Bookcases with glass doors - 170+ (Photo) Model Options


A bookcase with glass is a piece of furniture that transforms a living room or study. What product to choose to emphasize the taste of the owners? Consider the most current models that will be the perfect complement to your design.

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  • Bookcase: differences and features
  • Types of cabinets
  • Differences of standard products from non-standard
  • Variants of models and their features
  • Cabinets with glass
  • Narrow cabinets: dignity
  • Wood
  • Whites
  • Angular
  • Where is the best place to put a closet?
  • Furniture care
  • VIDEO: The best options for using bookcases
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Bookcase: differences and features
  • Types of cabinets
  • Variants of models and their features
  • Where is the best place to put a closet?
  • Furniture care
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Bookcase: differences and features

    Practical wardrobe serves as a decoration of the room. Even people who are not book lovers are happy to put furniture for books to give design a rich and sophisticated look. Most often it is in the library, office, living room.

    In modern design, there are often options when the bookcase is located in the hallway, on the loggia, and even in the bathroom. In the office it is better to put it next to the desk and computer.. Placing furniture in the bedroom or nursery is not recommended: due to accumulation of dust, an allergic reaction may occur.

    Most often, books, family albums, stamp collections, documents, and souvenirs are stored in designs. For every little thing there is a place.

    A practical closet serves as an adornment to the room.

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    Types of cabinets

    Furniture for books comes with open shelves, with free access to books, and closed, in which the contents are hidden behind glass facades. Closed models ensure that there is no dust or moisture on the books and they do not deteriorate under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

    Usually in the closed products there are openings for airing. The optimal conditions in them are 50% humidity and a temperature of 20° s

    Open models that resemble shelves are more preferable if you use books often. However, they do not guarantee long-term storage of literature. It is better to put them in a dark place so that the sun's rays do not damage the folios.

    Cabinets are wooden or metal, narrow or wide. They are made of solid wood, laminated chipboard, MDF with natural veneer or foil.

    Interior design, transforming the living room or office

    By execution they are:

    • vertical;
    • horizontal;
    • rectangular.
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    Differences of standard products from non-standard

    Standard cabinets consist of two parts. The top has glazing. They put beautiful and expensive books that require special protection. The bottom part is usually without glass. It contains the usual instances.

    In classic style

    Glass doors can be decorated in a wooden frame. Sometimes there are aluminum. When anodized, the material is covered with a special film made in gold, silver or champagne.

    Types of products for placement:

    • linear;
    • built-in;
    • modular;
    • mounted;
    • angular.

    Built-in models allow you to use every inch of the room. Most often they are made to order.. Corner suitable for small spaces. He does not clutter it, and save space.

    Place furniture in the bedroom or nursery is not recommended

    Suspended mounted on the wall. If you have few books, this option is ideal.. You can buy both glazed and open model. The best location for them - over the writing or computer desk.

    Shelves have neither rear wall nor doors. They can be used as a partition. If you need to install such a model against the wall, the structure should be fixed. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Variants of models and their features

    On the furniture market, models have appeared that combine a work area, a desk, and a storage system. Cabinets covering the entire wall serve as additional sound and heat insulators.

    Modern products can be of unusual shape or have a non-standard arrangement of shelves. Asymmetry is often used. It visually breaks the space, from which the composition only benefits.

    Wardrobe in the form of a compartment

    Gaining popularity models made in the form of a coupe with sliding doors.. Unlike swing, they do not require much space for opening. Thanks to the roller mechanism, even children can use them.

    There are also flaps (bar type). In such models, each bookshelf has its own door. The number of valves - from one to four.

    There is furniture for books with LED lights.. The content in it is highlighted from the inside, giving the atmosphere of charm and expressiveness. Light bulbs do not heat up, so do not harm the books.

    Choosing a style of interior

    Furniture design must comply with the overall design of the room. A classic bookcase is considered universal for any interior style. It is made of valuable natural wood, which is decorated with:

    • carving;
    • patinated;
    • overlays;
    • decorative elements.

    In modern style

    Classic items are often decorated with cast bronze fittings and overlays.. A distinctive feature of such designs are the legs, decorated with carvings. They are even suitable for high-tech style, making it softer and brighter.

    For the English style fit large furniture cream color. She will set the interior the desired tone. Popular swing options or wardrobes fit in a niche. Especially exquisitebut look models made of cedar. You can buy an antique item with vintage metal plates.

    For country style it is preferable to use a container for books of a pastel shade on massive legs. He may have aged facades, carving, painting. It differs in ease, environmental friendliness, authenticity.

    Classic English style

    Cabinets, made in the style of high-tech, characterized by an abundance of plastic, glass and chrome steel. Their facades are gray, white or black. The main features - strict straight lines, lack of scenery, minimalism.

    Unusual and original look products in modern style. The material that prevails in it is glass. It is used for the central parts of the doors or as separate parts of them.

    For the style of Provence fit a narrow narrow product with a vintage finish. It should be a light shade - from beige to pink.

