Modern Landscape Design courtyard of a private house (160+ Photos). How to beautifully arrange and decorate their own hands


A well-groomed courtyard allows you to frame the house, provides self-presentation and the basis for further impressions. Well-designed and organized courtyard design and landscape design should complement the natural terrain and continue the idea of ​​interior design. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • 5 essential aspects for the landscape
  • Use and Purpose
  • Environment and climate
  • Landing zone
  • Hydrozone
  • Garden style
  • Backyard Makeup Ideas
  • Replace obsolete materials
  • Increase patio area
  • Redo the paving
  • Do not let small or uncomfortable spaces limit you
  • DIY your backyard
  • Ideas for designing a patio area
  • Concrete patio
  • Are concrete patios subject to cracking?
  • Ideas for gazebos
  • Types of shadow buildings
  • Terrace decoration
  • Customize your space with flooring
  • Build with beams
  • Retaining wall space
  • Own paving
  • Add color and texture with pebbles
  • Front yard landscape design
  • Get a new perspective
  • Define boundaries and add mulch.
  • Cut huge bushes
  • 45 ideas for a fashionable front yard
  • Steps and paving stones
  • Horizontal Fence
  • Metal parts
  • Herbal Tips
  • Garden slabs
  • Large pots
  • Stone and succulents
  • Wall mounted garden
  • Color accumulations
  • Lighted paths
  • The combination of the fence and benches
  • Minimalist fencing
  • Combination of green and white
  • The combination of stone and wood
  • Terraced Gardening
  • Red plant pots
  • Modern pergola
  • Stone with stone
  • Charm of decorative bow
  • Black vases
  • Wooden Succulent Fencing
  • Ancient greek amphora
  • The combination of black and green
  • Wooden and bamboo facade
  • Garden 4 seasons
  • Fence of the riverine horsetail
  • Equipped water source
  • Corner Gardening
  • Lighted plants
  • Metal pots
  • Low fence
  • Thin plants
  • Water and fire
  • Form and humility
  • Gateless fence
  • Creative centers
  • Wood, stone and water
  • Light pavement
  • Expressiveness of stone
  • Garden without flowers
  • Green and white facade
  • Herb Perfection
  • Dark wood fencing
  • Creative lighting
  • Hint of japan
  • Trees
  • Trees for small spaces
  • Flowering
  • Shadow
  • For autumn foliage
  • Evergreens
  • findings
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  • 5 essential aspects for the landscape

    When designing landscape design, it is important to think not only about aesthetics, but also the contribution that you will have to the environment.

    Setting up outdoor space begins with the correct design of the landscape. First of all, answer yourself the questions:

    • Do you rarely spend time in the backyard?
    • Do you have a dilapidated veranda or an old patio?
    • Do you hate wasting time and water to care for a large lawn?
    • Does your backyard have no room for fun?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it looks like you may be ready to rebuild the backyard. Get to know the key factors to consider when planning your yard.

    Consider the pros and cons when planning your yard

    Sometimes the start of a landscaping project may seem overwhelming. But with the help of these five tips you can independently or with the help of a landscape designer develop landscaping and create a yard that you always wanted.

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    Use and Purpose

    When you start a landscaping project, the first thing to consider is how you want to use the space. Decide what your ideal yard's purpose or goals are before making any other decisions.

    Popular outdoor use is as follows:

    • entertainment;
    • summer kitchen and dining room;
    • swimming;
    • game Zone;
    • rest zone;
    • garden.

    Children's active recreation area

    Next you need to think about who will use the space. Will this area be needed to accommodate young children, or will it be primarily an adult refuge? Do not forget to think about pets, animals too often dictate decisions on beautification.

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    Environment and climate

    Now it's time to take inventory. You will want to mark areas such as:

    • sunny areas;
    • shady areas;
    • overview;
    • Direction of the wind;
    • water supply and drainage.

    Yard divided into zones

    Further, your attention should be paid to the soil. It is important to ensure that your soil has nutrients to support the selected plant material. Your soil, which can be mostly sand, clay or rubble, will dictate which plants you should grow. The landscape designer can perform soil tests for you and amend the soil if necessary.

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    Landing zone

    An important factor to consider when choosing plants, this is the landing zone for them. It is determined by climatic conditions, such as temperature and rainfall. Knowing about your planting area will help you and your designer choose plants that suit your location, and thus are more likely to take root.

