crossbeams. This massive and durable product can withstand many additional accessories.
    • L-shaped wall. It is the most popular model, it includes a high staircase, which is completed on top by a horizontal bar or arm. Models differ mounting options.
    • I-shaped models are simpler. They consist of a pair of pillars and crossbars, put on the wall or up to the wall. It does not work out to hang additional shells.
    • T-shaped structures and corners. This is a suitable option for everyone. It is fastened from floor to ceiling. The structure of the wall includes a ladder and hand guides placed on the sides.
    • In the form of a corner. This simulator is ergonomic, occupies the minimum area, but its functionality is preserved. Corner model can be bought in finished form or assembled from two products.

    Option for a large room

    In small rooms it is better to buy I-or L-shaped structures, transformers. It is advisable for a child to buy wooden products.

    By type of installation, autonomous walls and sports complexes are distinguished. The first option is freestanding simulators that are placed on the wall or on the wall. The second type is a design, combined with the bed. They save space, but when choosing you need to take into account the functionality and strength of fasteners.

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    Performance materials

    All versions of the Swedish walls are made of metal, wood or a combination of both. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Pirate style

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    For the production of metal walls used profile tube with a thickness of 2 mm. In comparison with wooden counterparts, the crossbar have a smaller diameter. Therefore, even small children can practice on the simulator. Reliable, durable and durable designs can be supplemented by sports equipment (bars, bars). But the bars are slippery, so you need to be careful.

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    For the production of wooden walls used pine, maple or beech. To eliminate splinters, the manufacturer carefully adjusts and polishes the parts, covers it with a paint-and-lacquer layer. Structures with anti-slip effect are obtained, less traumatic in comparison with metal analogues.

    There are inexpensive models in stock.

    But wood is short-lived, it can break, crack and crack. Wooden children's designs quickly wear out, are calculated on smaller weight.

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    Child wall, selection conditions

    During the selection of the child's simulator, the following factors are taken into account:

    • Applied materials. Wood is a warmer and more environmentally friendly material, and metal is a durable and durable material.
    • Dimensions. It is necessary to select the parameters in accordance with the room, so as not to clutter it.
    • The location of fasteners in accordance with the method of their fixation on building structures (ceiling, walls, floor).
    • The ability to perform planned exercises, activities.

    Beneficial effect on muscles

    You also need to pay attention to the soft and anti-slip elements that can be placed on the crossbars, additional shells (bars, rings, etc.). Taking into account the possibility of installing additional equipment, the quality of processing of wooden parts.

    The classic version is attached to the wall by drilling, installing expansion dowels, anchors. The type of fastener selected depends on the building material. More simple to install are spacer structures that can be quickly reinstalled to another location.

    But they have a significant drawback - the impossibility of installation in a room with suspended or suspended ceilings.

    The most compact option

    On functional models, a combined mount is used when the ladder is placed on the wall surface, and additional details are installed from floor to ceiling.

    For preschoolers, the wall bars are completed differently than in adults. This is due to the fact that children still can not perform strength exercises, but mostly play. Therefore, the main parts are included in the package of walls for kids:

    • Thick rope of durable artificial or natural material, tied at the bottom of the knot.
    • Gymnastic rings of strong rope placed on a hanger.
    • Trapeze, rukhod.
    • Rope ladder, swing.
    • Ladder, basketball backboard.

    Manufacturers offer a large selection of wall bars.

    BoardTo protect the child from injury, you need to buy special mats that protect when falling from a height. There should be an anti-slip coating on metal crossbars, and soft upholstery on bars and rings. Reliable fasteners are provided.

    A wooden construction will be suitable for one child, and if classes are performed also by adults, the more practical is metal.

    Using the security mat

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    For a teenager

    Sports complex for teens can include all the details, like in adults. You can purchase bars, rope ladder, horizontal bar, basketball hoop, press support, punching bag, bench press.

    A wooden construction is suitable for one child.

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    Construction with bars

    Bars are made stationary, and in some versions they are mounted. This is a pair of parallel crossbars, designed for hanging, tightening, exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms and abdomen. Sports equipment can be mounted on adults and children's walls. For greater comfort, the bars can be equipped with soft armrests, handles and backs.

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    Wall with horizontal bar

    The horizontal bar can be established rigidly in the top area of ​​a wall. Its fixation is carried out in a predetermined place. DReinstallation of this design will require a metalworking tool and time.

    For a small climber

    There are also models with a removable horizontal bar when it is mounted in a mounted way. This option is convenient because you can easily change the height of the horizontal bar installation.

