Bunk Bed with a sofa at the bottom - Stylish and practical (90+ Photos)


Bed with a sofa downstairs - the ability to create comfort for each family member, even in a small room.

For those apartments that have a limited small area, the combination of a sofa and a bed in one area will do. The bunk construction has advantages. Thanks to them, not only practicality is realized, but also an original interior with unusual design techniques is created.


Advantages of use

When deciding how to place both a bed and a sofa in a small area, many prefer one option, choosing either just a bed or just a sofa.

Don't give preference to one option.

Combining these two items into one and placing them one above the other, allows us to solve several issues at once:

  • There is an economy of space. The released area can be used more efficiently.

Saving space when choosing such a design

  • Dedicated bed allows you to use a high-quality orthopedic mattress on the bed, which is much better than just a laid out sofa.
  • The opportunity to bring fresh air into the interior design, to use non-standard solutions and unusual design.

Use an interesting interior solution.

  • The design in two tiers can be put both in the room of adults, and in the nursery.

Convenient option for a child's room

  • The possibility of distinguishing between a guest area and a place to sleep.

Differentiation for guests and sleep area

  • For one-room apartments, such an organization allows you to use, for example, a sofa for parents, and the upper tier - for a child.

Idea for sleeping parents and baby

Features of models - it is impossible to embody two full levels in rooms with low ceilings. When choosing a particular design, be sure to consider the size of the building and the height of the ceiling in the house.

The choice of design depends on the height of the ceiling.

Additionally, some beds with a sofa at the bottom are supplied with drawers, cabinets, shelves and built-in niches. Sometimes the design even includes a cabinet system. This is a convenient option for a kids room.

Children's closet system

Sleeping on the top tier is dangerous only for small children. For older guys with the use of protective sides there is no problem.

Constitutional bed with a sofa consists directly of the frame part located at the bottom of the sofa and the bed on the second tier. Consider each component separately.

Construction bed in a small room

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Design features of the frame: what to look for?

The basis of the model can be presented in various materials that have different characteristics. The main load falls on the frame. The base, standing on the floor, must meet the requirements of strength.

Robust bottom construction for a sofa bed

Depending on the destination, beds in two levels are available for adults, teenagers and children. Return to the menu


Among the advantages of using metal as a frame:

  • strength;
  • relatively low price;
  • durability of use.

Metal construction is more practical and durable

But this option is not chosen often. Metal structures do not fit perfectly into every style of the interior. This material belongs to the traumatic, it is not desirable to use it in the nursery.

Metal sofa bed in the interior

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Natural wood is environmentally friendly and has a long service life. A wooden bed with a sofa in a natural shade or painted can be well combined with many areas. Due to the environmental friendliness of the material, this option is most preferable for a child's room.

Environmentally friendly material and long service life

The most popular varieties of wood for the manufacture of the frame are as follows:

  • Pine;
  • Birch tree;
  • beech;
  • oak.

The beauty and practicality of furniture

  • Pine;
  • Birch tree;
  • beech;
  • oak.
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At cost, this material for making the frame is cheaper than wood. The disadvantages of use include a short service life and lack of moisture resistance. The last defect is compensated by applying a special impregnation.

Bright accent in the room

If you need to choose a solid bed with a sofa at the bottom, then the best choice is a model made of wood, having a support edge along the back wall.

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Upper bed: your bed

The size of the upper part of the design depends on the growth of the person who will use the bed. For a teenager and an adult, the length of the bed should be about 2 m. For children up to the age of 14 it should be about 1.7 m. The standard width of a single bed is 0.9 m.

Approximate sizes of a double bed

Should I buy a small bed for a child? The baby is growing, and the bed of a small length will soon become small. In this case, you need to expect that in a few years the bed with a sofa at the bottom will have to be replaced with a more spacious version.

Choose a full bed-sofa

Since the upper tier is presented in the form of a bed, the choice of a mattress is an important point. An orthopedic mattress of suitable size will make the bed comfortable for sleeping and relaxing.

The correct orthopedic mattress in size

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Sofa on the lower tier, what are the features of the mechanism?

The sofa is no less important than the bed in the attic. Most often in models for adults the sofa has a straight shape. This is a classic version. This furniture design can be located as in the center of the wall, and take a place in the corner of the room.

Furniture in the middle of the room

Not all models of designs sofa built. Among them there are those that can be supplied with any sofa that is suitable in size.

Built-in sofa to fit all designs

There are special corner models of bunk structures.

To use the sofa as a bed, it must be equipped with a special mechanism for transformation. But this is optional. The sofa may well be stationary. In this embodiment, it can serve as a resting place, watching TV, reading books and seating guests.

Sofa for guests and watching TV

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The most common version of the sofa - "book". This mechanism is popular due to its good performance. Sleeper is obtained by raising the seat until an audible click.

