White doors: 210+ (Photo) Design in the interior. Options that suit everyone


Door fashion is manifested both in the design of the doors and in color. More recently, we have seen the popularity of dark, saturated colors. The leader today is white. We see it everywhere. At the door this trend is also pursued. White doors - the latest trend of European fashion. Due to the brevity of the design and the simplicity of the lines, the snow-white facade of the door structures has an amazing aesthetic image.


That is why furniture hypermarkets pay special attention to white openings. Entire streets of cities dressed in white. Door designs of all styles, from classic to modern, there is cream, ivory and other representatives of light shades.

In modern design, white doors are now also relevant, as in the distant past. The unique color is combined with almost any shade of furniture, walls, floor, always looks festive and aesthetically pleasing.

White interior with white doors


When an article about white color pops up somewhere, then dozens of comments immediately appear below it, the meaning of which is in the phrase "this is the same as in the hospital" or "white is not practical." In order to break your doubts, let's analyze some myths.

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Myth 1. "As in the hospital"

With the same success we can say that the wallpaper, underwear and bed linen also apply to the phrase "in the hospital." But it is not. In hospitals, white does not happen, except for resuscitation, operating rooms. For the rest, it is practically not used. So forget about this stupid, inappropriate myth.

Classic doors for the living room

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Myth 2. "White is not cold"

"White makes the room cold" - this is also not the case. The sensations of heat or cold depend not on the color, but on the temperature of the shade, which he has a lot: the color of ivory, eggshell, first snow and others. The main thing is to choose the shade that you like.

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Myth 3. "Dirt is visible everywhere"

On the bright supposedly strongly visible dirt. If the owner is sloppy, the dirt in his apartment will be visible everywhere, on any background. Hue has nothing to do, black or color. There are many reasons to use this color in the interior.

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"White is always appropriate"

Its main advantage is that it is always and everywhere appropriate. No matter how the interior looks like: classic, modern, Art Deco or Scandinavian - no difference. Whatever interior you have built, white color everywhere will look modern and relevant. This is his unique property. That is why many people like it.

A feeling of coziness and comfort

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"Light and Space"

White light reflects the sun's rays so when they enter the room, they are reflected from the light walls, making it visually brighter, filled with air. In addition, it visually expands the space, raises the ceilings, so for small rooms and rooms this is what you need.

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"Looks expensive"

White baseboards, doors and a smooth ceiling add elegance to any interior, it looks expensive.

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"With panels"

Classic door panels with panels always look good, but this does not apply to modern flat door designs, which will also soon be out of fashion, namely the classics.

Panel doors in the interior hallway

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"Background for experiments"

Another very important fact of white color: because of its versatility and neutrality, this shade is just an ideal field for experimentation. That is, if you want to change something in your apartment and are afraid to make a mistake - do not be afraid, this color will endure everything.


  • Visible dirt, requires frequent maintenance, especially near the handle and lock.

But the dust is less visible than on dark-colored models.

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White interior doors

Such models will easily fit into the atmosphere of any room. In order not to seem too simple design, the door leaf can be decorated with original fittings from any material. Classic style can be supplemented with golden handles of elegant shape. Brutality accentuated handles made of cast iron, in the room of a teenager, you can put the model of plastic. Also add originality ornaments and drawings on the surface of the door leaf, glass inserts.

Separate the white color with a pen

Bright doors with stained glass windows are well suited to a small room.

Stained-glass windows will let in daylight, make the atmosphere brighter and brighter, which will visually increase the space. Such models are usually placed between the corridor and the hall.

White color does not overload the environment. Makes her lighter and more elegant. If you install light door designs in a narrow corridor, the space will seem more spacious, have a more solemn look.

Designers like to use this option when the color of the wall matches the tone of the door, they merge, giving the impression of a solid wall without doorways. In this way, the room seems more spacious, lighter.

Often the color of the wall is merged with the door.

The light color with darkened glass looks contrast and stands out against the general background. Therefore, it is necessary that the environment was an element that will balance the bright shades. So that the door does not dominate the surrounding interior.

Very nice, does not attract much attention to the door leaf with corrugated glass. White is a universal color that allows using it in minimalistic, high-tech and ceremoniously pompous styles.

If there is a difficulty in choosing the color of the door, for a complex interior, it is a good option to put a model in white.

Their main feature, the fact that they do not stand out against the general background, become secondary.