    Choose plants suitable for the climate

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    As soon as you have an idea of ​​which plants will be used, start thinking about how water behaves in your yard. If there are certain areas where water is collected, you will want to create a group of plants that need a lot of water. On the other hand, if there are certain areas where water flows quickly, you want a group of plants that like dry conditions. This process is often called hydrozone landing.

    Planting Hydrozone

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    Garden style

    The last thing to think about is the aesthetic appeal and style of your landscape design. Consider the interior and exterior style. your home and try to create unity between home and gardening. Make an open space that reflects your individuality and makes you feel happy and relaxed. For a little inspiration, look through these garden styles, which include Japanese, modern, cottage and desert.

    Landscaping Japan Style

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    Backyard Makeup Ideas

    After reviewing the basic rules of landscape design, proceed to the improvement of space. Check out the ideas below to build a backyard.

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    Replace obsolete materials

    For this purpose now often use continuous concrete with brick strips. Make a patio area with concrete, fill in white sand and add a fountain for expressiveness.

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    Increase patio area

    A common mistake in the backyard makes the patio too small. When working on your backyard makeup, think about extending the patio to accommodate large furniture and provide a walk around the space.

    Patio - a useful yard decoration

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    Redo the paving

    Plain gray concrete can be quite boring. Transform your backyard paving to transform the feel of the whole terrain. When rebuilding paving slabs, you have two options: remove the existing sidewalk or transform what you have. Create stains and engravings on the concrete path to make it look like a natural stone. If you want to remodel existing paving, you will save money on materials and labor.

    Garden paths with low costs

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    Do not let small or uncomfortable spaces limit you

    Narrow spaces can be a problem and often end up not being used. However, you can turn a narrow space into a backyard, fully equipped for outdoor activities. Creative layout and space saving techniques can be used to adapt more features to a small or uncomfortable backyard.

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    DIY your backyard

    You can remodel the backyard by yourself, without professionals with their resources, if the matter is limited to feasible work. However, it does not include the demolition and installation of new small architectural forms, as this work will take a week for the average homeowner to complete, while a team of professionals can do it in a few days.

    Many ideas for creating beauty

    Additionally, projects that include the installation of running water, gas or electric lines can be complicated. If you want a fountain, built-in grill or a lot of lighting, it’s best to hire a licensed specialist. However, when choosing the DIY option, which will save you some money, think about planting your own plants. If make sure you know the requirements for each plant, choose the best place. Consider also the option of self-installing a patio area.

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    Ideas for designing a patio area

    Patio is life in the fresh air. You will probably spend many hours with friends and family on your patio. Instead of buying a big house, many people are looking to expand their outdoor living space. As a result, the patio area is getting bigger, more luxurious and more protected.

    Outdoor patios have become activity centers that are focused on entertainment and relaxation. A well-designed patio will not only add extra living space to your home, but also increase its resale value.

    Organization of a recreation area

    Since your patio will provide the foundation for living space in the open air, it should be durable, well-designed. You can choose from a variety of patios and pavement materials. Determine what size, shape and style of the patio best suits your needs. Use the information here to start collecting ideas for a new patio.

    It's time to stop thinking about your patio as a simple place to spend time in the fresh air. It can serve as a center for various functions, including dining, cooking, socializing and relaxing. The style of your patio will change depending on what features you want to place in it.

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    Concrete patio

    The durability and versatility of concrete makes it an excellent choice for paving a patio. Concrete courtyard has many advantages compared with corrugated flooring and other surfaces.

    Concrete patio in the courtyard interior

    The advantages of concrete patio:

    • High strength.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Adaptable to any style.
    • You can fill in any form.

    Decor options:

    • Colored concrete. There are several ways of painting concrete, including contrasting, integrating, solid and liquid painting methods (used in combination with embossing) and full coloring.
    • Embossed Concrete - The surface of your concrete patio can be stamped to create a texture that imitates stone, brick, or other materials.

    Embossed colored concrete stone

    If you already have a patio that is cracked or dirty, you can clean it with concrete. Concrete grinding will make your patio look like new. Rehabilitated concrete courtyard can be painted and stamped.

    Another strong trend is to integrate plants into places where expansion joints would otherwise have been located. They help create a more breathable surface and dilute the vast structure with greenery. Often use artificial turf in these places, especially in areas where you need to keep the humidity.

    Grass between the seams to maintain moisture

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    Are concrete patios subject to cracking?

