How to choose modern furniture and update the interior? 230+ Photo making style embodiment (living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway design)


The style for each room creates furniture. The future design depends on this choice, the correct placement. Subtle colors and laconic decor of modern furniture create a cozy interior in small apartments. How to choose such furniture and not make a mistake?

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  • Characteristic features of modern furniture
  • Features of its installation
  • Popular styles
  • High tech
  • Loft
  • Scandinavian style
  • Provence
  • The choice of modern furniture
  • Technical aspects
  • Visual characteristics
  • Conclusion
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  • Characteristic features of modern furniture

    The abundance of storage space in cabinets, shelves and chest of drawers organizes storage in small apartments. Smooth panels, a small number of decorative elements and a tendency to embed furniture create roomy, concise designs.

    Sliding wardrobes, popular for furnishing living rooms and bedrooms in new buildings, are decorated with mirrors or chipboard panels. Inside, such furniture is supplied with pull-out baskets, brackets, and lighting, and from the outside, the wardrobe looks restrained and elegant.

    Comfortable furniture in one color

    Constructions for storing things — racks, dressers, shelves — are best purchased with built-in doors. This creates a more ordered interior, saves daily cleaning time.

    Modular designs, popular in interior design, can be chosen for rooms of modest size. Sliding tables, folding sofas or transforming chairs accommodate a large group of guests, and folded occupy a minimum of space. Buying a modular ensemble is a rational solution for a studio apartment. For example, a living room with a sofa bed and a sliding table easily turns into a bedroom or a study.

    Modular design for a small living room

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    Features of its installation

    Built-in headsets and individual pieces of furniture save space in apartments, they are more spacious than stand-alone wardrobes, shelves and kitchen sets. Studio apartment owners often zone a living room with such solutions.

    For example, a built-in bookcase divides the room into a work area and a bedroom. Such solutions reduce the cost of finishing the premises, they can be accurately “entered” into the dimensions of the room, rationally using the free space.

    Separate the work area and bedroom

    Many builders attach tables and shelves to the walls, which reduces the time of daily cleaning: the hostess does not need to bypass supports. Visually, this method of installing structures creates a more “light” interior, not overloaded with decor. Massive items are selected to a maximum height to use all storage space.

    Furniture is often chosen high

    Large fittings along with bright lighting give originality even to structures made of budget materials. For example, LED tape or vintage pens mounted on a chipboard bookshelf will give a simple design an elegant look.

    Built-in lights or LED strips attached to external panels, doors or plinths of furniture create a cozy atmosphere, emphasizing the beauty of individual objects. The priority of convenience over beauty, natural materials, smooth textures and austere design are embodied in the popular styles of interior design.

    We create a cozy atmosphere

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    Popular styles

    The design of apartments or country houses often combines elements of classic, modern, loft, and the color range is limited only by the imagination of the owners. Interior fashion offers popular styles that are used to decorate furniture.

    Book Solution

    To give an apartment a particular style, it is enough to use its individual elements in the design: chairs, lamps, curtains. This does not “overload” the rooms; at the request of the owners, such items can be easily transferred to the next room. Return to the menu

    High tech

    The interiors in this style are recognizable by the metallic design elements, the color scheme is a combination of black and white colors, the practicality of pieces of furniture comes to the fore. Glass tables with metal legs and narrow countertops, low TV cabinets made of thick glossy MDF - high-tech style elements.

    Classic hi-tech option

    Such a solution looks most appropriate in spacious rooms. The abundance of glossy surfaces, sliding partitions, open type of communication design look rich, therefore, it is necessary to “soften” the interior with textiles. High-tech decor is suitable for:

    • Kitchen, combined with the living room - a possible place to install a headset with glossy facades or chairs with chrome legs, characteristic of the high-tech style.
    • Spacious bathrooms can be equipped with glass curbstones under the sink, metal laundry baskets, plain ottomans of strict geometric shapes.

    Suitable for combined kitchen with living room

    The living room is a roomy space for forming a high-tech interior. Recessed "walls" without bright fittings and decor, plenty of lighting and storage sections create comfort without overloading the room.

    Do not overload in high-tech style

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    The combination of "unkempt" brick walls, open engineering communications, old shelves and chests made of natural wood creates a dark color of the loft style.

    Leather armchairs with wine upholstery, soft puffs, hammocks, stylized drawers and chests for storage, open shelves for books are popular items for such an environment.

    Loft Style Leather Armchairs

    Due to contrasting colors, an abundance of accessories and brick walls, the loft style is used in apartments only partially, creating accents. The whole style is appropriate in the setting:

    • The premises of the hallway or hall where the stylized chest will become a bright accessory and a place to store the necessary things.
    • Living room or spacious balcony - space for a low table made of natural wood or an open rack for books.

    Style is great for large rooms.

    Separate accessories, such as loft-style lamps, look appropriate in the kitchen and in the living room. The style of the room should be neutral; it is better to choose light shades.

    The combination of furniture in the aesthetics of a loft with a neutral interior decoration creates a rich interior of contrasting colors.

    Neutral finish in the interior of the room

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    Scandinavian style

    Light shades, natural materials and plenty of storage space create a discreet, discreet Scandinavian style. Rooms decorated in neutral shades can be complemented with brightly colored furniture. Metal bar stools, easy chairs, low tables and wide dressers made of solid wood or MDF are typical pieces of furniture for the Scandinavian interior.