    Loft-style room will decorate the model with a chaotic arrangement of shelves. It is better to choose a design from an array of dark color.

    If you are a lover of royal style, you will love the furniture with baroque patterns. Gilded inlaid model is the best option.

    Hi-tech style

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    Cabinets with glass

    The glass can be opaque or transparent, which makes it easy to find the right book. Often you can find tinted, colored or showcase glass. In models with transparent glass, you can put only a beautiful-looking collection, with a satisfactory condition of the roots.

    If the glass is colorful and stained, such a wardrobe will make the room play with new colors. Bookcase with glass doors is perfect for light rooms with pastel shades. This option is optimal if you have small children or animals. Access to books for them will be limited.

    The glass can be frosted or transparent.

    BoardThe impression of even the most beautiful glass furniture will be spoiled if fingerprints remain on the surface. Glass must be cleaned with a special tool at least once every two weeks.
    The advantages of glass cabinets

    There are models with mirror inner inserts. They give an excellent overview of the content, creating the illusion of infinity. Traumatic glass products: easy to beat.

    It is better to buy models for books in which glass doors are inlaid with wooden or brass inserts. You can buy a model with a special coating that will not crumble into fragments if the structure is damaged. Tempered glass is safer than usual.

    The option for the entire wall of the room - a spectacular view

    On the glass you can put a picture. Many furniture companies offer the client to choose the design of the door. Stained glass can be decorated with sandblasting processing.

    Furniture with glass doors in a modular version can be alternated with different interior items. It fits snugly to the wall, taking up most of it. Some modular systems have large bottom drawers in which you can store custom-sized books.

    How to choose a wardrobe?

    The size of the furniture for books is selected based on the height, area and shape of the room. It is necessary to take into account the size of folios that will need to be stored. Shelves should be tall and deep. It is better to choose products that can adjust their height.

    Practical solution

    What depth of shelves to choose depends on how many rows of books you need to put. Designers recommend placing books in one row. So all copies will be in sight.

    The standard design covers an area of ​​100 by 30 cm. The optimum shelf length is 1 meter, thickness is at least 2.5 cm, and depth is 15 cm. One shelf must support a weight of up to 10 kg.

    Shelf attachment systems must withstand the weight of the books placed on them, so you need to pay special attention to them when buying. It is better if the shelves are at a distance of 20 cm from each other.

    Lower shelves should be larger so that they can accommodate large-format books or albums. On the remaining space you can put cups, certificates or accessories. If there is not enough space in the apartment, or you want to enter the product in a small niche, you can order furniture for books to order.

    Provence style

    BoardIt is worth checking the quality of fittings, fasteners, fixing elements of shelves, drawers and facades. The furniture should not be chipped, cracked, uneven varnished, color drops. Return to menu ↑

    Narrow cabinets: dignity

    A narrow model for books is ideal if you have a small apartment in which there is little space. It looks great in the interior in the style of Provence. Such designs do not attract much attention, playing a secondary role.

    Narrow furniture with a glass door looks sophisticated and elegant. Install it in a spacious office is not desirable. There she is lost. It is better to decorate her workplace at the loggia or in the living room.

    A narrow model for books is ideal if you have a small apartment.

    A narrow wardrobe can be very roomy. It is possible to store large-sized souvenirs, books and photographs in frames. If he is tall, he will visually stretch the room vertically.

    Narrow furniture for books will allow rational use of space. When installing it, it is reasonable to take care of an additional attachment to the wall so that the structure is stable. Cheap models do not withstand the load when cleaning.

    BoardIf you have small children, you need to take care of fixing the furniture in the first place. A low narrow closet will give the apartment coziness, saving the interior from clutter. You can place small trinkets in it, unloading space. Narrow products should have a shelf width of no more than 31 centimeters.

    The main thing that the cabinet was sustainable

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    Wood models look elegant, luxurious and noble. The most expensive products are made of oak, ash and beech. They are durable and have maintained an attractive look for decades.

    Products made of pine less resistant. Cherry designs are easy to thread. From this tree, masters create models with original shapes and smooth lines.

    Most often they are made in shades:

    • wenge;
    • nut;
    • bleached oak;
    • sonoma oak.

    Many models of MDF covered with polyvinyl chloride film. It depicts woody drawing or any other coating. Chipboard products are cheap and affordable, but they can release harmful substances.. Plywood options are more transportable because they are lightweight.

    Some furniture manufacturers combine several materials in a single product for books, making the exterior parts from wood and the back wall from plywood.

    The wooden structure spreads around the room a special natural aroma that brings zest to the atmosphere. However, it has disadvantages:

    • high price;
    • heavy weight;
    • cumbersome;
    • irrelevance for small spaces;
    • demanding care.

    Wood models look elegant, luxurious and noble

    Choose the appropriate color

    For a room in a classic style, you need to choose furniture for wenge books. Due to the rich dark color, it looks rich and prestigious. Wood tones are:

    • brown;
    • beige;
    • red;
    • gray.

    It is interesting to look at models for books that combine two colors. The facade can be one shade, and the shelves - another. The classic mix of black and white looks great in a strictly shaped room.