Sofa book in bunk bed design

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Another popular type of folding mechanism is the eurobook. In this system, turning into a sleeper occurs by rolling out the seat and lowering the backrest. This option also applies to reliable, but has one feature: the bed is low.

Eurobook mechanism

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Transforming bed

This is quite a complex mechanism that allows you to convert a sofa into a bunk bed. At the same time single beds will be located above each other.

Two-story sofa transformer

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Sofa upholstery: beauty or practicality?

Before you decide on the choice of a particular upholstery, you should specify the purpose for which this furniture is purchased. If the sofa is supposed to rest during the day, it is desirable to use artificial or natural leather.

Leather sofa upholstery

According to its practical characteristics, artificial leather is inferior to natural. It has not so long service life. But its cost is much lower.

Other requirements for upholstery sofa, which will serve as a bed. Leather cover is not suitable because of its texture. Bed linen will constantly shift.

Fabric upholstery

For the sofa, which plays the role of the bed, suitable fabric upholstery. This may be, for example, velor. It is well cleaned with a simple soap solution, and has a long service life.

Velor sofa upholstery

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Filling sofa parts: what's inside?

The sofa needs elasticity and softness. These properties are determined by the filler and upholstery. The filler can be one of the types described below.

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Spring blocks with independent springs

The design provides for each of the springs a separate cover and the independence of compression and expansion. This allows you to get comfortable conditions for rest, and in the form of a bed - and for sleeping.

Spring blocks with independent springs

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Spring blocks with dependent springs

In this mechanism, the springs are connected to each other. When squeezing one of them, there is some compression and neighboring. The lifetime of such models is no more than 10 years. Over time, the springs will become unusable, and break through the fabric upholstery.

Make the right choice

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Polyurethane foam, foam rubber

These types of filler are most common. This material gives the elasticity of the seats, serves for a long time and is democratic. As a bed - it will not be the best option, it is too hard.

The composition of the filler sofa parts

Stuffing additional elements located on the sofa (pillows, rollers, etc.) should be soft. Usually, holofiber is used for this. Return to menu


Using the second tier is impossible without a ladder. For the most part, metal with a chrome surface is used for these purposes. This is a beautiful and durable option, but the material is slippery.

Chrome metal stairs

For children, it is advisable to choose a wooden ladder. They can be marching, made in the form of cabinets for storage of things or toys in the nursery.

Wooden staircase for child bunk bed

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Features of the nursery bed

If there are not many options for choosing a bed for adults, then the range for children is rather large.

Huge range when choosing children's furniture

Special attention:

  • Material.
  • Durability and reliability of a design.

Choose durable and reliable material

The design of the model should match the style of the room. And it is good to be combined with an interior on color scale. If a model with a non-folding sofa in the lower part is chosen, it is desirable that drawers should be provided under it as an additional storage system.

Furniture design in the style of the room

For children up to 6 years, the purchase of a bunk bed is not desirable.

In the room of a teenager, a sofa on the lower tier can be used for relaxing and receiving guests. It is much more convenient than seating your friends on the bed. At the same time on the second tier is a comfortable bed.

Comfortable bed and guest area

In the teenage room, a high-tech or modern model can fit. Additional elements that add dynamism to the interior can be, for example, the unusual shape of bumpers on the second tier and an innovative approach to the choice of colors.

Teenage room

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Design features for adults

Adults rarely choose two-level models. This can be convenient in cases where the parents live in the same room with the child. In this case, the folding serves as a sleeping place for parents, and the upper tier is given to the child.

Upper tier for a child

The style of the model in this case, it is desirable to choose a classic that fits into the existing interior and does not get bored in a short time. For adult family members, the bed parameters with a sofa should be such that, while sitting on the lower tier, even a tall person does not touch the second level with a sleeping place.

Classic style bed model

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Rules of choice: tips from the designer

This is a fairly large structure that will serve for many years.

Designers give advice:

  • Before purchasing, make sure that the size of the furniture is suitable for the height, width and length of the space provided in the room.

Furniture dimensions according to room dimensions

  • Material matters. Especially when choosing for the nursery. Natural wood is a priority.
  • The attic should have good, reliable bumpers, even for adults. Not less than 0.3 m.

The right side for the second tier

  • Analyze the functionality of the model. Select the number of cabinets, drawers, etc.

Model functionality

  • The model must match the interior in form, texture and upholstery.
  • Strength. The bed in two tiers must be solid and reliable. All fastenings must be rigid, so that the structure does not stagger when buying and loosen when used.
  • The reliability of the stairs. It is desirable that the crossbar was not slippery.

Reliable ladder for ascent to the second tier

  • Thoroughness of the legs, and better - their absence.

Modern solution

A bed with a sofa downstairs is the original solution to the problem of lack of space in the apartment. If the model is chosen correctly, then it can serve for many years without losing its performance. And pleasing their appearance.