Bathroom design in a wooden house (200+ Photos): DIY decoration (ceiling, floor, walls)


The high level of humidity in the bathroom is one of the main problems for wooden houses. How to make a bathroom, at the same time beautiful and functional? What finishing materials will help protect the wall from moisture? What design to choose for a bathroom in a wooden house? Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:
  • Bathroom Features
  • Water supply
  • Bathroom finish
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Lighting in the bathroom
  • Choosing plumbing and furniture
  • Ventilation
  • How to emphasize the design of the bathroom?
  • Planning ideas
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Bathroom Features
  • Water supply
  • Bathroom finish
  • Choosing plumbing and furniture
  • Ventilation
  • How to emphasize the design of the bathroom?
  • Planning ideas
  • Expert advice
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Bathroom Features

    The bathroom has its own microclimate. High humidity and constant temperature fluctuations are normal for this room. The selected material for decoration should protect walls and other surfaces from the effects of this environment, and at the same time create a cozy atmosphere, because the owners spend a significant amount of time in this very room. To avoid the formation of mold on the walls, a waterproofing of the surfaces is required.

    Humidity in the bathroom - one of the main problems for wooden houses

    Damp in the bathroom provokes the formation of mold, which can migrate to other rooms on adjacent walls. It is difficult to remove them, so waterproofing plays an important role.

    Based on the selected type of finishing materials selected type of waterproofing.

    To maximize the protection of walls against dampness, choose one of the following options:
    • Obmazochny. These are mastics and emulsions of different types that cover the surface of the walls. With their help, you can create a completely waterproof coating. They are applied with a special roller in several layers (2-3). Each layer is applied every few days.
    • Glued. Sold in hardware stores in rolls or sheets. The waterproofing fabric is applied one on one, and the joint is sealed with a waterproof putty or sealant.
    • Impregnating. The walls are treated with a special liquid, it is applied in several layers for. After the first application, you must wait until the composition is absorbed, after 1-2 days, repeat the treatment of all surfaces.

    Damp in the bathroom provokes the formation of mold

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    Water supply

    Houses made of wood shrink strongly, so before arranging the water supply system, it is necessary to take care of its flexibility. It is because of this property for the bathroom in a wooden house is recommended to use metal pipes.

    They are stacked taking into account possible shrinkage and are necessarily fixed with special rubberized fasteners (can be replaced with clamps for sanitary equipment). Then the pipes (and the base of the floor) are insulated with heat insulating materials.

    Cozy bathroom in a wooden house

    To prevent premature rotting of the floorboards, it is also important to provide a practical drain to remove excess moisture into the sewer system. For such purposes, a dry shutter truck is often used. Another of its purpose - protection from the unpleasant smell of sewage.

    The presence of a drain in the bathroom should be foreseen at the planning stage. It is important to make a slight bias so that the water flows faster into the drain.

    Classic style

    The tree is afraid of moisture, and one of the most serious problems in the bathroom in a wooden house is condensation on the pipes.

    To prevent the walls from breaking, you need to follow several rules:
    • Give priority to plastic, not metal pipes. Plastic is a less heat-conducting material, so less condensate forms on it.
    • It is necessary to completely eliminate the contact surface of the walls and pipes.
    • To fasten the pipe, you must use rubber clamps.

    Room in gray

    Also worth considering the requirements for sewage in wooden houses. All connections must be leak tight. Leakage can be disastrous for wooden floors. Freezing pipes can also cause trouble. To avoid freezing of water pipes in negative weather, it is recommended to bury them in the ground. Depth depends on the level of soil freezing individually in each region. Before instillation of the pipe wrapped with insulating material, as a rule, glass wool.

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    Bathroom finish

    For many owners of wooden houses, a reliable material for finishing the bathroom becomes a serious problem. Due to the nature of the room, it must be not only beautiful, but also resistant to aggressive chemical agents. Both qualities are united by a tile - it is a reliable material that is distinguished by a wide choice of tiles of various shapes, sizes and textures.

    Choose reliable materials


    Often found fragmentary finish. This method allows you to beautifully decorate the room, and at the same time zone the bathroom. For example, places in which the surface most often comes into contact with water must be laid tiles, and the rest of the room to arrange the material of wood.

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    For the bathroom it is necessary to arrange an additional reinforced floor. The tree, especially in a humid environment, does not like the constant change in the load on one zone. And in the case of a bath (water significantly increases the weight of the bath itself and increases the load on the floor), the risk of premature destruction of the floors increases.

    We refresh the interior of the snow-white bathroom

    Therefore, for the floors in the bathroom stacked fortified boards. They are distinguished by an enlarged cross section. Also, before installing the bathroom, you will have to lower the floor level by at least 10 cm for arranging the screed, laying communications and waterproofing.

    Materials suitable for the floors in the bathroom of the wooden house:
    • tile;
    • mosaic;
    • linoleum;
    • moisture resistant laminate;
    • tree.

    Bathroom floors are covered with reinforced boards.

