Small Hall: How to equip the apartment furniture? Beautiful Modern Interiors (205+ Photos)


Thanks to the hallway creates a first impression of housing. The room should be not only stylishly decorated, but also comfortable. Unfortunately, a small hallway does not have an abundance of opportunities to create a comfortable environment. But, using the right materials for decorating and special design techniques, it is quite easy to give comfort to any compact room. For more detailed, see later in the article.

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  • Selection of materials
  • Wall decoration
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling finish
  • Choice of furniture
  • How to choose a wardrobe?
  • Furniture sets
  • Selection of materials
  • Lighting design
  • Interiors of different styles
  • Loft
  • Serene Provence
  • Laconic minimalism
  • High tech
  • Cozy Scandinavia
  • Hallway - the heart of the apartment
  • findings
  • VIDEO: We are equipping a small hallway
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 2 205 photos)
  • Selection of materials
  • Wall decoration
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling finish
  • Choice of furniture
  • Lighting design
  • Interiors of different styles
  • Hallway - the heart of the apartment
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 2 205 photos)
  • Selection of materials

    Before carrying out repairs, you should select materials that are necessary to create an environment of a particular style and are suitable for a particular room. First of all, you should abandon the use of coatings that can visually reduce the space and occupy a certain area during installation (embossed stone, panels installed on a special frame).

    Registration should harmoniously merge into the interior of the apartment

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    Wall decoration

    The option of finishing the walls - the use of paints or wallpapering. When choosing a color palette for small rooms, you need to consider a few nuances:

    For decoration, choose light shades without large patterns.

    • materials are selected in light colors, pastel shades (coffee, light gray, milky, powdery). If you want to see an ornament on the wall, then preference should be given to small patterns or wide stripes. A large pattern will visually reduce the room, and narrow lines will “stretch” it;
    • decorating the bottom of the wall with dark wallpaper, and the top - light, can be attributed to the long-known methods of increasing the visual space. However, now many manufacturers produce special collections of wallpaper companions, which are organically combined in shades and patterns. And the choice of original materials can make the interior interesting and unique;
    • Great idea - pasting the walls with different wallpaper. In this way, you can visually change the geometry of the room. It is easy to make a square room somewhat elongated, and to extend the long hallway (light wallpaper with horizontal stripes glue onto the narrow wall). In order not to be mistaken when choosing a combination, it is better to turn to the collections of wallpaper companions.

    Bright combination of red wall with snow white racks and shoe racks

    Care of surfaces should be easy, so the best choice would be vinyl or non-woven wallpaper. These materials perfectly hide small defects / irregularities and it is easy to care for them (you can wipe with a damp cloth).

    Wallpapers with geometric print look stylish and highlight your individual brightness.

    Glossy paints work fine in small rooms. Smooth surfaces due to the reflection effect increase the illumination.

    You can add originality to your design with:

    • stencils;
    • combination of textures and shades;
    • glossy and matte surfaces.

    Fashionable stippling reception will give the room a vintage style. To do this, the glaze is applied with light touch on the base layer of paint.

    Small hallway with clothes hangers on the wall the color of chocolate

    A stylish look can be given with decorative plaster.

    The most popular types of decor:

    • silk plaster;
    • bark beetle;
    • Venetian plaster;
    • fur coat;
    • velvet plaster.

    For such wall decoration does not require careful alignment of the surface. The feature of this decor is the creation of volumetric decorative textures without losing space. The special advantage of the material - dust and dirt, which are brought from the street and deposited on the walls, can be easily and quickly washed off.

    Create volumetric decorative texture without losing space

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    There are special requirements for decorative floor finishing, since most of all dirt and dust settles on the floor. The coating should be easy to wash and wipe, have a high degree of wear. These qualities have:

    • laminate;
    • linoleum;
    • ceramic tile.

    If the apartment is inhabited by many tenants and there are animals, it is advisable to zone even a small hallway.

    Rug with a welcome sign in a room in a rustic style

    The area near the door is the most polluted area and it is better to arrange it with dark-colored ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware. This option zoning the space is most appropriate in apartments where the hallway is not separated by partitions / walls from other rooms. To the area near the door did not stand out strongly, selected floor coverings in the rooms and at the door close shades.

    Cross lines on the floor extend the area of ​​a small room

    In narrow corridors, the flooring is laid in the transverse direction in order to visually expand the room. A great way to visually add space is the choice of light-colored materials.

    The tile of beige shades, linoleum of light gray shades and the laminate imitating hardwood (ash, oak) looks very elegant and beautiful.

    Light wood floor in country style with yellow wallpaper

    In addition to excellent performance, high decorative requirements are imposed on the floor finish: the shade of the coating and the pattern should be organically combined with the color of the walls and furniture. A combination is considered harmonious when the materials of the walls, the ceiling and the floor are matched in a single color scheme.

