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Wallpaper for painting - Pros and cons. 240+ (Photos) Interiors in the living room, bedroom, kitchen


Everyone plans to change the atmosphere and interior of their own home. The output will be wallpaper for painting in the interior, the choice and coloring of which does not take much time. They are selected for the purpose of the room. Living rooms and hallways are best covered with vinyl coating that is resistant to wear, and paper linens are suitable for a bedroom with less intensive use. In the nursery and the kitchen, where the walls can be damaged, the best option is fiberglass types that are resistant to private renovations. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • The merits of different wallpapers
  • Which wallpaper is better?
  • Paper Species Properties
  • Description of non-woven
  • Glass fiber
  • Purchase of custom wallpaper
  • Staining recommendations
  • Combination of shades in territory zoning
  • Combining related colors, giving the interior originality
  • Using gradient blending
  • Placement of accents, the inclusion of contrasting and different colors
  • Choosing a paint coating
  • Pros and cons of coatings in different rooms
  • Original living room solutions
  • Creating coziness in the bedroom
  • The choice of wallpaper for the children's room
  • Availability and practicality in the design of the kitchen
  • Inexpensive choice for the hallway
  • findings
  • VIDEO: All the secrets of wallpapering
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 240 photos)
  • The merits of different wallpapers
  • Which wallpaper is better?
  • Staining recommendations
  • Choosing a paint coating
  • Pros and cons of coatings in different rooms
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 240 photos)
  • The merits of different wallpapers

    There are many manufacturers of interior wall materials on the market. This is a wide choice of paints, liquid wallpaper, plasters, panels, etc. But it is difficult to stop attention and make a choice, as each sample has its own positive nuances.

    The fashionable look of the wall decoration is a coloring that transforms the interior. But you need to choose the right shade.

    Wallpaper for painting - a decent choice of interior updates

    Wallpapers with a suitable texture increase the noise and heat insulation performance of the room. To update the interior will need to apply a new paint layer.

    Their advantages are as follows:
    • Simple glueing. It is not necessary to control the combination of joints, except for textured species with a bright plot ornament.
    • Variety of shades and colors. The use of a monochromatic shade or a combination of colors can embody any design ideas, add a highlight effect or dimming. Combining several shades is intended for visual zoning or decoration of space.
    • Resistance to repainting. It depends on the type of the front surface and the base.
    • Variety of textures and textures. Used in the formation of additional volume, diluting the monotony of color. They create an imitation of surfaces with natural stone, the walls of brick, the relief of decorative plaster. Depending on the type of base, they are washable with a moisture-proof effect.

    Coatings with different textures can be used.

    This room decoration is suitable for families with children. After the active work of young researchers, the consequences are easily eliminated by a new paint coating.

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    Which wallpaper is better?

    Not every building material can be painted. For example, if you use simple wallpaper, then they will appear "bubbles", delamination or damage to the structure. Therefore, special coatings are selected. It can be:

    • non-woven;
    • paper;
    • glass wallpaper produced by different technologies.

    They have sufficient density (thickness) and low price per roll. Basically they are made in neutral, light or white color. Non-woven wallpaper has a density of 100-150 g / m2, paper 95-135 g / m2, and glass wallpaper - 100-265 g / m2. Previously, they were sold in neutral and white colors. Depending on your own wishes, a person can choose a paint color or apply several shades at once. They are suitable for finishing any room.

    Fashionable appearance of wall decoration - it is coloring, transforming the interior.

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    Paper Species Properties

    From the beginning they were used for coloring. Cloths are affordable, easily glued, even on not enough smooth surfaces. In comparison with simple coatings, the paper version consists of two layers and has greater strength. Wall-paper is thicker and denser than classical building materials, produced according to proven technologies, and meets environmental safety standards.

    With additional impregnation, the material becomes resistant to moisture. In addition to advantages, the paper base has a number of drawbacks: the need for careful application of plaster, fragility, instability to abrasion and professional skills in work.

    And to prevent the formation of blistering and detachment from the wall, after applying the first paint layer on paper wallpaper, you need to wait until it is completely dry. With proper decoration, apply paper wallpaper can be in the decoration of the ceiling and walls. For additional protection, it is desirable to apply water-resistant compounds to the surface.

    Lilac, delicate color

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    Description of non-woven

    When comparing non-woven and paper base, the first option is more dense with mechanical strength. The main feature of non-woven fabric - resistance to crushing. It has a different relief and interesting structure, as pre-foamed vinyl is applied to the wallpaper with special stencils. An important advantage of the coating is its strength, the ability to smooth out irregularities, cracks and small flaws on the walls. Other advantages of paintings:

    • Elasticity. The property increases the protection against cracks, shrinkage of the house, as the coating is not damaged for a long time.
    • Ease of operation. Glue should be applied to the wall. Therefore, the coating is convenient to glue to vertical surfaces.
    • Wear resistance and quality. The service life is about 30 years.
    • Washing and cleaning the surface, moisture resistance.
    • Easy disassembly. To move the entire band, the base must be pushed with a spatula.