    Static stoneware is most often used for this purpose. This is a durable and beautiful material that does not require much effort when leaving, and perfectly tolerates the effects of moisture and household chemicals.

    For the installation of porcelain tiles, a cement and sand screed is required. Such materials are allowed to be laid only on a stable and perfectly flat floor, and wooden boards do not meet these requirements.

    Before you make a screed, you must strengthen the floor slab. Otherwise, due to the additional load of cement, the floor may simply fall through. At this stage of work it is also necessary to do the installation of underfloor heating, if it is provided for according to the plan.

    Rugs, as a bright element of decor

    Under the screed it is also necessary to install a two-layer insulation to protect the subfloor from moisture.
    Only after the preparatory work is laid finishing material.

    Wood can also be used, it will help support the overall style of the bathroom. It is important to choose the right wood for the floor to last longer.

    Tick ​​- great for covering the field. It is inexpensive, and the essential oils in the composition of wood increase its resistance to moisture. After installing such a floor, be sure to fill all the gaps with a special sealant.

    Tiled wall decoration

    Larch is also suitable as a floor for a bathroom because of its moisture resistance. The third option: a thermotree, which is treated with hot steam under vacuum conditions (it is not affected by mold). It is not necessary to make a screed for a wooden floor. It is enough to put a moisture-proof coating.

    Another option is laminate flooring.. It is durable, well manifested itself in the characteristic bathroom conditions, for a long time it retains its qualities. A variety of design boards allows you to choose the appropriate color laminate.

    Linoleum - waterproof, inexpensive and durable material.

    For its installation will require pre-lay waterproofing. Joints are sealed by hot welding.

    In the style of minimalism


    Glue plug. The peculiarity of the material is that it is completely environmentally friendly. Before installation in the bathroom it must be covered with several layers of lacquer. The material is rough to the touch, not afraid of moisture and sudden changes in temperature. The disadvantage of this glue plug is the high price.

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    Before starting to finish the walls necessarily performed waterproofing. For this you can use the roll waterproofing or a special composition. If the walls are processed, then they can be left in their original form. It will be a cozy and natural design option.

    Another option - plastic trim panels.. This material perfectly tolerates moisture and exposure to aggressive chemicals. An additional advantage is the ease of maintenance.

    Beautiful bathroom with stone sinks and toilet

    Tile - the classic version. A variety of tiles for the bathroom (ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, etc.). We have already mentioned above about zoning a room with the help of a tile. Combining several finishing materials at the same time is a practical and aesthetically attractive option.

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    In the bathroom of a wooden house installation of a suspended ceiling is necessary. It acts as a kind of protection: between the ceiling boards and the finishing material there will be an air cushion that prevents the penetration of damp onto wooden surfaces.

    Harmonious combination of materials

    It is known from the physics lessons that steam rises up and condenses on the first horizontal surface. An additional advantage of such a system is that the suspended ceiling will hide all wires and a ventilation system.

    All types of suspended ceilings are allowed for the bathroom. Profile is purchased for outdoor use. It is able to withstand high humidity and does not corrode. You can use drywall as a material for a suspended ceiling in the bathroom, but it is important to buy drywall that can withstand moisture.

    Bright, beautiful bathroom

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    Lighting in the bathroom

    The best option for bathroom lighting - halogen spotlights. They are suitable for lighting the entire surface, help to zone the space. Do not occupy space. Spotlights look indoors harmoniously, because all the wiring is hidden behind a suspended ceiling (this guarantees the protection of the wiring from moisture).

    Sconce - another version of lighting. They are not recommended to be mounted as the main lighting. You can combine sconces with spotlights to make the lighting bright and interesting. Install sconces can, for example, near the sink or toilet.

    Ideal for a country house

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    Choosing plumbing and furniture

    The choice of furniture and plumbing leads to the completion of the bathroom. At this stage it is worth being guided only by your wishes. We need to take care only about the strengthening of wooden floorboards, so that they can withstand the load from a full bath.

    Standard set of plumbing for comfortable use of this room:

    • toilet bowl (for the combined bathroom);
    • sink;
    • bath or shower.

    What types of equipment to choose and how to place them in the room depends on the size of the bathroom.

    The choice of furniture and plumbing leads to the completion of the bathroom

    To accommodate a large area, you can choose a corner bathroom, or place it in the middle of the room.

    If the floorboards are not reinforced to reduce the load on the floor, plumbing should be installed along the wall.

    For a small room, it is better to choose a shower cabin, which will save free space. And if you choose a hanging toilet, you can save a couple of centimeters of usable space.

    The sink in the bathroom should be deep, if the area of ​​the room allows, you can install a double sink. Additional furniture and accessories are also important in the bathroom. Additional elements must match the interior of the room, but it is also important that they are useful.

    Relaxing atmosphere

    If the room is spacious, it can accommodate a wardrobe for linen and towels, a shelf or a chest of drawers for toiletries. A mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom. If there are children in the house, do not forget about the presence of a special staircase that will help them to reach the washbasin without difficulty.

