DIY paper snowflakes - Simple and voluminous. 75+ Photos with Step by Step Instructions. We decorate the house for the holiday (+ Reviews)


Soon each of us will be able to experience an unforgettable experience when you wake up, you see the first artistic creations of "Santa Claus" - snowflakes. These beautiful patterns are harbingers of what is time.

It's time to design your apartment. And there is no such person who would not want to contribute to the creation of a unique New Year's interior, so that the housing fits even more with the upcoming fairy tale.

To do this, it is not necessary to buy a lot of Christmas toys, garlands and other beautiful gizmos. After all, you can make unique products with your own hands that will please you, remind you of the upcoming holiday.

We all remember the wonderful crafts from colored paper, cardboard. They loved us to do in childhood. I will tell you a secret: adults are also children, but nobody is told about this. Therefore, take your children, start decorating your house with snowflakes made with your own hands, and I will tell you how to do this.

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Decorate the tree with snowflakes

Create a mood with your own hands

Snowflakes are light and weightless decorations that suit the forest beauty. Here you can not limit your imagination. It is possible to make paper crafts with your own hands in any color, it is better to use bright colors, and of course, do not forget about the traditional white color. To do this, you will need several sheets of paper, colors of your choice, as well as scissors, a pencil, a protractor.

Unusual decorations for your guest

We all remember how in childhood, this occupation brought us a lot of pleasure. Today it will bring no less. How to make snowflakes know, probably, everything. However, today I will tell a little about new ways.

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Technique kirigami

Hexagonal products are usually made, but you can experiment. With the help of a protractor, you need to draw a template that will cut our snowflake. At the bottom of the sheet, draw a flat line, select the middle on it. Then from it in three different directions we build corners, they should be equal to 60 and 120 degrees.

Bend the paper correctly

Take another sheet, it should be square. Bend it diagonally. Rolled up triangle, you need to put on the made pattern. Its lower part should lie on the line that we have drawn below, respectively, its sharp part will be directed upwards and the point should coincide with the central beam.

Cut to get six corners

Angles that are in contact with the bottom line, lift up, bend. So you did something like a tulip.

Cut along the contour of the pattern

To make it openwork, draw a pattern on a folded sheet or proceed to cut immediately.

Cut the desired pattern

Turn the finished craftwork and fold aside some of its parts. Give it brightness can shine.

Bend inward part of the snowflake

Christmas tree toy is ready

Thus, you get a beautiful and airy. To decorate a Christmas tree, it is better to make them of different sizes and arrange them from the bottom up.

Decorate the lower part with products of large sizes, and the upper vice versa. If you have multicolored, arrange them so that they are combined with your Christmas decorations in color and size.

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Snowflake - flower for chandelier

Choosing a size for a chandelier is easy. So that they do not look intrusive, it is better to make them small sizes. Of course, for this you will need a little patience, but the result is worth it. So, what options are best suited for the chandelier. Here is a master class on how to do them:

  • take two identical sized sheets of paper;

Choose the paper of the color you want

  • bend them twice so that you have triangles;

Bend as shown

  • then in both blanks you need to cut out the middle part in this way (). You need to do this in such a way that the remaining area is slightly larger than the one that you delete. Turn the folded triangle down with the sharp part, in which the angle is greater. Then a few millimeters from each edge. Cut off the part from one side and the other. Do not cut a few cm to the more obtuse angle of the triangle. So you will separate the middle part;

Draw and cut as shown

  • then both sides of these sections need to be cut 2 more times. And the rays should not be interconnected in the center. You will have something like a flower;

We receive preparations in the form of flowers

  • tuck the middle strips of the flower inside and stick it to the center. The first part is ready for you. To make the second, you need to put a different flower down this blank, but so that its long petals are located between the already existing ones. Also, move the middle parts to the center first and glue.

We glue two blanks

So you will have a very beautiful, volumetric and unusual snowflake that will decorate your chandelier. However, they need to make more than twenty pieces and attach with a fishing line to the chandelier.

We get the finished work with their own hands

There is another way to make a volumetric snowflake for a chandelier. It is much lighter than the previous one, but the products are not inferior in their beauty to the first variant.

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Snowflake - flower (simple version)

To do you need:

  • glue;
  • small stapler;
  • scissors;
  • beads;
  • thick paper;
  • cardboard.

For the manufacture of this option, it is better to choose a dense multi-colored paper. The choice of color is completely up to you, one silver with different shades of blue, green is better suited for the Christmas decoration of the chandelier. We make a product:

  • cut the thick paper into strips of the same width;
  • roll each of them into an envelope (which we used to make our grandmothers when buying seeds), cut off the excess with scissors. They should make you the same small size;

We prepare the necessary blanks

  • the upper part of our envelope, you need to fasten with a stapler;
  • make a circle, glue the resulting envelopes to it with the help of glue. For a paper snowflake, seven envelopes are enough;

Sticking envelopes to the circle

  • You can use beads or other decorations to decorate the center and cover the joint. They also need to stick;

We decorate the middle of snowflakes

  • at the top of the hole for the fishing line.