A good alternative is to darken the glass.

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Role in the interior

In the Scandinavian style, the bright door leaf will be wonderfully combined with natural materials. Add simplicity, tranquility. They fit the minimalist style, where there is a minimum of furniture and decor, a white door will not stand out, will expand the space, add simplicity to the severity.

And in the style of country light color emphasizes the contrast of light and dark tones. In the classical style, a bright canvas with gold handles, decorated with beautiful patterns can be a decoration of the room. Return to the menu

A color scheme

White canvas perfectly in harmony with dark colors. Dilute the pressure setting, adding a bit of tenderness and lightness to the interior of the room.

Dark walls perfectly set off white doors.

Dark purple walls look luxurious, with white doors, it becomes a little lighter, more comfortable.

In the rooms with blue wallpaper and white doorways are combined cold and light colors. An atmosphere of calm and freshness is created.

Beautifully look walls of brown, chocolate color with such model of doors. Light shade dilutes dark tones, does not allow the room to become gloomy.

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Varieties of models

The manufacturer offers a huge selection of doors by design by color. Or you can order by the size of the doorway.

Swing design in the interior

By the mechanism produced:

  • Swing. When the door structure is attached to the wall with hinges. Not very comfortable, because you need a place to open the door.
  • Sliding. They open like in a compartment, move on castors along a wall along the wall. Comfortable model, especially if you want to save space.
  • Folding. Two types of folding, book and accordion. They differ in the number, size of sections.
  • Swivel. These are canvases with a mechanism that allows opening from any side.

Folding doors - comfortable and practical

By design:

  • Single leaf. Standard models have a single canvas, one of the most common types.
  • Bivalves. It consists of two parts that are equally involved, designed for large openings.
  • One and a half. The peculiarity of this design is that one part is involved, the second is less than the first in width, does not open. Used when necessary to increase the passage.
  • Folding doors look great, open in the form of an accordion. Often produced with glass inserts. Good exit with large doorways. When buying, pay attention to the folding mechanism. It must be silent.

Single models are one of the popular

They are divided into the following types:

  • Shield This is when the door has a solid structure of the canvas.
  • Paneled. The combined model consists of a frame, crossbars. And the space is filled with glass, a sheet of MDF.

A variety of doors allows you to find an option for any room from a small room to a huge spacious living room.

Shield models for your design

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Door leaf decoration

If the white opening seems too boring and uninteresting, you can always add, decorate, make it brighter.

The following methods are used:

  • Use the effect of aging, scuffed.
  • Make hand painted colors and the usual door will be original, unique.
  • Use of photo printing.
  • Change the decor with photo wallpaper or self-adhesive film. Another option is to buy vinyl stickers in the store.
  • Inserts of glass or mirrors also diversify the design of the door structure.

The door leaf is noticeably transformed by fittings, and the choice of such a design is huge.

We decorate glass with drawings

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Entrance doors

Formerly, white entrance models were personified by public institutions, today it’s a beautiful, main entrance to a residential building. It can be seen in luxurious cottages, as well as in neat private houses, in the first and second versions it looks festive and aesthetically pleasing.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The white door always looks elegant, on any walls, with different colors.


  • Attractive appearance with any accessories.
  • Large selection of models.
  • Visually expands, lengthens the wall.
  • Emphasizes the features of style and architecture of the building.

White entrance doors always look rich and beautiful


  • light door quickly smears, dirty stains, dust is very noticeable on a light background;
  • frequent care is required;
  • must be under the visor, which will protect it from the weather, rain, and snow.

But all this is mere trifles compared to the beauty that it gives.

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The combination with the interior

It is very important to consider when choosing a model, design and style of the house, its architecture. Then the doors will harmoniously fit into the walls of the building. White door panels with light walls look sophisticated. To the houses in the style of Provence or Country wonderful door designs with glass inserts or mirrors. Beautifully look models with large double-glazed windows.

Models with large glass panes are a good choice for visualization.

Houses where a small and dark hallway uses openings with an additional light source. This option will visually expand the room.

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Basically now the entrance doors are made of metal. White decorative finish is performed in such options:

  • just outside;
  • inside;
  • at both sides.

Doors can be white on one side only.


One of the inexpensive materials that is used from the outside of the door panel. Foam rubber is placed between the leather and the construction as sound and heat insulation. The material is moisture resistant, not difficult to clean.