    Concrete is good for warm climatic landscapes that do not experience extreme frost and thaw in the northern regions, which is the cause of uncontrolled cracking. Other factors can also lead to cracking.

    It will be you andIt is interesting:Landscaping for the garden do it yourself (185+ Photos). Styles you should know about

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    Ideas for gazebos

    Pergolas and other shadow structures are another way to enjoy nature, even if the conditions outside are not the most successful. In the hot summer you can relax and have fun in the fresh air without being exposed to sunstroke. Shadow structures also extend the season to fall and winter. If your structure is built with a solid roof or even with insulated walls, you can enjoy a calm winter morning sipping tea without worrying about rain or snow.

    Cozy gazebo for summer holidays

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    Types of shadow buildings

    Pergolas are an autonomous structure, organically placed in the landscape. They can stand on the path and determine the space for a walk, or they can signify a patio area or outdoor entertainment space. Pergola usually has open sides, as well as a lattice or solid roof.

    Pergolas in landscape design

    Patio designs are similar to pergolas, except they are attached to the house. This can be an advantage because the patio area can use the house for support and, therefore, can cost less than an independent structure.

    Pergolas of octagonal shape with a solid roof are most often used in traditional landscape gardening areas. They can be an attractive addition if the style of the surrounding landscape works with the structure.

    Traditional landscape gardening area

    A canvas canopy is a modern way to get relief from the sun. The fabric is stretched through specially designed pillars to accentuate and cover a seating area or patio. The canvas shed looks great with straight lines and simple geometry used in modern homes, and performs a double duty - as a decorative and artistic part of the landscape.

    Canopy roof

    The grid terrace is built right outside the house, usually at the back door for easy access. Instead of glass windows, it has large nets that protect against insects. Grid terrace is great for dinner, since you get a quality outdoor pastime without uninvited guests.

    A sun room is also being built right outside the house. Since it can be completely isolated and built with two-pane windows, this is a four-season structure that acts as an addition to your home. The sun room is completely weatherproof, so you can watch birds and wildlife in comfort even in winter. The sun room is really different from the rest of your home in that it has a lot of windows that improve the exterior view.

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    Terrace decoration

    No matter what your backyard size is, you can make the most of the available space and live the dream. Here are some simple do-it-yourself gardening ideas to make a great open space that you can enjoy day and night.

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    Customize your space with flooring

    There is nothing better than a new terrace to turn your backyard into an open living room or a great place for parties. This is a simple and affordable way to expand your living space, which will last for many years, and with a little know-how, you can build it yourself.

    Terrace - a room with flooring

    There are several material options for flooring. In addition to traditional wooden flooring there is an environmentally friendly alternative. Composite decking can be made from recycled plastic that is durable, easy to install and maintain, and is resistant to decay and pests.

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    Build with beams

    Eco-friendly beams

    You can form a backyard of any size and give it a natural, earthly appearance with treated pine beams. Processed pine beams are resistant to decomposition, fungi and pests, making them one of the most versatile, easy to use and durable landscape materials on the market. They can be used to create a retaining wall, stepped garden, flower bed or as a border along your beds.

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    Retaining wall space

    Retaining walls are a great way to create interesting steps for your backyard. You can use them to create a raised garden, to surround your entertainment space, or to make a quiet corner to relax. Retaining walls are also a good way to smooth out areas of a sloping block and add extra space for children to play or for you to have fun.Depending on the type you want, retaining walls can be made of logs or treated pine sleepers. Use specially created materials to hold walls that are interlocking, durable and have a range of colors.

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    Own paving

    You can bring real certainty to your backyard and create a great look with paving stones. In addition, it will be an easy project that you can do yourself. Cobblestone makes a solid foundation for your outdoor entertainment area, or you can make a walkway through your garden. There are various colors and styles for laying on the market, suitable for any backyard, made of textured concrete, panel and sand paving.

    Simple and comfortable yard cover

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    Add color and texture with pebbles

    Pebbles are an easy way to bring different colors and textures to the backyard. You can use it to fill in empty spaces in garden beds or as soil cover to complement a paved or flat floor.

    For a clean decorative look, you can use pebbles to create a border or landscape path. There are many colors and styles from which you can choose white, blue, orange, red, green, lime, silver or gold. Using the same color pebble, you can create monochromatic zones or mix colors to create a brighter look.

    Bright flower bed with pebbles

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    Front yard landscape design

    When it comes to the design of the front yard, you will want to think about what features of your house will be emphasized, as well as how you can turn it into an open space that will be actively used. If you want to spend time there rest, privacy will be a key factor. Privacy can be created using a wall or hedge.

