Rack for books and toys in the nursery: A simple and original solution of the storage system with their own hands (225 + Photo)


Children always have a lot of toys. Therefore, parents often have difficulty organizing the right storage place. The ideal solution would be to install shelves on which you can place books, toys and other children's things. More detail later in the article.

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  • Organization of a place in the children's room
  • Distinguishing features of shelving
  • Modern execution
  • Benefits
  • How to choose?
  • Types of storage systems
  • Shelves
  • Square cells
  • Modules of different heights
  • Retractable shelves
  • Sliding boxes
  • Crates
  • Design features
  • How to make a rack?
  • The choice according to the age of the child
  • Corner children's shelving
  • Rack white
  • findings
  • VIDEO: We make a children's room
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 225 photos)
  • Organization of a place in the children's room
  • Distinguishing features of shelving
  • Modern execution
  • How to choose?
  • Types of storage systems
  • Design features
  • How to make a rack?
  • The choice according to the age of the child
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 225 photos)
  • Organization of a place in the children's room

    At any age, a child has many different toys. It can be designers, dolls, cars, soft toys and much more. Some people give grandparents for holidays, others just buy their parents. Over time, they become too much. Therefore, you need to think about the optimal storage system.

    Organization of a place in the children's room for toys and books

    Some use baskets or boxes for this purpose.. Their main advantage is accessibility. That is, to buy such an item to store children's fun under the force of each parent. Toys here will simply fold in a chaotic order haphazardly. Finding your favorite car or doll is not possible until you have completely unscrewed the box. This will entail additional cleaning. Installing the rack will help to achieve order in things, toys, as well as books.

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    Distinguishing features of shelving

    First of all, the furniture is chosen for its functionality. The rack is established in the room of the child of any age. It is convenient to store not only toys, but also books, office, linen, bedding and clothing.

    Installing a shelving will help get things in order.

    Having chosen a neutral color for the rack, with time it can be supplemented with new sections, shelves or sliding systems that will be relevant as the crumbs mature. It is very important to observe the correct location of the shelves. The child should have no difficulty getting the item from any of them. Therefore, drawers and shelves are better placed at the bottom of the rack, and open shelves at the top.

    The rack in the first place - this is furniture for the child, and not for parents.
    Furniture in the nursery should be safe. First of all, it concerns all angles. It is best to pick up the elements of a rounded shape so that during active games the child could not cause injury or injury. Shelving should not be equipped with glass and mirror elements that can be broken by carelessness. This can cause wounds of varying severity.BoardOn the design of furniture for the nursery must pay special attention. It should not be dull or dull. On the contrary, the rack should be designed in such a way that it can also be used in its games, and the storage system calls for restoring order in the room.

    Fitted in the room of a child of any age

    As a color design it is not recommended to make a rack in classic girl or boy shades.

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    Modern execution

    There are several types of racks that are suitable for different children's rooms.

    Among them:
    • with a bed. At the bottom of the shelves are open shelves and drawers for storing children's toys and bedding, and on top - a bed. Such a solution will organically fit into a small room;
    • with table. Shelving is convenient to use for various books, as well as stationery. Shelves are usually located on top or on the sides of the work surface;
    • in the form of fabulous castles, ships, trees or other unusual forms. The furniture becomes part of the game, so he will be happy to arrange the scattered things in their places.

    Must not be equipped with glass and mirror elements.

    You can choose any color of furniture. The main thing is that it fits the chosen style and design of the room. Due to this, the rack dissolves in the space of the children's room and can fully harmonize with the rest of the furniture and textiles.

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    Installing a rack in the children's room is a rational solution for proper organization of the storage system. The furniture has a large number of advantages. Among them:

    • Multifunctional. Visually, the shelves remind the sideboards, which in the recent past could be found in every apartment of a Soviet person. There are no doors in them, which means that the child can easily get his favorite toy or book.
    • Diversity. Today it is possible to make a rack for any style and design of a children's room. Parents choose cabinets of a certain height and depth depending on the age of the child. In the future, they can be supplemented with new sections and shelves. This will help save the family budget. That is, as the crumbs mature, you do not need to completely change the furniture in his room.
    • Convenience. On the open shelves, you can place your favorite toys, designers, books or objects for drawing. Drawers are best filled with things or bedding. This will help maintain order in the room. If you install the rack in the form of a ship or a tree, then the child himself will be interested to arrange all the objects in their places. For him, it will be fun fun.

