What does the light floor in the interior look like? Strengths and weaknesses (265+ Photos)


The floors in the interior along with the walls and ceiling play a decisive role, the choice of their light or dark colors is everything. As summer approaches, people tend to renew their interiors in brighter, brighter colors to make the space more relaxed and sunny. Especially the choice of light shades relates to flooring, since this is a fashionable, universal, always-relevant solution. The light tone of the flooring is good because even if the room changes absolutely everything except him, it will still look beautiful and appropriate.


Bright flooring in the interior

The floors of any room is an architectural feature that will never go unnoticed. Along with the ceiling and walls, the floor covers the largest surface area. Thus, the selected flooring will have a great influence on the appearance, aesthetics and quality of the final design of the room. One of the most important decisions that must be made with a new choice of flooring is color.

Floors in the interior along with walls and ceiling play a decisive role.

Colors can be light, dark or medium, but within these basic definitions there is a series of shades and tones.

Finding the right color should match your taste, the same can be said about the overall design of the space in which the flooring is installed. The popularity of light is dictated by the desire of people for openness and joy, which offers a bright, bright color.

Light flooring facilitates and opens up the space, reflecting more light. This trend uses natural wood shades, such as birch, light oak. It is also a great way to use regenerated wood (old wooden boards, re-processed for use).

PLight and neutral tones are also fashionable, especially suitable for the bathroom.

BoardLight flooring may be more practical than darker shades. Obviously, on dark furniture any dust or scratches are better visible - the same with the floor. Therefore, if you want to spend a minimum of maintenance effort on the flooring, choose light wood flooring.

Finding the right color should match your taste.

Light flooring is more carefree and informal. It makes the room more spacious and welcoming, promotes comfort, empathy. Dark floors, on the other hand, tend to be serious and formal.

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The advantages of light colors

There are many advantages to decorating your floor with a light coating:

  • This is an easy way to make a small space larger, regardless of its size. Turn on light walls, light accented finishes, transparent window coverings or light curtains. Many designers recommend painting the ceiling with a slightly darker color to make it look taller;
  • this coating hides dust, dirt, dog hair - these characteristics make it the most practical and acceptable option for life;
  • Creating a neutral background for a room using the light floor provides a versatile palette from which you can build your design by mixing it with various shades.

The popularity of light is dictated by the desire of people to openness and joy

When it comes to light flooring, there are many shades. Pure white as well as natural oak are popular, but some prefer honey, chestnut shades for a more traditional look.

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Light and dark flooring

By combining the right color of the floor with the right color of the walls, we can make the most of the space we have. As a rule, lighter colors will open the room and make it more visually, and darker colors will make the space smaller. Playing with various combinations of these options, however, can make a room very different:

  • Bright floors will make your room more airy and optically larger. They are also able to give a cleaner, more traditional look. Lighter tones on the floors go well with dark and light walls.
  • Dark floors are needed for those who want to add some kind of contrast to their space, they will add an instant effect of expressiveness to the room.

Connect the right color of the floor with the right color of the walls

  • The combination of dark and light colors on the floors and walls can change not only the appearance of the room. Various combinations on the surface of your space can instantly shift the feel of the room.
  • The use of light colors on the floor and on the walls makes the space too large. This makes the room look less comfortable, personal and warm than you probably need.
  • Conversely, adding one powerful accent in the form of a dark wall will make the space a little smaller and more expressive. Leave the other three walls and floor light. Make an accent wall with function using bright colors.
Combining light walls with darker, you can visually narrow the room, make it deeper and higher. However, in such a ratio it is necessary to leave the overhead light so that the space does not close.
  • Dark walls in a room with light floors and a ceiling will force the eye to follow horizontal lines. This trick is needed to make the room look wider.
  • By maintaining a lighter floor and making the walls and ceiling dark, you get a room that will have a visually smaller shape.

Fluffy carpet will add comfort to the room.

  • Using a dark floor with light walls and ceiling will instantly make the room wider. This is a great combination if you need to open up space, but without excessive space.
  • Dark tones on the floor and on the ceiling will make the room wider, and the ceiling will appear lower.
  • To light from the room came from above, look at the dark floors and walls. This combination can give the room a “basement” feel.

As you start experimenting with colors, you will see how the same room can look different.

The impact of light and shadow in space can be enormous.

In the interior of the kitchen

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Light flooring design ideas

Light wooden floors can go up to many different types of interior design, some of the most popular include:

  • modern style, which consists of smooth lines, minimalist decor and furniture, combined with neutral soft shades of light flooring;
  • Shabby Chic: style with white, linen shades, accents traditionally expressed pastel fabrics, weathered furniture;
  • Scandinavian style, designed to create bright, large spaces suitable for northern latitudes, hidden in the dark for most of the year.