    Suitable for finishing any room

    Therefore, many experts use finishing materials in the organization of apartment interiors. After all, often the newly constructed buildings shrink with the formation of cracks. And the properties of wallpaper on non-woven fabric will protect them from "discrepancies", manifestations of flaws. They can be painted and protected from scratches.

    Choosing the wall covering, you need to determine the quality of the vinyl, since its deposition is brittle. And if it is applied poorly, peeling or scratches are possible even when the wallpaper is stuck on the wall, environmental safety is reduced, as the coating is air-tight and is prohibited for finishing children's rooms and bedrooms. However, they expand the possibilities of decoration and design.

    You can use any tone you like.

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    Glass fiber

    Glass fiber is a novelty among a variety of finishing materials. The main raw material is fiberglass, where the filaments of quartz sand, lime, dolomite and soda are used, are integrated on a paper base. Under production conditions, threads can be woven by various methods (in the form of reliefs, patterns and ornaments), A popular pattern is:

    • "gunny";
    • herringbone;
    • "gossamer";
    • "diamonds".
    Vitreous wallpaper will last a long time. A variety of textures allows you to use the canvas in the embodiment of any design fantasies in the office or living rooms.
    They cost more than their counterparts, but it is necessary to take into account the long service life, savings on finishing materials that do not have to buy again.

    Glass fiber is resistant to cleaning agents, so they are suitable for painting. They are easy to glue, but it is impossible to correct the glued parts. They are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, do not change the aesthetic parameters after the application of abrasive. Gluing the glass wall does not require professional skills. One of the drawbacks is the high price and difficulty of separation from the surface.

    We combine different colors

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    Purchase of custom wallpaper

    The non-textured coatings will be suitable for lovers of classic or creative activities. If you plan to write a picture or a picture on the wall, then creative ideas can be broken by the texture. The building material is ideal as an addition to the interior, it combines well with textured and textured counterparts, leaving no feeling of discomfort or cold. Fatigue becomes a big minus of a monophonic structure.

    The specialist of the repair and construction sphere understands in detail the properties of all materials. He will answer any questions and select a quality product under the basic requirements.

    Non-textured coating

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    Staining recommendations

    Any work in the interior decoration can be done independently. In addition to saving finances, there is no doubt about future results.

    BoardDuring the coloring of the wallpaper you need to be careful and careful. You do not need to use more than three colors, paint using similar and pre-selected shades.

    With the help of construction tape, you can achieve beautiful boundaries. Instead, you can use a mosaic, paper border, molding or wooden slats.

    When buying paint, it is advisable to perform calculations and add about 30% to the result obtained. This should be done when tinting paint and re-get the same shade.

    Invoice Item

    To glue the wallpaper for painting, you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials:
    • roller;
    • brushes;
    • construction tape
    Choosing paint, you need to take into account the peculiarities of some building materials.

    For example, water-based paint is suitable for paper coatings and non-woven wallpaper. For fiberglass wallpaper suitable acrylic or latex coating. When choosing a paint coating, the type of maintenance of the finished surfaces after the completion of the repair is taken into account. First, two layers of the selected coating are applied to the wallpaper, keeping between each layer for at least 60 minutes. But we must remember that with reusable staining decreases the relief of the paintings.

    Selecting several colors to highlight the borders of shades it is desirable to use a brush.

    These products are easy to paint with their own hands.

    When combining different shades in the decoration of ceilings or walls, you can set different goals:
    • Thinning or adding accents.
    • Creating a certain style in the interior design.
    • The manifestation of creative and creative ideas.
    • Zoning in one multifunctional room.

    This can not be achieved with the help of ordinary wallpaper.

    Living room in modern style

    When painting walls with several shades, you should remember some rules:
    • You can combine related colors (mint, blue, etc.).
    • A choice of opposite shades (orange with blue, red with green).
    • Combine tones belonging to the same range. They can differ only in saturation.

    You should also think about the method of combining shades. Masking tape is suitable for even borders, and an aluminum profile is used to connect colors in a protruding corner.

    You can combine related colors

    The best option for coloring is horizontal division, when the lower tone is painted on 1/3 of the entire height of the surface. This is a classic method, identical to decorating with panels, suitable for modern interiors and children's rooms. It is possible to paint walls by other methods, showing imagination and creativity.