    Reasonableness of all the details - the dignity of any room. In the bathroom, you must install a heated towel rail, or hooks for towels and bathrobes. A spectacular element of the interior will be a full-length mirror.

    Do not forget about the laundry basket. In a spacious room, it can be a separate part of the interior. In a small room, the laundry basket is usually hidden in the closet.

    When spacious but comfortable

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    Ventilation in the bathroom is required. It will eliminate excess moisture and slightly stabilizes the humidity of the air.

    It is recommended to install powerful exhaust systems in a wooden house, exceptions are appropriate only in rooms with a small area.

    Option for a big house

    Most often used for the bathroom supply and exhaust ventilation system, which can be easily installed independently.

    It is possible to equip such ventilation in two stages:
    • We mount two pipes around the perimeter of the ceiling. The first for air flow, the second for its output.
    • In each pipe we make two holes. These holes should be located in opposite corners of the room. Then one of the holes will close the grille, and the second exhaust fan.

    A small room in a modern design.

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    How to emphasize the design of the bathroom?

    Wood trim blends beautifully with modern furniture. The harmonious combination of rustic simplicity of wood panels and stylish modern furniture looks very nice and interesting. Glass shelves and tables, stand with a ceramic granite tabletop, metal elements in the decor, all this is perfect for a wooden finish.

    Option under the attic

    It will look good furniture from the same tree. It will create a more comfortable and homely atmosphere. Today's market is a lot of interesting furniture made of wood, which will be the highlight of the room: wicker laundry baskets, shelves and shelves. Any wooden furniture requires pre-treatment with protective agents. You can find a finished decor, or simply varnish the furniture, enamel or primer.

    This style is always in fashion.

    You can also purchase furniture from sustainable wood. It is best opposed to moisture oak. Oak furniture and without pretreatment can last for a long time in a wet environment.

    Professionals give recommendations, without which it is simply impossible to create a comfortable environment in the bathroom:
    • Choosing a color palette for the design of the room is to stick to the golden mean. Too many dark shades, or, conversely, an overabundance of screaming colors will only annoy.
    • The walls and ceiling in the bathroom (only in the bathroom) can be made of the same color. Or perform a smooth transition from one color to another, without separating the ceiling line.
    • Waterproofing - a mandatory stage of finishing the bathroom in a wooden house.
    • For finishing recommend using several materials. For example, the lower part of the wall is decorated with plastic panels or tiles, and the upper clapboard.

    Waterproofing - a mandatory stage of finishing the bathroom in a wooden house.

    Suitable styles for the bathroom:
    • Classic. This style is always in fashion. It is distinguished by an abundance of decorative elements, smooth flowing in one line and elaborate furniture. For such a style fit a large full-length mirror in a thick wooden frame, wooden furniture.
    • Minimalism. The opposite of the previous version. Used a minimum of furniture, and only the most necessary. Clear forms, strict lines. Calm monochrome colors.
    • Country music. Warm colors and wooden furniture are used. Country music is great for the bathroom because of its simplicity and elegance.
    • Antique. In a wooden house such design will look as harmonious as possible.Curtains with a floral pattern and from heavy fabrics, wooden shabby furniture are chosen, and pastel shades are used for decoration.
    • Modern. Exquisite room design combining clear and light lines. Repetitive elements, the use of modern materials, a harmonious combination of beauty and comfort.
    • High tech. This implies the use of glass, wood and steel. The style is characterized by unusual shapes and sizes.

    In this room I want to spend a lot of time

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    Planning ideas

    In a private house there are many interesting options for where to place the bathroom. In two-storey houses it is customary to equip a bathroom on the second floor, next to the bedrooms.

    Bathroom fittings in the attic are an interesting option. For a bedroom or office this room is not very comfortable, and for the bathroom it suits perfectly.

    Often there is a combined bathroom, but many consider this option uncomfortable. For simultaneous use of a shared bathroom by two people at once, it can be equipped with a partition or hang a curtain.

    Simple design using light colors

    Many recommend allocating a separate room for the bathroom so that it does not have extra furniture (laundry cabinets, household appliances, etc.). Leave a maximum of free space in the bathroom.

    It is advisable to choose a room without windows. They will be superfluous in this room. If the window is still there, you need to pick a thick curtain, install blinds on the windows or choose some other type of overlap to hide your family while swimming from prying eyes.

    High tech style

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    Expert advice

    Professional advice will help make the bathroom practical and versatile. We will tell you what you need to know in order not to make typical mistakes:

    • Planning and zoning of the room is recommended to do in advance. It is desirable at the stage of planning the house.
    • Wooden floors before installing plumbing necessarily need to be fixed.
    • Wood is a highly flammable material, and in the bathroom there is always an increased level of humidity. The wiring in this room must be reliably protected from moisture penetration.
    • In order not to make a flood in the house, it is necessary to lower the floor level in the bathroom by 1-3 cm, and equip it with a drain hole.

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