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Wallpaper in the living room (+150 photos) of modern interior design. Ideas for combining.


The living room of any room, be it a residential building or apartment, is a place of rest for family members and their guests. Therefore, its interior should have a pleasant conversation with a circle of dear people. In addition, the first impression of the living room interior is judged on the hospitality and hospitality of the owners of the house.


Create a cozy atmosphere in the room helps wallpaper on the walls, especially if it is new season. What kinds of them are, how to combine them correctly and what colors are preferable, this article will tell about it.

We update the interior

Nuances when choosing materials

The living room in the house is a common room and is designed for the leisure of all members of the social unit. Therefore, the interior design should be both practical and festive. When choosing a wallpaper, be guided by the style of the interior, the furniture you plan to install, the color of its upholstery.

We plan the situation in advance

In addition, the main points that require special attention are the following:

Living room sizeThis is an indicator that is considered first. There is an explanation for this: strict restrictions for a spacious room do not exist, but finishing materials in dark colors do not fit for a small room. Choose light and airy options for interior decoration, so the room will visually look more spacious. It is better to choose a canvas for the walls in the living room of a milky color, with shades of pink or gold. The drawing with the image of large forms is suitable for a large room, and with a small ornament - for a small one.

Consider the size of the room

Ceiling heightIf it is high, it is better to glue the wall in a strip located horizontally. If the ceiling is low, prints with wide stripes in the vertical direction will do. They will visually increase the height of the ceiling.IlluminationIf the room is warm and the windows face south, select a wall canvas with contrasting cold shades, such as gray, blue, green. If the living room is located on the north side, warm, soft tones will suit: beige, golden, cream.

Contrast turquoise color

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Clothes for walls: types

Wallpapers - a popular finishing building material that is used in the interior of the living room. All of them are conditionally divided into the following types:

Paper This is a mediocre option for finishing the walls, as the base is thin and when glued, it deforms and breaks. In addition, with their help it is impossible to hide the flaws of the surface that is pasted over. But, if the walls are smooth, without cracks and roughness, and you really liked the drawing on the canvases, feel free to glue them, despite the short life span, because they are inexpensive.

Paper wallpaper - a popular option

Flizelinovye They have a pronounced structure and high density, due to which they are more durable. They are not afraid of moisture and the direct rays of the sun. Flizelinovye samples produced for painting, so they can always be repainted in any color. The interior of the living room will be updated, especially if it is a novelty of the season.

Stylish and affordable non-woven wallpaper

Vinyl Their basis is paper, and the surface is vinyl. Easy to wash when contaminated. When gluing, the gaps in the joints are minimal, and it seems that the wall and the material covering them are a monolithic surface.

Vinyl wallpaper for living room

Fabric They are considered the most exquisite. Their basis is paper and non-woven, and the surface of the front part is made of flax, velor, silk. Other fabrics may be used. With such wallpaper, the interior is simply gorgeous. But, there are drawbacks, for example, the price is impractical: pollution is difficult to remove, dust accumulates quickly.

The luxury and sophistication of fabric wallpaper

Choosing clothes for the walls, you should not save, as the finishing material with high quality and environmental performance is always expensive. So that there is no doubt: to buy or not to buy, think about the life of the wallpaper and make sure that the purchase is worth it.

Bright canvas palette

Glass fiber At their production fiberglass is applied. Such finishing materials are practical and durable. Possess high moisture resistance, are easy to clean and repaint.

Correctly select the type of canvas

Bamboo wallpaperThey are used most often in the interior of the living room, decorated in the colonial style. In addition, they are used as a decorative element, they are not glued all the walls, but only part of them.

Bamboo interior decoration

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Color spectrum

If the floor in the room is dark and the furniture is decorated in rich colors, light colors will do, which will give the interior lightness. It is known that the height of the room is visually reduced if the floor is dark in color. Therefore, choose a model with stripes and ornaments vertically.

Choose models with stripes

When interior design living rooms with a light-colored floor, there are no such restrictions. You can choose any wallpaper: light, dark, plain or patterned. But it is better to glue only on one side, if they are dark.

The room will be brighter if the surface of the materials to be pasted is shiny. This wall covering is called screen printing (satin). The reflection from them will be brighter if their surface has the effect of gilding, silvering. In a small living room, one shiny wall is enough, otherwise the room will look cramped.

The effect of silvering one wall

If it is difficult to make a choice, buy a neutral color. They are universal, the interior can always be changed by changing textiles, accessories, lighting. With bright wallpaper on the walls will be more difficult: you have to glue them.

We select universal color

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Unusual wallpaper

Currently, the choice of wallpaper is huge. Among them are many species familiar to us. But there are unusual. For example, if you want to arrange the interior of the living room in an eco-style, you can use bamboo or cork wallpaper for pasting the walls. They are well hide all the irregularities on the walls. But they are glued only one wall, otherwise your room will look like a bamboo grove.