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    Installation with a pear

    Punching bag is a sports equipment for training the muscles in the arms and back, reaction, practicing punches. Pear frees a person from negative emotions. It is done in the mounted version, it is rational to buy it, if a teenager is engaged in martial arts, boxing. Boxing gloves included.

    In each model, the equipment is individual. Therefore, the buyer can choose the right option for a certain period of development of the child or teenager.

    Option for the student

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    Additional configuration options when creating a functional simulator

    In addition to the listed mounted projectiles, the wall can be equipped with other elements:

    • A ladder that is attached at an angle to the main structure. Allow to diversify classes.
    • Emphasis for the press. The structure of the structure includes a back with armrests and upholstered. Attached to the wall armrests.
    • Gymnastic rings with a rope hanger. They allow you to perform various exercises, training the muscles of the abdomen, arms, back.
    • Gladiator mesh, rope ladder. They are necessary for the development of dexterity and coordination, climbing, various games.

    Additional simulators

    • Hinged horizontal bar in the form of a crossbar for pulling up. It can be moved to the selected height.
    • Rukokhod. This is a staircase that is located in the upper zone of the structure parallel to the floor. You can move your hands on it. Basically, such a projectile equipped with P-and L-shaped walls.
    • Bench for a press. Has the shape of a folding board, mounted bar holders. The shell is used for strength training.
    • Pylon. It is a metal pipe installed between the ceiling and the floor. Intended equipment for gymnastic etudes with the development of motor coordination, training the muscles of the arms and legs.
    • Swing. Promote the development of the vestibular apparatus and leg muscles.
    • Basketball backboard with ring. Provides the development of accuracy.

    Teach children to sport since childhood

    The more attachments on the wall bars, the better.

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    Wall fastening methods

    There are several options for reliable fixation of the Swedish walls to the wall, ceiling or floor.

    For wall models, fastening is carried out to the wall surface in 4-6 places with U-shaped brackets. In this case, the lower soles of the racks rest on the floor.

    This installation is read more time-consuming, requires drilling holes. You can install the structure around concrete, wood or brick surfaces. Do not attach to drywall. To arrange such a system does not require much space.

    Suitable for children and adults

    Spacers put to the ceiling and the floor on the struts. This is a simple installation option that does not require the use of a drill. But the staircase is not suitable for suspended or suspended ceilings.

    Mixed versions provide for both mounting options. This is the most reliable form, which is not used in all systems.

    BoardTo choose the option of fixing the Swedish wall should be in view of the peculiarities of the interior, the material of the walls, the height of the ceiling and other aspects that may prevent a reliable installation of the structure. In the future, this may adversely affect the safe use of the simulator.

    For the little ones

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    Compliance with the rules of safe operation

    For sporting activities to bring benefits to a child, certain safety rules must be observed. They will help to avoid injuries, breakdowns of the sports complex.

    These rules include:

    • Compliance with the weight regime. That is, at a sport complex designed for a load of up to 50 kg, people with a weight of 80 kg cannot be engaged.
    • Small children can not be engaged on their own, without parental supervision.
    • Install special limiters so that the baby cannot climb the high rails.
    • Firmly strengthen the horizontal bar.

    Minimalist room

    • Purchase travel mats that will reduce the risk of injury.
    • Apply a sports complex for its intended purpose.
    • Do not allow children to engage in exacerbation of disease.
    • Choose a set of exercises for a person’s age category, depending on his condition, degree of physical fitness.
    • Regularly inspect the home complex on the state.
    • Wipe the crossbar and handle, so that they are not sticky and slippery, you need to wipe with a damp and dry cloth.

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    Nuances design choices

    The choice of home sports complex is carried out taking into account the age of the child, the place of installation, configuration and manufacturer. If you picked a specific model, then make sure its appropriate quality.

    In this case, the seller must issue a certificate with a positive sanitary epidemiological assessment of the materials of manufacture. Also in the document, the plant manufacturer must confirm the safety, durability and reliability of the complex.

    Easy to do it yourself

    One of the main factors is considered the safety of the simulator. When choosing a wall for children, it is better to prefer models made of natural wood. The surface should not be slippery, which reduces the risk of slipping from the steps.

    Also takes into account the approximate weight, which counted sports complex. If the simulator will be bought taking into account the maturing of the baby, then it must withstand the weight of the athlete and additional projectiles that will be purchased according to his age.

    The type of attachment is selected based on the design of the room, the location of the wall. This will allow to use all the functional capabilities of the design, safe and convenient operation of mounted projectiles.

    Around the complex it is necessary to provide an optimal space for swinging the swing, convenient exercise. For a compact room, you can choose a small model with a width of 60 cm and a height of 1 meter. Return to the menu ↑

    VIDEO: How to choose a wall bars?