    Rational solution for proper storage organization

    • Reliability. Shelves are usually installed in the nursery for a sufficiently large operational period. The toys will be replaced by educational materials, then a variety of fakes or drawings. For older children, furniture becomes a place to store textbooks and written school supplies. Teenagers here can arrange your favorite photos, cosmetics, certificates and other important things for this age.
    • Security. All racks are made of environmentally friendly materials. This is important when choosing furniture in the nursery. All sharp corners are rounded as much as possible. To avoid injuries during active games, glass and mirror surfaces are not used here, which are easily broken by careless handling. Shelves are also installed using reliable and durable fasteners.

    Visually, the shelves resemble the sideboards

    This type of furniture helps the child in a playful way to understand what order is. For example, a certain type of rack segment is a kind of garage for typewriters, a bedroom for toys or a resting place for plush animals. That is, before going to bed, each resident must take his place.

    If the elements and shelves are of different colors, then you can lay out toys and books according to the shades designated in advance for this.

    Thanks to this, children get used to independence and responsibility.

    Usually on the top shelves are placed large soft animals, with which the crumb does not play daily. Here you can organize the storage of old or annoying toys. It is better to put them in beautifully decorated boxes or boxes. When a child forgets about them, then mom or dad will get them again. According to the childish sensations, it will be absolutely new toys that he will study or play for a long time.

    Non-standard solution

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    How to choose?

    Furniture is selected based on the following criteria:

    • height. The child must without help from others to reach all the shelves. Therefore, the height of the rack is selected for its growth. In the future, the design can be supplemented with various sections and elements;
    • shelf size. It is necessary to choose racks in which there are open shelves of various parameters and depths. This will help distribute all the toys and books harmoniously and correctly. The rack should be equipped with several large shelves. On them, for example, you can put a big house for dolls, put a soft toy or arrange a collection of surprises from the kinder;
    • availability of sliding structures. In such boxes or compartments, it is convenient to store bedding for a baby cot, some baby things or even books, as well as board games;

    The child must independently reach all the shelves.

    • originality of design. In order for the child to reach the upper shelves, the lower ones must be slightly wider and pushed slightly forward. That is, visually the rack is similar to a ladder;
    • quality. Since the furniture will be installed in the children's room, it is very important for her to choose environmentally friendly materials;
    • security. All corners and other cusps in the furniture should be rounded. Also here it is not allowed to install glass shelves or mirror surfaces. The child is too active in their games, so any furniture in the room should not cause injury or damage;
    • color solution. For a nursery, furniture with various bright accents is best suited. This will help to give room colors, as well as properly organize the storage system. Shelves can be painted in different colors, on the handles - images of animals.

    Must be equipped with several large shelves

    You can not make a purchase blindly. Before you finally decide on the view of the rack, you must first see the furniture. Parents should pay attention to the base material, strength of the structure and all its fixtures. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Types of storage systems

    Shelves are equipped with various shelves and other designs. He is selected by the nature of the child, as well as his hobbies. Before you do this, you should consider possible storage systems for toys, books and other items. Among them:

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    They are present in all racks. Represent a convenient solution for organizing order in the nursery. It is possible to install such racks for a child of any gender and age, starting from the first year of life.. Initially, only baby items will be stored here. For example, diapers, personal care products or clothing. As the child grows up, the open shelves will begin to fill with various toys.

    Compact solution

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    Square cells

    If the rack is high, then for a small child it is best to first place it horizontally. So he will be able to independently get to his favorite toys, and after the games to remove them in place. When the baby begins to grow, the design is placed vertically, and in the place that was freed, you can buy another rack.

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    Modules of different heights

    Placing furniture with different heights is a very original and convenient solution for a child's room. Firstly, the child himself will be able to get a book or a toy that is of interest to him at the moment. Secondly, a similar design can be used for active games. The main thing is to securely fasten among themselves and to the wall all parts of the modular system.