But do not use for interior decoration. It will look too easy.


This material is used only for interior plating. It is not resistant to moisture, but has resistance to mechanical damage.

Laminated MDF board

It is an expensive, durable material, used for interior and exterior finishes, moisture resistant, but note that it is not waterproof. Requires careful treatment. Durable and resistant to mechanical damage, but still does not tolerate aggressive detergents.


The material has a good resistance to environmental influences, and various kinds of damage. Often used for public buildings. The film is glued on both sides.

Metal plastic

Plastic doors are used for industrial and private homes. They have remarkable resistance to temperature changes, moisture resistant. Hermetic porch does not let through drafts.

Resistant to temperature changes

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Black and white

The contrast of two completely opposite colors makes the room bright and unusual. Smooth lines create an atmosphere of order and rigor. These types choose creative individuals, as well as young people.

Consider several options:

  • deaf;
  • with glass;
Two-tone models are great for the bedroom, white doors with black matte glass will look luxurious. Beautifully look models with partial glass inserts, with two parallel glass strips of black color.

The two-color door harmoniously fits into the interior.

Suitable for a minimalist style that emphasizes simplicity and functionality. The use of black, white and gray tones underlines the rigor and order.

In living rooms, sliding models look good, where black glass occupies most of the design, decorated with white painting. A great option when in the closed state are one.

The option in the form of a chessboard in black and white squares is suitable for spacious rooms. The combination of glossy and matte material looks original. But this design should be used carefully. Otherwise the room turns out to be too bright, and to be in it will be hard for a long time. Suitable for bright and large rooms with different decorations and patterns.

Bright and original, all in tune

For the kitchen, apertures with a white base and black inserts are great, a strip will look good. The original version is when the door structure is white on one side, black on the other, and the dark color is on the inside of the room. It is practical and unusual.

Glossy models are a new trend, quite popular. Easily combined with any interior, always look festive and elegant, allow you to eliminate bulkiness and make even a small room more spacious. The successful decision for houses, and also offices, cottages.


  • environmentally friendly coating, does not emit harmful substances;
  • wide choice, economy class and luxury;
  • not difficult to clean, periodically cleaned from dust, stains are easily washed off;
  • affordable price;
  • universal model that fits any floor covering, combined with various wall and ceiling decoration;
  • protection against fungus;
  • long service life;
  • glossy doors resistant to mechanical damage and burnout.

Gloss always attracts the eyes of others

Especially this option is great if there are pets in the house, they with all their efforts will not be able to scratch the door. More significant damage can be easily repaired.

Such apertures are moisture resistant and easily tolerate temperature changes. Therefore, they can be placed in rooms with an aggressive environment, such as a kitchen, bathroom.

Models with beautiful glass or mirror inserts, relief patterns can be a decoration of the room, a beautiful overflow attracts the eye.

Suitable for any interior, easily combined with curtains, bedspread, pillows.

We supplement the classic form with mirror inserts.

Pay attention to the disadvantages:

Such models require constant care. On the bright doors, especially near the castle and handles, there are visible spots. These places should often be wiped with a damp cloth, using detergent. Fingerprints can be displayed on gloss.

But this is just one drawback, which is easy to fix.

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Varieties of models

In the manufacture of glossy openings, certain materials are used, covered with plastic or laminate, a layer of enamel or varnish is applied on top.

There are a lot of models for your choice.

There are such models:

  • Laminated. The top layer is covered with laminate.
  • Wood. The wooden frame has a long service life, for a long time have a good look.
  • MDF. Models of inexpensive frame, the surface of MDF sheet is covered with two layers of varnish.
  • Veneer. Such species are in great demand. The frame is covered with veneer, on top of which gloss is applied.
  • Coupe doors. Such designs are very comfortable, functional, suitable for any rooms. And will be a wonderful addition to the modern interior.

You can pick any model.

Functional compartment doors for any room

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Design solutions

White gloss perfectly combined with dark flooring, as well as with dark window frames and furniture. In such cases, white plinth is used. Compartment doors and also usual interroom models will approach.

Glossy openings fit well into plain walls. Look beautiful in black and white

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With white laminate

Advantages of light floors and doors:

  • With this design, the illumination in the room increases, especially suitable for small apartments. In such rooms it seems that this is a place where there is a lot of fresh air.
  • Such a room seems wider. If the floor is lighter than the walls, the room will be visually higher. Bright openings and the floor emphasize the ease of the environment.