    Small option for a small room

    Many see black furniture as gloomy and risky. This is a mistaken view. Black lacquered wardrobe looks extravagant and original in the study or living room. For the children's room, you can choose brighter colors - green, blue, peach.

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    White models for books, despite the simplicity, look modern and unusual. They will add a lack of sophistication to the living room. Products look with furniture of pastel tones, black and brown colors.

    Psychologists say: white furniture soothes, adjusts to a positive and brings additional light into the room. A white bookcase will charge you with positive energy, becoming a creative addition to the design.

    White product for books can be decorated with bright vinyl stickers. They are usually decorated with contrasting facades. The glossy model will add solemnity and sophistication to the room. Matte furniture is not striking, therefore it will harmoniously fit into any design.

    White models for books, despite the simplicity, look modern and unusual

    The product for books of a milky shade will be suitable for a bedroom, nursery, the room of the teenager. If you choose a suitable model, you can put it in the office.

    White color matches perfectly with these colors:

    • blue;
    • red;
    • gold;
    • silver.

    Especially good white furniture for books will look on the background of beige, olive, gold wallpaper or plaster.

    White furniture soothes, adjusts to a positive

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    We select a white wardrobe for the interior style

    For antique style fit white wardrobe with a minimum of decor. Forms should be simple and smooth, with no sharp corners. It is best to put it in the living room and bedroom.

    A classic-style room will be decorated with a white wooden product for books with accessories of the same design direction. Dempty decor - baguettes, wood carving. The design should give the impression of solidity, luxury, grandeur.

    White bookcase fits perfectly in loft style. For this design fit any product, except for those that are large and curved legs. You can choose model of suspended type or on castors. Furniture should not overload the space, it is necessary that the room remained light and weightless.

    This color will charge with positive energy, becoming a creative addition to the design.

    A white product for books in a minimalist style usually does not have any decor. He has a mortise handle, nothing stands out above the doors. It is better to choose a glossy facade, if the room is small, and you need to visually expand it.

    BoardWhite wardrobe is not combined with such styles in the interior as Gothic, African, country. It will give the situation a vulgarity.
    Combination with other furniture

    Antique interior and antique fireplace - a great company for a massive bookcase. You can order a product for books from the same furniture line as the rest of the items in the room. Products from one factory are always harmoniously combined.

    If eclecticism reigns in the interior, it is advisable to dilute it with a subject with history and character. The impressive bookcase of the past years diversifies the situation, adding to its fullness and wealth.

    Everything harmoniously combines

    The wardrobe design for books looks great with floral wallpaper, wicker chair, antique furniture.

    BoardIf the interior is dominated by boring, gray tones, you can try to dilute them by putting books with bright roots on the shelves. This aesthetic color game will transform the look of the room. You can pick up solid-color books of the same publisher in the same style.

    Rack for books looks great on the entire width and height of the wall. With such a model, you need to take care of convenient delivery of copies. For this purpose, small stepladders or ladders are placed near it.

    A large bookcase resembling a home library can have central and side canisters for accessories. They place expensive dishes, vases, figurines. Some believe that this is a relic of the past, but designers successfully beat such designs, believing that they are fully justified.

    Rack for books looks great on the entire width and height of the wall.

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    The angular design is suitable for arranging the workplace. She can frame the computer desk. It will be much easier to work or study if you can reach the book without getting up.

    The price of the corner model is higher than the standard rectangular. She comes in different forms:

    • L-shaped - located along two walls. One piece is usually longer than the second. The edge of the cabinet is rounded, has shelves for trinkets.
    • Diagonal - the design is similar to a triangle, the angle is 90 degrees.
    • Trapeiform - has additional walls on the sides. The total number of walls - 3, there is a door mechanism.
    • Five wall - one of the largest options. Allows you to store a lot of things - starting with books, ending with clothes.

    Corner option

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    Where is the best place to put a closet?

    Wardrobe is better to put in the recreation area. You can place a sofa, a bedside table with a lamp or a floor lamp near it. Such a traditional combination looks elegant and refined.

    Placing products in the rooms where food is prepared is undesirable. It is better to choose the design for dishes. Basements, attics are also taboo because of the possibility of mold falling on the books.

    Showing imagination, you can equip for reading any place in the house. The furniture for books will perfectly fit into a free wall, a place under the window sill, a corner with an exit to the terrace. In the room near the window you can put a cozy reading table, made in one color.

    It is better to put the wardrobe in the recreation area.

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    Furniture care

    Dust should be regularly removed from the cabinet surface with a soft cloth. If there is a greasy stain on the shelf, you can moisten the cloth in soapy water. Glass products must be wiped with a glass and mirror compound that reduces stains.

    Designs for books with a polished surface are treated with a special polishing agent from time to time. It gives the product shine, as on the first day after purchase.

    It is strictly forbidden to use aggressive compositions based on alkali and acids. They corrode the surface and lacquer coating, leaving spots. This is true for both wood and MDF, chipboard.

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