Ladders from a tree in the private house (with turn, a handrail, balusters). Drawings, schemes + 75 PHOTO


Despite the fact that today a lot of materials, the tree remains one of the most popular.

Light combination with bright interior


  • reliable;
  • looks great;
  • does not emit harmful substances into the air;
  • not expensive

Today we will tell about the wooden. About their types, device, installation options and some other points. So, let's begin.

Complete your home with this element.

All, including wooden, stairs can be divided into several groups:

  • Marching
  • Screw.
  • Swing.
  • Parade.

One of the designs in the performance of staircases

There is also an attic. Most often - straight or folding. First of all, they must be functional and safe. Therefore, they have no decoration.

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Types of designs

Designer wave-shaped in a two-story house

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Marching received the name in honor of the march - a kind of continuous canvases of the steps. There may be several, as a rule, no more than three.

Wooden, decorated with rich wrought iron railing

In this case, between each of them is a platform of exactly the same width.

The optimal number of steps, based on the length of the human step - 10 - 15 pieces. If you do less or more, it will be inconvenient to rise.

An interesting and functional solution - one of the steps of the stairs smoothly flows into the desk

Marches are:

  • opening and closed; they are distinguished by the fact that the former have approaches, the latter do not;
  • straight and turning.

Ladder-bookshelf - practical and functional

Rotary marching can be:

  • letter G: the angle of rotation is 90 degrees;
  • the letter P: the turning angle is 180 degrees;
  • trapezoid: angle of rotation in the range from 90 to 180 degrees;
  • spirals.

High rails make use safer.

Or to combine several types, suppose, a swing-type main staircase with a spiral.

The undoubted advantage of the marching is that there is free space under it, which can be turned, for example, into a pantry or, say, a dressing room.

When designing a structure, pay maximum attention to its ergonomic dimensions.

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Installation methods are several:

On the supporting poleIt acts as a center around which the steps twist. The screw on the support pole can stand anywhere, even in the center of the room.

More comfortable for lifting will be a construction divided into several marches.

In this case, it will look great, talking about the presence of taste in the host house.

The flight of stairs is visually separated from the living area with clear glass.

On the support post and wallMost often used steps in the form of a wedge from foreign companies. Their narrow part is attached to the support pole, and the wide part - to the wall. Return to the menu

In a string in the form of a spiral

This staircase is one of the most difficult, but also one of the most beautiful. For this reason, the price "bites."

Top down floral view

The spiral staircase can turn up to 360 degrees. Therefore, firstly, the ceiling height must be at least 2 meters and, secondly, the construction itself must be open, i.e. without steps - so that the legs do not slide off.

The distance between the steps makes the stairs visually easy

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Swinging can be attributed to the front doors (we will talk about them later), since they are placed opposite the main entrance - in most cases.

Laconic design with chess steps

Modifications are different:

1 with one march, from which two branches emanate in opposite directions (it has either a common platform, or is divided into two more marches), suitable for small rooms; 2 with two marches and a common platform; true if the ground floor need a living room.

Neat screw design


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Front doors are available only for large houses.

Creative and wooden in a private house

They speak about the high social status of a person and, which is quite logical, are made of precious wood.

Railing can be:

  • wooden;
  • metal with wood inserts;
  • completely without railings (instead of them horizontal or vertical cables, glass fences).

Marching view with platform between floors

The front door can have any decoration:

  • decorative tiles;
  • carving;

The decoration of the steps can be exactly the same or similar in color and the opposite. There are ceremonial staircases and absolutely no steps.

Charming design in the room

On the front staircase you can put a carpet - it will bring a slight touch of comfort.

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Device Features

The described species, like all the others, more precisely, their steps, are attached:

  • on kosouri;
  • on the string;
  • on the boltsy.

Avant-garde design is difficult but affordable

Below is a description of these systems.

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Fastening of ladder steps on kosoura

Kosour is a beam between two sites (adjacent floors). The wooden structure has two of them, the width is exactly the same as that of the march.

Wooden staircase with asymmetrical marches

Grooves are cut on the top of the beam for laying faults. However, there are other ways that do not imply the integrity of the structure:

  • accommodation on fillies;
  • placement on a metal support.

Furniture can be placed in free space.

The traditional version, with two kosoura, is not required. You can make one or three beams. The wooden construction on the kosoura is suitable for those for whom it is not only the appearance that is important, but also the “filling”.

Looks in the interior is rich and solid

Such a construction will serve faithfully for more than a dozen years.

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Mount steps on the bowstring

Bowstring is almost the same as kosour. In fact, these are the same beams, only the steps do not look out from above, but hide below.