    Creative people can decorate the interior using the walls painted figured method. They reflect anything, including waves, geometric shapes, graffiti or landscapes.

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    Combination of shades in territory zoning

    One of the methods is zoning of the space with the help of differentiation into functional areas of different semantic load.

    We combine the tones relating to one scale

    Designers apply a simple division of the area of ​​the area of ​​eating and relaxing. In the work will be used wallpaper, differing in texture and color accents. When pasting walls with multi-colored coatings, the interior will be noticeably animated. The winning option would be the use of warm colors in the cold part of the apartment. Cold colors are suitable for the dining area.

    Also suitable vertical method of dividing shades for wall decoration. Options for the delimitation of colors chosen by the owner. So, you can make a contrast, separate the room zones with different colors or paint one wall with a different tone. A neutral, light shade with a bright saturated color will do. PThe transition between shades can be made soft and smooth using a special gradient technique or brushes. It is advisable to adhere to the temperature regime of painting in the range of 17-22 degrees.

    Sometimes one wall is painted with a bright shade or a special color is created with changes in individual zones. The room makes a unique combination of two colors unique.

    Existing niches and protrusions can also be highlighted in color. Put accents allow the use of light (about 2-4 pieces) or a dark tone. Paint the walls on the walls. Stripes will also look beautiful. For example, along the perimeter of the room, you can draw a horizontal strip or a lot of vertical narrow ones. Despite the complexity, the work will lead to a stunning result.

    Bedroom in a bright tone

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    Combining related colors, giving the interior originality

    In any room, the originality of the interior can be given a combination of similar colors, which are located close to each other in color.

    Related colors include:
    • The color palette is green (khaki, bottle, olive, etc.).
    • Different varieties of purple (lilac, beetroot, lilac, eggplant, lavender, etc.).
    • Various elements of yellow (sand, beige, cream, light brown).

    The combination of identical tones allows you to create subtle color combinations. This allows you to create delicate and soft solutions.

    Children's room in restrained colors

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    Using gradient blending

    This technique offers a wide scope for the selection of color palette. In essence, gradient combination is based on creating gradual transitions from one shade to the second. The combination of identical color gradations is in demand.

    With the use of wallpaper combinations, gradient combinations are created, which differ in soft transitions from light to more juicy and dark shades. This technique visually increases the area of ​​space in any room.

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    Placement of accents, the inclusion of contrasting and different colors

    To combine the contrasting colors of paints you need to be extremely careful, because when they are nearby, they reinforce each other, they can create daring combinations. Only muted and bright shades in different proportions will look worthy. To do this, one shade will be the main, and the second - his accent. All pastel shades and colors are well combined. At the same time, designers play on the saturation of color details. Bright colors can be dimmed by white.

    It is necessary to combine the contrasting colors of paints with extreme caution.


    Additional shade should be in harmony with the main in a certain proportion:
    • Orange with blue - 1/2.
    • Violet with yellow - 3/1.
    • Purple with green in equal shares.

    When combining contrasting shades, attention is paid to saturation, temperature and "sound" so that these criteria do not differ much. For example, orange or orange can be combined with a rich green color.

    If you choose muted orange, then green should also be soft. If it is impossible to combine colors independently, then you can combine no more than two colors or contact the designer. The right choice is a combination of natural shades.

    Painting under the concrete wall

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    Choosing a paint coating

    Popular are easy-to-use, simple formulations on the water:

    • latex;
    • acrylic;
    • water emulsion;
    • water-dispersed.

    Sometimes alkyd solutions with oils and resins can be used.

    The composition of the water-based coating with a water base includes:
    • latex;
    • fillers;
    • fastening elements;
    • antiseptic;
    • chemical substances.

    According to environmental standards, it can be used in places of permanent residence of people.It is an odorless, moisture resistant, non-allergenic solution that can be cleaned with a damp cloth without damaging the surface.

    Silicone-based water-based paint is used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in conditions of high humidity. It differs from the acrylic composition in small fractions. The latter does not contain chemical and hazardous components, so it is widely used in living rooms. Acrylic compounds are odorless, allow the wallpaper to breathe, do not collect on their surface fumes. Drying time is 24 hours. The coating is designed for non-woven surfaces, but manufacturers produce compositions for glass cloth and paper wallpaper.

    Bright interior of the children's room

    Latex solution is made with water based latex. Butadiene styrene and acrylic latex can be used. This material with high elasticity, long-term operation, is represented in white, therefore tinting is used.. Soft shades are formed, since in practice it is impossible to achieve sharp tones. Designed latex paint for glass wall coverings and coatings with non-woven, relief structure. Latex has a light odor, suitable for utility areas and living rooms, except in rooms with high humidity.