    Looks great floor beige or gray tones

    A combination of shades: the color of the flooring is slightly darker than the walls, and the ceiling is lighter than the walls or generally white. It is possible to dilute a few monotonous gamut with a bright decor - small colored mats.

    When choosing a flooring should not forget about the furniture. Their shades should harmoniously complement each other. Designers recommend choosing floor materials that are several tones lighter than the furnishings. Bright contrasts look dynamic when the furniture is much lighter than the floor. The flooring of gray or light sand shades will perfectly suit the interior of all color schemes.

    Contrasting wall colors and white tiled floors

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    Ceiling finish

    Choosing a design, you can not lose sight of the design of the ceiling. Some design tricks will help to visually add space to small corridors. If the room is low, then it is desirable to select materials of light shades or white. To bring harmony and comfort to the small high hallways, the ceiling is made darker in color than the walls.

    Light entrance hall with dark furniture in classic style.

    When choosing finishing materials take into account their cost, surface quality and shape of the hallway.

    Cheap finishing options
    • painting - is characterized by simple preparatory work (plastering and leveling the surface). Due to the large range of colors, it is easy to choose the right tone. If there is no necessary color, then it is easy to make it yourself - by mixing several colors. For small hallways, it is better to choose compositions with a glossy effect;
    • when sticking non-woven or vinyl wallpaper, does not require a completely flat surface. The material will mask small defects. The advantage of wallpaper - a huge selection of colors, textures. Visually expand the space can be due to the gluing of rolls with pictures.

    Design option - installation of PVC panels

    The design of the problem ceiling in rooms with high ceilings - installation of PVC panels.

    Material advantages mass:
    • simple installation;
    • small weight;
    • price;
    • simple care.

    Such ceilings will last for several years and will not lose their original appearance. If the glossy finish is supplemented with spotlights, then the light reflected from the shiny surface will give the room additional lighting.

    Snow-white walls reflect light and this increases space.

    In a small hallway with high ceilings, multi-level constructions also look organically, making it possible to hide the wiring of spotlights. When using mirror surfaces, an interesting reflective effect is obtained. Installing suspended ceilings with glossy canvases also perfectly solves the problem of small hallways, but is suitable for high rooms.

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    Choice of furniture

    In a small room is difficult to place the situation without losing space. Therefore, you have to choose the necessary items, without which it is difficult to create comfort:

    Original corner chest for shoes and clothes

    • chest of drawers / cabinets for storage of shoes. Models can be mounted directly to the wall and take up little space;
    • the hanger for the upper wardrobe items can be floor or have a wall mounting option;
    • hanging shelves perfectly cope with the storage of hats and a variety of accessories (keys, wallets, business card holders);
    • the mirror is an attribute of the hallway (before going out on the street, you definitely want to evaluate your appearance) and at the same time a decorative element of the room. The most commonly chosen wall mount models;
    • the sliding wardrobe is selected the compact sizes, but not to the detriment of functionality. Therefore, in narrow long corridors, you can install a wide model of shallow depth, and for square hallways the model is narrow and deep.

    Bold art nouveau decor with yellow carpet

    Often on the square of a modest size can not fit all the necessary furnishings. In such cases, designers recommend selecting a multifunctional furniture (a pouf with an internal drawer for storing slippers) or installing products that combine the necessary parts (a wardrobe with a mirror).

    Even in a small hallway you can put a floor coat hanger and a chest of drawers for clothes.

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    How to choose a wardrobe?

    Sometimes you can not do without a closet in the hallway, especially in a small one-room apartment. Product advantages:

    • variety of models. It is easy to order a cabinet of the right size, color, design and filling. Popular corner models that take up little space and use dead zones. If there is a niche in the hallway, then it is more expedient to install a built-in wardrobe;
    • sliding doors - an option for narrow hallways;
    • large selection of materials and price range. Upon request, you can put a luxurious and expensive product of natural wood or pick up a non-standard model of laminated chipboard.

    Mirrored wardrobes in a small room do not seem bulky

    Selection of filling should be given special attention. It is advisable to choose a cabinet height to the ceiling - in this case, the space will be used to the maximum. On the upper shelves are not placed seasonal items, below the shoes, and in the middle - outerwear.

    The most common are steel trapezoidal and angular designs. The basis of trapezoidal cabinets is a closed storage section:

    • clothes;
    • shoes;
    • headgear.

    On the sides of the central element, additional webs are installed, which are used in different ways. On the open shelves that have more decorative value, you can arrange souvenirs, put a photo in the frame, put the keys. Also on the canvases it is easy to fasten hooks for storing clothes, bags. On the side of the central section, you can put a comfortable soft seat.