Compatibility of doors and laminate

A beautiful combination of white door and white laminate. When choosing such a design, you need to consider that such a color happens with different tones, warm and cold. If the door structures have a shade of cold, then the floors should be the same color, and vice versa. In rooms where window frames with a cold tint door leaves and floors should be exactly the same tone.

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Useful tips

When using some shades, you can emphasize the advantages of white color, and add some bright colors to the interior.:

  • In a room with a white floor you can look beautiful furniture with a green color. Such a room will always seem fresh, comfortable. This option is used in rest rooms.
  • Furniture with a purple tint brings a touch of extravagance, luxury. The combination of white floors and doors with this color is popular.
  • Red furniture will suit the living room, children’s room, fill the room with energy and optimism.
  • In small rooms, blue and blue furniture will look great. The combination of white and blue hue gives a feeling of freshness and lightness.
  • Rooms with yellow furniture look cheerful and sunny.

Dilute white with bright colors

It also looks spectacular when the floor, doors, window frames and furniture are white, and the walls are green, lilac, and blue.

The perfect combination of old door designs with laminate in the color of bleached oak, birch. In order not to disturb the geometric clarity, you can emphasize it with a baseboard darker by two or more tones. Such a contrast will not allow the floor to merge into one wall. Return to the menu ↑

Entrance hall

The hall should be beautiful and cozy, because it is she who gives the first impression of the house. It is desirable that this was a bright room, and not a dark, narrow corridor. With the help of white openings, and light colors in the design of the room, you can visually expand it.

Usually the entrance hall has no windows, so it needs good lighting, light walls and a door will be a good design solution.

White hallway in eco style

Many fear this option due to the impracticality of white, especially in the area of ​​the entrance doors, but this is easy to fix. You can glue the walls with washable vinyl wallpaper, wipe the dirt easily. Any furniture also requires careful care.

For a small hallway you need minimalism in the furniture. A good solution is a glossy surface.

White openings are used in many styles, the modern Scandinavian style will give a feeling of airiness. Wonderful colors of natural wood will suit, they will highlight the whiteness of the walls and the door.

If you want to dilute the situation with some bright colors, you can lay a mat with floral ornaments at the entrance, you can hang pictures with colored frames on the walls.

We dilute the interior with photos on the wall

What are the white doors do not match?

There are some points in which door designs of this color are irrelevant:

  • When the walls are ivory, in combination with white, they will seem gloomy, as if unwashed.
  • Unfortunate combination with floors of bright brown or dark beige color.
  • If the walls are decorated with floral or floral, bright openings will give the feeling of a country house, and lose their grace.
  • Error installing the door design of this color, if the interior is nothing white.

Thinking through the design of the room, it is worth considering these tips so that later you don’t have to do the repair again.

Bright wallpaper for a fun design.

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Unusual white doors

Door designs can be not only an accent in the interior, but become invisible at all. If you want the opening to be hidden, you can choose a non-standard model, which is artistically decorated under the wall panels.

There is another option, the invisible door from the L'Invisible Porte factory, and they are almost invisible on the wall. This option is suitable when the wall is decorated with paintings. You can decorate the opening, it will merge with the wallpaper. Know that the handles for such structures should be invisible.

Invisible doors. Do you see them?

To put it mildly, unusual apertures for a hall in the form of granary sliding. Sliding door designs with clips look impressive, and are very popular in modern design.

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In general, dirty marks remain in the area of ​​the handle, especially in a house with children. There are many effective ways to clean the door leaf. One of them is a simple solution consisting of liquid soap dissolved in water. Or use a universal detergent. Today we will analyze the old forgotten way of such incidents:

  • 1 l. water;
  • 1 tbsp. l soda;
  • 1 tbsp. l washing powder;
  • 3 tbsp. l vinegar.

Universal, but difficult to care for.

We take a basin of medium size and pour ingredients into it. Thoroughly mix the solution with a tablespoon. We use microfiber cloths. Put in the solution, soak well, squeeze. Carefully three dirty places. For particularly difficult stains, you can take a melamine sponge.

Do not forget to pay special attention to the accessories, which accumulate a lot of dust.

Which doors to choose - the choice is yours. But definitely they will harmoniously fit into your interior.