    Space for all necessary supplies

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    Retractable shelves

    Here you can expand the board game or collect puzzles. After playing bored, the whole surface just goes back into the rack. When the baby wants to play again, it will be enough for him to simply push the shelf. In order for the retractable structure to be safe for the child, parents must equip it with special stoppers.

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    Sliding boxes

    They are made of various materials. For example, plastic, textile, wood. They are usually installed at the bottom of the rack so that they can store various books or toys.. So that the child understands what and where he is, different marks are made on the front of the box. For example, cars, pupae, or books are drawn. In addition, containers can be selected in various colors, which will add bright colors to the room and organize the storage system.

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    Here you can expand the board game or collect puzzles. After playing bored, the whole surface just goes back into the rack. When the baby wants to play again, it will be enough for him to simply push the shelf. In order for the retractable structure to be safe for the child, parents must equip it with special stoppers.

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    These designs are usually made of large volumes and are installed only at the bottom of the rack. It is possible to put in them volume toys or bedding. If the box is too large and there are no suitable sized toys, then the structure inside can be divided into several compartments.

    In addition to stationary shelves, the rack is complemented by various convenient designs. One of them became hinged shelves or pockets. You can hang them on open shelves or doors. It will be convenient to fold small toys or other small items that the child uses constantly. In order for such pockets to serve for a long time and not lose their shape, it is best to choose a rigid and solid foundation, for example, plywood.

    Using bright colors

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    Design features

    Before you choose a rack in the nursery, you must take into account the specifics of the room and its purpose. The design of the room and all the furniture are selected according to the age and sex of the child.

    In the room of a little princess, racks can be installed in the form of a castle or a small house, for a boy - a ship, a garage or a fortress. For school-age children, the facade for the rack can be decorated with a world map or a starry sky. During the game, they will be able to draw knowledge and explore the world around them.

    If the furniture has closed shelves, it is appropriate to equip them with round-shaped holes. So a child at any age will be able to open the doors without effort and get the object of interest. Also through them you can see what toys are there to reduce the time to search for your favorite game or book.

    It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the room and its purpose.

    When buying a shelving in a child’s room, you need to maintain a certain order system on its shelves, niches and drawers.

    So things will look much neater. This will help develop a child's responsibility and cleanliness.

    In order not to force the rack, it must be supplemented with various boxes, baskets, boxes, drawers, pull-out structures and similar sections. This will help to streamline all items and create a unified storage system.BoardIt will be more convenient for the child to fold his toys if all the pieces of furniture are made in different shapes and sizes.

    For each segment, you can stick a specific image or mark it with your own color. So for small machines fit small boxes, and for books and creative work - drawers.

    Easy do it yourself

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    How to make a rack?

    All furniture that is manufactured in production, regardless of its further purpose, loses its individuality and becomes of the same type. The child through the game knows the world around him, so it must be surrounded by extremely bright and lively objects. Not an exception to the rule was the rack.

    Self-made furniture acquires a number of distinctive features.

    These include:
    • individual design;
    • variety of various interesting visual solutions and performances;
    • complete harmony with the style direction present in the room;
    • originality;
    • uniqueness;
    • quality;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • functionality;
    • security;
    • structural strength.

    The rack can be established in the room of the child from the first months of life. Initially, personal hygiene items, diapers, and things can be stored on the shelves.. Later, parents can easily transform it into furniture, which will be suitable for the age of the crumbs. Here, toys, books, designers, creative sets and other objects that interest the child begin to be arranged in a certain order.

    Making a rack in the child's room, you must adhere to 2 basic rules:
    • The design should be as stable as possible.That is, during the manufacture of furniture you need to focus and check on the base and all fasteners.
    • Security. It should not be allowed to place in the children's room rack with sharp corners, as well as equip the shelves of glass or mirror surfaces. This could cause injury.

    Using tissue boxes

    Given these simple rules, you can easily and quickly build with your own hands a shelving unit for your child who will grow with him.