    It is advisable to choose a closet to the ceiling

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    Furniture sets

    Manufacturers offer options for the hallway modular and cabinet furniture. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time building up a set of different items, then the body model is chosen - a one-piece design of various fillings:

    • cupboard;
    • chest of drawers for shoes;
    • shelf for accessories.

    The main thing is that the headset fits into the small hallway.

    White set of modular headset that harmoniously blend together on the background of the original wallpaper

    The choice of setting for the placement of an unusual layout - the acquisition of modular elements. With this decision, it is important to correctly arrange things so that the hallway does not become less comfortable and does not visually lose space.

    A good choice - narrow and high elements and hinged parts (shelves, cabinets).

    A narrow closet for shoes and a wall hanger will help save space.

    The problems of small areas are completely solved with the help of the correct arrangement of furniture. In the rectangular hallway, a square-shaped area visually stands out, outside of which it is recommended to put a closet, and the rest of the furniture is placed inside the “square”. In narrow corridors, objects are installed along one wall in order to leave the passage as free and convenient as possible.

    In order for a cabinet with sliding doors to retain its functionality, its depth must be at least 45 cm.

    A good idea for a small hallway would be to use narrow furniture.

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    Selection of materials

    For the manufacture of modular and cabinet furniture used mainly chipboard and MDF, with features.

    The furniture should not take up much space, be roomy and fit into the interior of the whole apartment

    • Chipboard - plates obtained by hot pressing of wood particles mixed with resin. Differs in prices, but has low strength, is afraid of moisture and poorly holds the screws when re-screwing. The surface of the boards can mimic the texture of the wood;
    • MDF is a sheet material obtained by dry pressing at high pressure and temperature of wood chips mixed with different resins. Products are somewhat more expensive, but have increased strength, and the surface can imitate the texture of different materials (wood, metal, glass, marble).

    White brick and yellow furniture - fashionable tandem

    When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account that models imitating glass or metal harmoniously fit into high-tech or minimalism styles. And already "wooden" products perfectly complement any styles.

    Furniture must be resistant to temperature changes.

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    Lighting design

    Hallways do not have sources of natural light, so the problem of lighting the room can be solved only by installing lamps and fixtures. To create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere it is necessary to take into account the moments.

    Lighting with wall sconces

    Important points when choosing
    • the level of illumination should not be lower than in other rooms; otherwise, when moving from one room to another into a corridor, the eye will experience a heavy load. It is also advisable to select lamps of the same type (white, yellow);
    • in a dimly lit corridor it is impossible to adequately assess the appearance before exiting. The dark hallway also has a dull appearance and is capable of creating a depressing impression;
    • If you install energy-saving lamps, then sufficient lighting will not be very expensive.
    • excessively bright light usually irritates the eyes, especially when you consider the abundance of light and reflective surfaces in a small hallway;
    • It is desirable to provide for the installation of several lamps. Even in compact rooms, the light should be evenly distributed throughout the room. Not always a single lamp can provide uniform illumination in all areas. Yes, and the only chandelier looks already somehow dull and not fashionable.

    Additional lighting can be installed on the cabinet

    Local and general lighting

    A traditional chandelier with frosted canopy or a system of spotlights form a common light. To create a pleasant diffused light, choose a chandelier with frosted shades that direct the light to the ceiling. And choose a model in which the ceiling are located close to the ceiling, otherwise they can be accidentally touched when removing / putting on clothes.

    Spotlights along the ceiling will give excellent lighting

    Rays reflected from a white / glossy surface provide uniform illumination of the room. When making a point light, you can place two lamps near the entrance door, and distribute the rest evenly along the entire length of the ceiling.

    A creative lamp and a two-level ceiling with illumination will provide a completely bright light.

    Local lighting is created in separate zones and is able to visually change the geometry of the room. Or individual lights attract attention to certain elements of the interior. Wall sconces are fixed at about two-meter level so that the light does not fall directly into the eyes. If the ceiling to direct up, the ceiling will be visually higher. And in a narrow hallway side wall lights are installed only on one side of the corridor.

    Hang the lamp above the mirror

    Near the mirror, the lamps are arranged symmetrically on the sides of the canvas or above it. Preference should be given to lamps with shades of simple shapes that create soft diffused light. If the mirror is on the casement, it is desirable to have lamps on the eaves of furniture.

    A more familiar option - the lights are arranged symmetrically on both sides of the mirror

    Thanks to design ideas, you can ensure the flow of daylight into:

    • through the glass interior doors during the day will be illuminated by sunlight from the rooms;
    • Installing the LED strip along the floor baseboards will help to mark the perimeter, which is especially convenient at night when central lighting is not required;
    • the original version is the installation of partitions made of glass blocks that will allow daylight from adjacent rooms to naturally illuminate the corridor.