    Scandinavian style - is the mandatory presence of soft seats.

    Cozy Scandinavian style looks appropriate in any apartment, bright accents will add textile bedspreads, lighting fixtures or paintings.

    Maximum light, air and space

    Low-key compact furniture in the Scandinavian style looks good in different rooms:

    • A small kitchen will seem more spacious if you furnish it with a light built-in set of natural wood.
    • The bedroom, furnished in a loft style, will create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation. Natural materials and light shades are a guarantee of a comfortable night rest.
    • The working area, office or part of the living room, furnished with items in this style, will look neutral, ensuring comfortable work.

    Relaxed atmosphere

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    Bleached oak with the effect of aging, floral ornaments, an abundance of floor lamps and forged items are characteristic features of Provence style. Due to the rich "feminine" colors, this style is used for decorating bedrooms or boudoirs. Wooden chairs with floral upholstery, wardrobe made of bleached oak, as well as wrought-iron beds with floral decor are suitable for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, work areas.

    Feminine colors of Provence

    Bright furniture in the style of Provence will be the accent of the premises, decorated in a restrained color scheme. Round coffee tables, small dressers and trellises complement:

    • Spacious bedrooms in bright colors, with bright floral upholstery ornament attracts the attention of guests.
    • Living rooms, including - spacious combined with kitchen options. Elegant tables and chairs in the style of Provence add comfort to the room, without overloading it.

    Elegant tables and chairs

    Small floral ornaments and vintage wood look most appropriate in country houses, also complement the large seating areas on the balconies and loggias. Wicker chairs with upholstered, wrought-iron stools, compact chests are suitable for a large family’s daily rest. Return to menu

    The choice of modern furniture

    New furniture - a quick way to diversify the interior, as well as more compactly place the necessary things for storage.

    We adhere to the same style

    Going shopping, it is better to take a small piece of wallpaper, curtains and flooring. This will accelerate the choice of colors of future furniture.

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    Technical aspects

    It is recommended to record the measurement results before the purchase, if you need a modular "slide" - it is reasonable to prepare a drawing. If you need a kit for the kitchen or living room, you can call the measurer from the salon, so that the purchase is guaranteed to fit the size of the room.

    The main thing is to plan furniture layout correctly.

    Furniture of standard dimensions is bought from the hall, it is better to produce custom-made dimensions. In this case, materials and colors are selected at the request of the buyer. Such products are ordered for rooms of non-standard sizes or unique design, functional content.

    For example, when buying built-in kitchen sets, they choose the color and material of the facades, their size, as well as the internal equipment of the structure - drawers, brackets, roof rails.

    Many use the services of furniture to order

    The easiest way to order all the furniture for an apartment from one manufacturer. In this case, shades are guaranteed to be combined with each other, reduced production time, as well as shipping costs.

    Beautiful baby for a pleasant pastime


    Narrow profile stores offer more colors, designs and finished furniture models than general stores. For example, when buying a headset in the salon of kitchen furniture, the choice of facades will be wider, and the production time - less.

    We embody all the most necessary

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    Visual characteristics

    The color scheme of the new acquisition depends on the tastes of the owners, and there are two main approaches to choosing a shade:

    • Buying items to match the interior of the room creates a uniform, visually neutral atmosphere for recreation. It is easy to make such an interior bright by adding textile of contrasting shades, lighting devices, and decorative elements.
    • Contrasting brightly colored furniture is the accent of a room that will attract the attention of the hosts and their guests. Bright upholstery, eye-catching facades can quickly tire, so it is better to use them moderately. For example, a sofa with a turquoise upholstery looks good in a living room with beige wallpaper, if other objects are matched to the tone.

    Contrast accent in red chairs

    Stylized furniture is used as an accessory that complements the room, made in neutral colors. If the rooms in the apartment are decorated in the same style, then new items should be combined with it or be neutral.

    Thinking over to the smallest detail

    The combination of different styles in the same room will create a catchy interior. To comply with the harmony need to consider a few rules:

    • Colors are well combined with each other, if they have equal saturation and temperature.
    • Contrast color shades are better complemented with neutral ones, so that the interior looks more “soft”.
    • Stylized pieces of furniture are best placed in the center of the room, and basic storage solutions are in the background.

    Stylized items for the center of the room

    Online programs for modeling premises or themed resources with photos will help to combine interior items in different styles, you can also turn to a professional designer.

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    Buying stylized furniture will update the interior of the apartment without long and costly repairs. Recessed structures with a large storage area require installation by professionals. Quickly update the interior will help stylized modular furniture, which can be picked up from the hall and accentuate the room.

    Moving away from stereotypes

    Options for neutral colors will suit owners of small apartments. Bright curtains and bedspreads, built-in lights or bright upholstery bring zest to the quiet interior. Catchy textures and rich colors look better in spacious rooms.

    Accent with bright curtains

    Before buying furniture, choose its dimensions, style, materials and colors. By following the simple rules of color combination and moderately using the decor, everyone can choose or order modern furniture to their own taste and wallet.

    Do not overload the interior with unnecessary things.

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