    After applying alkyd solutions, a strong film appears that is resistant to frequent washing. Basically, the funds used in the decoration of non-residential and ancillary facilities with fiberglass coatings. The disadvantage is the content of resins and oils in the composition, which can negatively affect health and respiratory tract. These walls can not breathe, they form condensation.

    The combination of white and light green

    Paint color

    In order for the glued sheets to become the decoration of the room, you need to make the right choice of shade, know the reflective features of the paint. Initially colorless canvases with a different surface. At first they can be painted in any shades, mainly of a light range. In the living rooms choose pastel colors, you can get a delicate shade tinting.

    At home tinting it is impossible to get the same shade in different containers, so computer color matching is offered. Coloring equipment will paint in the required range, it will be the same even in different containers. Even if the received volume is not enough, the desired volume of paint and varnish coating with exact color matching can be made on the tinting unit.

    Interesting room for a boy

    You also need to remember that each paint has its own reflectivity:

    • Gloss. It has a reflection of light. It is advisable to use in the decoration of the northern rooms, but not in the south with bright lighting.
    • Half face. Differs in optimum light reflection, it is applied in many rooms, reflecting roughnesses of walls (the basis needs to be leveled previously).
    • Semi-matt. It has a low reflective ability, well suited for the living room, bedroom.
    • Satin. Strongly reflects the light, with artificial lighting appear glare. Suitable for finishing the bathroom, kitchen.

    Bright room for children

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    Pros and cons of coatings in different rooms

    After getting acquainted with different finishes and color options, you need to explore the characteristics of the premises.

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    Original living room solutions

    The basic rule for designing such a room is the comfort that guests and all family members should feel. To modernize the design of the living room, the wallpaper texture is selected correctly, which will provide a comfortable atmosphere. Coatings should serve as a background, without distracting from significant details.

    Solutions with a chaotic pattern will suit the modern style, a cover with a geometrical ornament will suit a strict design. Also look original cover with a three-dimensional effect that simulates the volume. It is advisable not to use very bright or dark shades..

    The second option will hide space, depressing acting on the human condition. Bright colors can only be used for accents or design additions. A very colorful space has a tiring effect, quickly annoying, causing negative emotions.

    Housing should be for a person a source of comfort, to bring him rest. In this case, avoid challenging colors.

    BoardWhen choosing wall finishes, you need to remember that large patterns can be applied in spacious rooms. It is better to decorate small areas with chaotic drawings. Return to the menu ↑

    Creating coziness in the bedroom

    In the bedroom, all elements are made according to personal wishes. Indeed, in this room a person rests and spends most of his time. It should bring joy, comfort and comfort.

    BoardTo do this, it is better to choose soothing pastel shades, think over all the details in detail and treat repair more diligently. If necessary, the color gamut can be easily changed.

    A variety of offers from manufacturers allow you to choose the best option. If you initially make a designer creation from the bedroom, then you need to stop the choice on non-woven and paper coverings.

    Choosing non-aggressive colors

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    The choice of wallpaper for the children's room

    In the children's room is allowed to use bright designs, which gives plenty of imagination. The safest is water-based paint, which can be easily mixed with a variety of colors and create an original color design. It is easy to put on the wallpaper.

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    Availability and practicality in the design of the kitchen

    In the kitchen, the main details are durability, practicality, reliability, resistance to humidity and temperatures. Therefore, the wallpaper is not easy to pick up. Attention is paid to aesthetics and practicality; therefore, it is better to protect walls with painting. A special coloring agent with a water-repellent effect will allow you to repeatedly wash the wallpaper surface. Frequent change of colors gives the room originality and originality.

    In the kitchen, the main details are durability, practicality, reliability

    For small kitchens should not be applied painting dark shades. In this case, light colors are recommended. For rooms with low ceilings suitable vertical pattern.

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    Inexpensive choice for the hallway

    In this room, moisture resistance and durability of the finish used are important factors. The hallway should make a first impression about the housing, so much depends on the design. In addition to the design style, practicality is taken into account, so vinyl wallcoverings for painting will be suitable. Their important advantage is also the ease of upgrading the design with the replacement of color. When contaminated, the surface can be cleaned with soap and water, easy to clean or re-paint.

    For the hallway, such a coating should be durable, and the color scheme should be combined with furniture colors. Looks good combination of light and dark.

    The main thing in the hallway is moisture resistance and wear resistance of the applied finish

    The buyer himself must select the types and colors of wallpaper paintings. But you need to take into account the quality of construction materials and the correctness of painting. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    By choosing the paint layer must be approached with responsibility. In addition to the properties of paint, you need to take into account the features of the purchased paintings.

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    VIDEO: All the secrets of wallpapering