    Design apartment in modern style. Lack of partitions give plenty of natural light.

    The correct arrangement of lamps will allow evenly and conveniently to light the room. A harmonious combination of lighting and light surfaces of the walls, the ceiling visually expand the small hallway.

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    Interiors of different styles

    Hallway is part of the apartment and at the same time a separate room. Therefore, it is important when decorating a room to adhere to a particular style.

    Unusual, creative hallway will not leave your guests indifferent

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    Loft is the presence of large and spacious rooms. However, it is quite possible to embody some signs of an industrial nature in a small room. The feature of the interior is not space filled with objects. Therefore, a minimum of environment is used.

    A riot of light in your loft apartment

    The main decoration of the premises is carried out with simple materials. Stonework is used for wall decor. You can apply decorative plates, imitating brickwork (preferably white). When combined in the decoration of the walls of various materials (plaster, paint), you can visually zone a room.

    Skirting boards should blend in with a touch of floor or walls. It is recommended to preserve the texture of concrete on the ceiling, you can simply paint it in a light gray color. Otherwise, in a small room, the natural shade of the concrete surface will make a depressing impression.

    Industrial loft

    In a small free room, the floor becomes an ornament, so it is better to use natural wood as a floor covering.

    If this option seems expensive, you can lay a laminate that has the texture of natural wood.

    Wooden / plastic furniture with a smooth surface will emphasize the industrial style of the interior. A small closet without a superfluous decor organically fit into the situation. The original metal (forged) hanger allows you to conveniently hang outerwear and will become the original decor of the room. Mirrors in carved frames will bring a touch of comfort.

    Metal hanger and bare brick - emphasize the loft style in the room

    General lighting can be arranged rafts or lamps on the tire frame. Wall sconces with metal or matte shades of simple shapes will perfectly illuminate the area near the mirror.

    For decorating the premises are used neat signs, advertising posters, graffiti. There are no strict restrictions on the design of the industrial style, the main thing is to create a cozy simple atmosphere, without elements of pretentiousness and luxury.

    Huge mirror and wardrobe - a practical solution

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    Serene Provence

    This style is becoming more popular, which is not surprising. The fast rhythm of city life is extremely tiring and you want to relax at home. And most of all, the atmosphere of tranquility can be recreated in the style of Provence.

    Materials for finishing are selected natural or with imitation of natural texture. Plastic panels in the design of the walls or ceiling are categorically inappropriate. The ceiling, painted with white acrylic paint, will emphasize the simplicity of the interior.

    Wide molding perfectly decorate the modest light ceiling.

    White plaster or mint, olive, sandy shades are suitable for walls. Floral ornament can be considered a business card style. Therefore, wallpaper with a small pattern will be the perfect finish to the walls. It is advisable to lay natural parquet on the floor. Ordinary whitewashed boards can become an acceptable alternative to expensive parquet. Neat woven rugs will bring bright colors to the room.

    Soothing design that is becoming more popular

    For rustic furnishings, a hanger, a compact locker and a small bench will be enough. A mirror in a wooden frame will organically complement the rustic atmosphere. It is desirable that the texture of wooden objects had an aged look. Metal products should be painted unevenly, with the effect of wear.

    A must-have element for a rustic style - a small bench

    For decoration lighting suitable for small chandeliers with wrought lamp shades. Wall sconces can resemble candles or have textile lampshades. It should be well lit, but the light should be soft and diffused. Ceramic or clay plates will decorate the interior comfortably.

    Feel free to use wrought-iron furniture and other decorative elements in this style.

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    Laconic minimalism

    These style is the best fit for the design.

    Distinctive features of design:

    • monophonic color scale;
    • multi-functionality items;
    • lack of decor;
    • simple geometric shapes.

    Simplicity and lack of decor are the main features of minimalism.

    At registration of an interior use is allowed:

    • gray;
    • black; white;
    • brown shades;
    • sometimes cream tones.

    The use of contrasting combinations will give the interior expressiveness: the dark floor and light walls look noble and strict.

    Compact wall mini hallway and chest of drawers contrast with light walls

    Wall decoration is carried out with plaster, wallpaper (for painting or monochromatic natural range). It is allowed to design surfaces with materials with a natural texture: brick, concrete, stone. The ceiling can be simply painted, and in rooms with high ceilings it is appropriate to use suspended structures. For finishing floors use cork, boards, tiles.

    Rational storage management is a hallmark of minimalism.

    Furniture is installed in a compact size, simple outlines. Facades - polished wood. Multifunctional items are welcome, so a combination of a mirror with a key holder and a stand for umbrellas or a strict chest of drawers with separate shelves for gloves, scarves and shoes are appropriate.