Metal forged railings for nobility

Mounting bowstring is performed in the following scenarios:

  • grooves are cut from the inside of the beam (it is necessary that the misdemeanors are connected either with a string or with each other, otherwise the steps will come out of the pits);
  • the grooves are replaced with a bar or a metal corner; it connects with a string near the offense.

Crazy beauty attracts

In the first situation, most of the pressure is transferred to the string, in the second - to the support. Therefore, when cutting grooves look at the string. It should be very durable.

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Fastening the steps to the bolza

Mount steps on the bolts makes it weightless. Boltz is a special bolt. One part of it is literally tightly attached to the wall, the other is also strongly attached to the misbehavior.

Unusual design in eco style

Fastening the stairs to the bolts makes it weightless. Boltz is a special bolt. One part of it is literally tightly attached to the wall, the other is also strongly attached to the misbehavior.

The result is a ladder floating in the air, which, despite this, is able to withstand two adults at the same time.

Excellent option to perform

Experts attach one edge of misconduct to the wall with the help of horizontal bolts, and the other edge of misdemeanor - to the steps by means of vertical bolts. There are other methods. But this one is the most popular.

Creative style even here

And not without reason:

  • assembly is not a big deal (relatively);
  • it is possible to adjust individual elements;
  • it is possible to replace one element without disassembling the entire structure.

Wooden with metal railing in a stylish interior

Brave is to put a wooden staircase only with horizontal bolse. It looks so that one careless movement and steps crumble.

Not everyone dares to rise and, moreover, to descend. Invite your family and friends and find out which of them has strong nerves.

On a metal base looks no less harmonious.

In order to make a wooden staircase with horizontal bolzie, then take into account the material of the walls - it depends on him whether the construction will be safe. If they are brick, then you need an additional mount.

Now you can buy a set of such stairs. But the work should still be entrusted to the working team, people who are familiar with all the nuances of their work.

And it does not matter how good the instruction is - in order to spoil everything enough inaccuracies of one centimeter. And still half the trouble if you mess up the set.

Emphasizes the individuality of the interior

Remember that such a negligent attitude can lead to injuries - yours and your loved ones.

Use of expensive woods

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TOP 4 most popular styles of designs

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It involves the use of expensive wood. Differs in restraint, including dim colors. Finishing may not be too elaborate carving, for example, on the railing. The classic must have a "continuation" in the interior - a table similar in style, strict chairs.

Dark classic with glass partition

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Neutral style

The main principle is simplicity. Simplicity in shade, additional elements. It can be made of any material, both expensive and cheap. This look does not stand out at all, but dissolves in the interior, it does not emphasize.

Support post structure

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Wood is combined with other materials - primarily metal, plastic and glass. The steps are illuminated with neon LEDs. Also, as in the case of the classical, modern staircase looks only if there are exactly the same interior details.

Humorous design

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Country music

Wood complements textiles. For example, carpet, lining on misconduct. At first glance it may seem that country is the style of high society. However, this is not the case. Rather, it's just a cozy style.

Sophisticated design intent

There is no room for stone or solid wood like oak. To match the style, you can put a brightly colored rug in the hallway, hang curtains of the same material as the carpet or lining on the misdemeanors, put fresh flowers on the window sills.

The most sophisticated type of screw

For such a ladder it is best to choose natural, without any impurities, wood of natural shades. She may be birch.

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How to choose a tree

The choice of a tree will determine how long it will last and how it will look.

Classic with wooden handrail

If you doubt your abilities, then contact a specialist for help - so you will not make mistakes and lose big money.

The first thing you notice is hardness.

Modern design looks very stylish

Based on this indicator, wood is divided into four groups:

1Softwood - it includes all species of pine and spruce.2Medium wood - it includes larch, walnut, a fruit tree such as a pear.3Hard wood - it includes oak, ash, yew.4Very hard wood - it refers to ash.

Each type is different in structure and color.

Without fencing makes it visually spacious

For steps, since most of the load is directed at them, soft wood is not suitable.

They can be made of solid (oak, ash, yew) and, if financially available, very hard wood (ash). Medium and softwood can go to the risers or railings.

White classic in the interior

Another criterion - humidity. It is best to prefer dry (no more than 12% moisture) wood.

Otherwise, you may encounter problems such as cracking of the upper layer and even distortion of the structure. This is especially true for rooms with high humidity and sudden temperature changes.

Modern staircase in the attic area

Now you know what a wooden staircase can be, what materials it is made of, how to use it in the interior.

Dark color steps in wood combination

The main thing to remember is that the stairs should not only be beautiful, but also able to withstand the load.

Drawing simple stairs

Drawings of stairs to the second floor with turns

Spiral staircase

Stairs to the second and third floor

Metal staircase

Spiral staircase drawing

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