As a result, we have a lot of beauty for decoration

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Make a real snowfall in the house

Dozens of snowflakes located throughout the apartment will help to give New Year's mood. Include your favorite movie and start making products. You can use any paper that you make with your own hands to decorate the house.

Simple decoration for the New Year

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Master class on how to make a ballerina snowflake

Now we move a little away from standard shapes, methods of manufacture. Let's make a snowflake-ballerina. It will look beautiful in the nursery. To make it necessary:

  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • scissors.

The necessary materials to create a masterpiece

  • need to take two sheets of paper, A4;
  • if you draw well, the ballerina can be portrayed by yourself. If not, you can take pictures from the Internet. Find an image, attach a piece of paper to the monitor or laptop screen, and circle around it with a pencil. You can use any pictures of ballerinas. They can be with their arms raised, spread apart, be in a jump or doing their dance elements;

Print or draw on the template

  • neatly cut out, we get a beautiful, elegant doll, which will become the basis of our needlework;
  • proceed to the manufacture of the skirt. To do this, take the second sheet of paper, bend it so that you get a triangle. Cut off the excess part;

We do the preparation for the skirt

  • fold the triangle three times and cut the part that is redundant;
  • To make the skirt beautiful, it is better to cut the patterns, draw a pattern on the triangle and only then cut off the unnecessary parts;

Cut the workpiece by drawing

Then, in the center of the blank, we make a small incision so that we can put it on the pupa.

We get beautiful snowflakes ballerinas

The ballerina can be placed both on the wall and on the Christmas tree. To do this, in the upper part of it make a small hole with a needle, thread. If it is placed on the wall, then lift the stack (skirt) up from the side that will be adjacent to the surface. If desired, the ballerina can decorate, giving her individuality.

Decorate any place in the house

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Simplified Quilling

Quilling technology is the most popular. However, making this method requires patience, time, but the result is worth it.

Unusual work in the technique of quilling

For the manufacture of our crafts will need:

  • soft paper, even an old newspaper will do;
  • unnecessary book;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • sparkles.

We proceed to the manufacture of:

We need to make 7 stacks of strips of 7-10 pieces. in each. To do this, begin to cut them. The width and length of the strips should be selected individually. The average size of the strips is 2 cm wide and 20 cm long.

Cut out the strips as shown.

Each stack of strips bend in half and gather them together. Use a thread to secure. Feature: The middle stack should be slightly larger than the rest. So you have something like an arc. To make it beautiful, you need to cut the tips of the petal exactly with scissors. Then the collected petal with a thread, you need to put under the load, you can use any heavy object.

Tying the petals with a fishing line

Make a ringlet. Cut another stack of 15 strips and twist it. To ensure reliable construction, glue the ends of the strips with glue.

Twist the ring-based

Then all the obtained petals should be smeared with glue at the base and connected to the ringlet.

Fastened to the warp ready petals

Sprinkle the finished work with glitter to hold it, put it on glue. Thus, you get beautiful snowflakes to decorate the house in the New Year holidays. It is suitable for chandeliers, Christmas trees.

We hang the finished product on the Christmas tree

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3D surround

A few minutes of your time, a little imagination and you will get beautiful snowflakes to decorate your house. They are ideal for decorating chandeliers, cornices.

To make a 3D cook: scissors, stationery knife, ruler, tape, stapler. So, step by step production:

  • for making need to take thick paper. You can also use not traditionally white sheets, and take the multi-colored;
  • from paper you need to cut 6 squares of the same size;

Cut six squares

  • attention, they should not touch (1 cm between them);

Cut six squares

  • open the workpiece so that the cuts are vertical. Then the inner edges need to be twisted into a tube, glued together;

Glue the first cut

  • we turn a leaf, we connect the following strips by means of glue. After that, turn over the sheet again, connect the third row. Thus, we have something like a flashlight;

Glue all the cuts alternately

  • the same work needs to be done with all the blanks. After receiving six identical snowflakes, they need to be stapled together. Its middle part and sides are glued together so that one turns out to be a beautiful volumetric one.

We fasten ready-made lanterns with a stapler

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Making it even brighter

Make it brighter to help color paper or paint. For example, you can take to paint each of the bands in a different color. Just do not need to use bright shades, so as not to turn ugly. It is better to choose blue, pink, gold, yellow.

Make each element colored.

To do enough to spend a little time, patience. Then you will make decorations for the New Year holidays with your child. Also ask your child where it is better to hang crafts. He will be pleased to participate in so much responsible business - home decoration for the New Year.

New Year's paper decor

Christmas tree, window - these are standard options, where we used to place decorations. But if you show a little imagination, you can decorate your house in a different way. Excellent options for decoration will be: a chandelier, a window sill, a dining table, walls.

Crafts on the New Year's table look very nice. To decorate it enough, cut out standard products from colored paper, put them on the table, and fix them on top with glass or other transparent material.

Decorate every corner of the house

If you do not get enough light into the windows, then this option is not for you. But if on the contrary, it is possible to glue crafts on the window, but for this, do not limit yourself to making only standard versions. Show imagination, make with the help of paper different landscapes, pictures. For example, a house in the woods, surrounded by lots of snow.

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