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    Get a new perspective

    Before choosing a project, look at your landscape with fresh eyes and more broadly. We are so used to our landscape that it is difficult to determine what others can see. There are two simple tricks to see the landscape from a new perspective. When using both of these methods, the goal is to forget what you think about your landscape, and instead see what actually exists.

    The first is the trick of the old artist. Get away from your landscape far enough so that you can see everything at once. Then pinch your eyes until the picture is blurred, and try to clear your memory.

    Draw your picture to create a landscape

    There may be areas that, when blurred, become dark and overgrown. Some areas may look dirty, because there are too many small plantings, statues or pots. Or, you may have a bright and clear area, but a little too empty. All these ideas can give you a general idea of ​​which projects to solve in the first place.

    The second technique that you can use to see your landscape with a new look is to make black and white photos of your landscape design. By giving color, you can make the familiar space new, so you will see it with objective eyes. Currently, most digital cameras have a black and white setting, so this is easy to do, even if you are not a techno-genius.

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    Define boundaries and add mulch.

    Clean edges deceive the view, creating a neat and well-kept landscape. If the lawn has crept into the flowerbeds in the garden and created an uneven line, then the definition of the border can improve the appearance of the entire landscape.

    Start by laying out a garden hose to define a new boundary. Do not make the mistake of a beginner by creating a wavy line of a "drunken snake." Instead, make wide curves that scale to your house size. Then use a hoe to trim the grass until you have a clean, attractive line.

    Define a beautiful line of mulch

    After you have a neat border, add a layer of mulch from wood chips for a sophisticated look. Bright color is attractive, smoothes the uneven surface of the soil and, as a rule, gives landscaping a professional finish.

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    Cut huge bushes

    If the plant is clearly not intended to be a hedge, then it should be cut. Otherwise there will be a feeling that the service is out of control.

    Cut the shrub at the base, removing any branches that are 15 cm from the ground. It gives a more open view and works wonders on rhododendrons and other shrubs that may seem bleak and overwhelming when they crawl along the ground.

    Neat bushes in the yard

    Another good task is to carefully trim any plant that touches the house. Plants that rely on the house can cause cracking of paint, as well as mold and ants. Pruning plants from 20 to 30 cm from the house will give landscaping a more open view, as well as give you the opportunity to clean the house or, if necessary, tint it.

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    45 ideas for a fashionable front yard

    Modern front yard designs rely more on a minimalist and desert look. The volumetric forms and the abundance of color have disappeared. The modern look consists of pure lines, earthy colors, the creative use of stone, and the absence of atypical colors.

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    Steps and paving stones

    We are seeing a departure from solid coatings with a margin in the direction of patterned paving for sidewalks, alternating with round stones.

    Registration of the drosh decorative materials

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    Horizontal Fence

    Lines are more pronounced with a clean horizontal fence. Aluminum, vinyl, steel, and wood are popular materials for trendy kitchen gardens.

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    Metal parts

    The idea of ​​a metal house number sign is modern, clear fonts that are made of brass, aluminum or chrome. Simple and stylish.

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    Herbal Tips

    These are sidewalks covered with grass gaps so that the grass can grow right under your feet. Traditional white or light pavers for the courtyard in combination with green gives a clearer view of the courtyard.

    Grassy yard path

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    Garden slabs

    Gardening is still relevant for both front and courtyards, although it has become more restrained. If you like flowers, use block gardening, which is an interesting and new dimension.

    In the role of flower pots

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    Large pots

    Among the modern front courtyards are very noticeable large pots for plants. The bigger they are, the better. Basic shapes - round, square, cylindrical or conical.

    An interesting solution for the garden

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    Stone and succulents

    The use of large and small stones is common among modern front yards. And what grows and looks best with stones? Succulents!

    Succulents in landscape design

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    Wall mounted garden

    Do not limit your gardening on the ground. Picturesque wall gardens are attractive, innovative and look like the main decoration of the front yard.

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    Color accumulations

    Many modern front yards still include many colorful flowering plants. Keep them under control and in a good color ratio to avoid a messy look. Well work those plants that need less time.

    The color scheme in planting a garden

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    Lighted paths

    Illuminated paths define and enhance the design of your front yard. It is also appropriate and attractive.

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    The combination of the fence and benches

    The time has come to replace graceful iron seats in favor of more restrained, more interesting