Cork Trim

The interior of the living room is considered fashionable if its walls are decorated with stone or brick. But this does not mean that these materials are actually lined with walls. For this there are textured ones, which are practically impossible to distinguish from a real wall.

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The best colors and shades

When choosing clothes for walls, be guided both by your preferences and fashion in dinterior design. Perhaps you will like those shades that are at the peak of popularity.

Lilac living room design

These include the so-called "complex" colors:

  • Lilac, especially beautiful color fuchsia.
  • Blue and green: in combination, these colors look very elegant.
  • Bright shades. In this case, preference is better to give blue.
  • Gray does not go out of fashion. So, when using neutral shades, you can create a great background and focus on pieces of furniture. Gray color is elegant, restrained. It is perfectly combined with decorative wooden surfaces and bright contrasting interior items.

Bright green

Experiment with different shades. Contrast in colors is the best solution for a cozy living room. If you choose the right color without being carried away with too bright hues, the room will be really neat. And be guided by your desires when choosing them: you shouldn’t get a fuchsia-colored canvas if you don’t like it. In the living room of a small size it is better to buy bright ones in order to visually enlarge the space.

Increase the space with light wallpaper

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Prints and drawings

There are countless different prints and textures. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult to choose a suitable pattern among hundreds of others. The following prints are popular:

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Large figure

No matter what it will be: peas or flowers, palm trees or butterflies. This print will allow you to focus on the area of ​​the living room, which, in your opinion, should attract the most attention. It is interesting that in many cases you don’t even need to decorate the living room with anything, because beautiful and perfectly selected wallpapers with a large pattern do an excellent job for this purpose.

It is enough to choose a plinth, curtains and floor covering of the correct color. It is preferable to use plain interior items, as too much decorative workload will make the interior design too pompous and ridiculous.

Large pattern for maximum occupancy

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Oriental pattern

Many architects and designers were conquered by Asian flavor. Therefore, you can find a large number of high-quality wallpaper with an oriental pattern. However, please note: choosing wallpaper on an Asian theme, you will oblige yourself to select special textiles and furniture in the same style to make the room look harmonious.

Oriental style living room

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Plant drawing

Currently very relevant wallpaper with natural prints. For example, images can mimic bamboo, cane and even the tropics. There are both bright and calm patterns in different shades. If you choose a bright print, for example, a bright green top of a palm tree, then such wallpaper should be placed only on one wall, and the rest left more calm.

Thus, you will focus on a certain part of the living room and at the same time do not overload it with unnecessary decorations. By the way, wallpaper with vegetable print is very easy to combine with other finishing materials, which should also be considered when choosing them.

Focus on a specific area

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A print depicting flowers does not lose its popularity. Until now, you can find wallpaper with a small provincial pattern with daisies. But now fashion trends are changing: large flowers are popular, as well as rich contrasting shades. Interior design with options for such drawings will allow you to create a visual focus in the room.

Flowers for bright contrast

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Geometrical ornament

Also remains relevant. As in the case of flowers, you should choose prints with a larger pattern. In order to visually increase the free space, glue the walls with wallpaper of light colors, which depict geometric prints. A vertical bar, for example, will visually increase the height of the room. However, do not choose plain patterns that can make the room too boring.

Geometric print on the wall

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Wall mural

Nowadays, more and more relevant photo wallpapers, which can be depicted anything, are becoming more and more relevant. You can order wallpapers with your own portrait or image from space orbit, but remember that in this case it is better to refuse impulsive decisions. Of course, it is important that the wallpaper was a beautiful and high-quality image. However, it is even more important that it blends seamlessly into the living room design.

Beautiful image made on the wall with the help of photo wallpaper

The choice of drawing and color of a cloth for registration of walls depends on from what party of the building the drawing room is located. If the south side, then you better stop on the cold shades with a not very bright pattern. If from the north, and at the same time in the room is very poor natural lighting, it is better to choose warm colors and brighter pictures.

Bright pictures for the mood

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Combined wallpaper

Combining different types is one of the best options in the modern interior of the living room. This is the case when you can experiment. Use several options at the same time, just do not forget to place accents. Versions with vertical and horizontal stripes, borders will help to make the interior of the living room stylish.

Combining several types of wallpaper

Combining several types of wallpaper not only looks elegant, but also allows you to fix the flaws in the layout. For example, your living room performs immediately sleeping and working functions. In order to divide the room into appropriate zones, you can paste over the walls of the working space with brighter canvases. Combining will allow you to visually increase the size of the room, as well as fill the empty space, to draw attention to the most significant area.

Fill the empty space

In order for the wallpaper to produce the desired effect and at the same time not overdue the living room, they allocate no more than two walls combining different textures. In a narrow living room is better to paste over short walls in bright colors. Longer walls, on the contrary, in quiet shades. If you wish, you can focus on the recreation area or the active area. To do this, it is not necessary to purchase contrasting wallpapers, you can simply choose a coating with a different texture.

The main thing - do not overdo it with contrasts

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