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    The choice according to the age of the child

    Toy storage system has the following classification:

    • for a child under 1 year old. At this time, he still has few toys, but more hygiene products and clothing. All toys can easily fit on one shelf;
    • for the baby from 1 to 6 years. At this age, children are characterized by increased curiosity and excessive activity. Furniture in the nursery should be functional, safe and comfortable. It is best to develop a special storage system that will help place all the toys;

    Option for girl

    • for a child from 6 to 10 years. Crumbs are beginning to be interested in active games, creativity and board games. She also has classes at school, which means. On the rack, you must make room for textbooks, notebooks and stationery;
    • for teenager. He practically does not play toys. In their stead come school supplies. In addition, matured girls need to allocate space for cosmetics and jewelry.
    The furniture must match the age of the child.

    You should also consider his gender when choosing. For example, more restrained shades are suitable for a boy. The future man does not need a bright and flashy design. For little princesses you can stay on the romantic and delicate shades. Girls will appreciate all the elements of additional decoration.

    Convenient and practical

    BoardThe rack should fit organically into the overall design of the child’s room, and not fall out of style. Return to the menu

    Corner children's shelving

    In the room for the child is very important to properly and harmoniously distribute furniture. the space should not be cluttered. If the room is small, it is better to choose an angular rack here. On the shelves conveniently accommodate all the toys and books crumbs. At the same time, there will be a lot of space in the room for active games and creative activities.

    Thanks to the angular storage system, every precious inch of space is correctly and efficiently used in the room. Therefore, these racks are popular among parents.

    Small, angular option

    The main advantages of furniture include:
    • Convenience. Here you can choose your favorite configuration of shelves and drawers for storing children's clothes and toys. Height and size are fully consistent with the age of the child.
    • Security. The rack is stable and securely fastened to the wall. Even if the child will completely climb it, the risk of injury is reduced to zero.
    • Spaciousness. Despite the fact that from the side, the angular design gives the impression of small furniture, it accommodates a lot of children's clothes and toys. In the lower compartments, you can hide bedding or clothing, and on the upper shelves - arrange toys and books.

    Children's corner

    • Diversity. Shelves are very popular. Each furniture manufacturer can meet a collection with this type of furniture. Therefore, parents will have many options for choosing furniture for the children's room. Pay attention to the color and configuration. If the room is too small, then the best option would be to choose white furniture. It dissolves in space and creates a feeling of lightness and airiness in the room.
    • Efficiency. Corner racks take up little space in the room. That is, there will be no feeling of clutter and congestion of space. The child will have a lot of free space for active games.
    • Multifunctional. The cabinet is installed in such a way that it engages the corner of the room and the two walls adjacent to it. This contributes to the various internal content of the furniture. Parents can choose a rack with open shelves, sliding designs, closed cabinets and even barbells for clothes.

    Inexpensive option

    The rack of this type can be easily installed in any corner of the room, even if there is a bed or a desk next to it.. It will not interfere, as there are no hinged doors, which require the presence of free space.

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    Rack white

    Parents should approach the choice of design and furniture of a children's room with all responsibility. The whole environment should be as safe as possible, and also be in harmony with each other, regardless of what age or gender the child will live in it.

    One of the most correct decisions will be to choose a rack for children in white.. Many parents mistakenly believe that such furniture will come in the wrong form in a short time. But today racks are produced from high-quality and reliable materials that are easy to clean. They can be quickly brought to their original appearance, even if the child has painted on the surface with paints or felt-tip pens. It is possible to look after a white rack.

    White shelving

    BoardThe main thing when choosing furniture is to choose safe and functional models.
    White rack will be harmoniously combined with different colors of the rest of the furniture in the room.

    It can be installed both for the boy’s room and for the girl. It is better to abandon the dark and acid furniture in the interior, and choose light and bed shades. The rack can be made of any material: wood, plastic.

    The rack of white color for a nursery has a number of advantages. These include:

    • The white shade helps to form the right perception of colors in the child.
    • The interior is very elegant and airy.
    • Visually expands and increases the space. It creates a feeling of spaciousness.
    • The child subconsciously strives for cleanliness.
    • Good and correct taste is formed.
    • The rack can be installed in any style direction.
    • Furniture is easy to clean. If quality material is taken for the base, cleaning will not take much time.
    • Large selection of different combinations. White shelves will harmoniously look with furniture of other colors in the room.

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    For white furniture it will not be difficult to choose the right finishing materials. It will look equally good with monochromatic painted walls or wall coverings with drawings.

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