Light floors open up many interesting ideas for design. Below are a few ideas to get started.

In modern style

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In the corridor

If there is a better place for light floors, it is in the corridor. By nature, corridors tend to be dark due to limited space, but light flooring combined with light walls can easily lighten it.

Here we are dealing with a room with high traffic, so you need to choose a material for the floor with high wear resistance, which will be easy to clean and maintain. The floor in the hallway must stand the test of time, no matter how often you change your decor.

First of all, consider the age and style of your property. For a country house fit traditional materials such as wood and tile. And in a modern city apartment, polished concrete or painted floors look good. Stone tiles and old bricks look beautiful in old-fashioned country cottages. But for a more prestigious elegant style, choose a black and white chess tile design that fits the classic townhouse.

The interior of the hallway in a minimalist style.

The color of the floors also depends on the size of your corridor. Dark polished wood flooring or terracotta tiles in deep red hue will make a small corridor smaller. A lighter wooden or neutral colored tile will help improve the sense of space combined with a white or cream decorative pattern.BoardKeep in mind that there is a wide selection of materials. Therefore, if you want wood flooring, but you need less care for it, the best choice will be ceramic tile.

Ceramics can imitate wooden boards in a variety of colors and form finishes.

The color of the floors also depends on the size of your corridor.

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In the living room

The living room with light floors is warm and cozy. She has a “beach house” effect that makes you think about summer all year round - even during the cold winter months.

Add some neutral chairs (wicker or rattan - a great choice). Several household plants, white furniture, neutral accessories (light gray, beige, dark brown) will improve the appearance of the house. These tricks will allow you to get a light, practical, but luxurious effect. Attract visual interest in texture, not color, to preserve the airy feeling of a room.

This color will make the living room warm and cozy.

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In the bathroom

Many natural stone tiles have many matching colors, so you can choose your own combination of shades. Keep the cabinets in the same tone as the tiles, and your bathroom will instantly open.

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In the bedroom

In the bedroom, light flooring acts expressively. If you like a comfortable, airy image, then a bright floor is an important step towards creating the perfect bedroom.

For a traditional look, use a variety of organic materials in white or neutral: wood, wicker, cotton, wool. Keep the bed minimal, avoid dark metal. For such an interior, woven headboards are perfect. Again, the texture game balances the whole white image.

Comfortable, airy image of the bedroom

In the style of contemporary

It is still possible to have a modern bedroom in bright colors. Just focus on the shape and brilliance using metal and geometric shapes. A black or dark mark as an accent color will only deduce the correct amount of visual interest.

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Light floors express what we love in Scandinavian aesthetics. They are clean, fresh, well compatible with the environment in which cleanliness is of principle - with the kitchen. Lighter surfaces reflect more light, creating a more illuminated environment. Although dark surfaces emphasize brighter dust, dark spots become more visible on the light floor.

Light surfaces reflect more light.

Light floors will look the most organic in the kitchen, made in country style. Try using an artificially aged tree for a deliberately worn look. Combine them with cabinets painted in a light color (pale blue or green), use a dark molding to accent.BoardIf your style is more modern, combine your light floor with dark cabinets. Keep your work surfaces in the same color as the floor to get a modern effect that will look not too formal, but not too ordinary. Return to the menu

The choice of material and style

Today, most floor coverings are designed in such a way that they are maintenance free and durable. The decision to choose an idea for a kitchen floor should be based on its functions. The kitchen is an area with high traffic, prone to spills of water, oil, wine, as well as falling dishes. You will want to find flooring materials for your kitchen that do not require care and can withstand high loads.

Demanded and reliable floor coverings include:

  • concrete;
  • rubber;
  • a rock;
  • tile;
  • vinyl;
  • laminate.

In addition to durability, cooking usually requires long standing and walking back and forth. Floors that have cushioning are useful, especially for back problems.

Choose durable material

The most ergonomic flooring options include:

  • bamboo;
  • carpet tiles;
  • cork;
  • rubber flooring;
  • vinyl;
  • tree;
  • laminate.

Let's look at the materials that can be used for cladding your floor and that are available in light color, let's weigh their pros and cons.

White studio apartment

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Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is a good bright kitchen flooring material, an environmentally friendly product, a reliable and sustainable option as a floor covering. It surpasses many other natural materials in its strength and will be durable with active use.

BoardWhen choosing a flooring is better to choose a reliable proven brand, as the quality of the material may vary. In this case, an indicator of a quality product is the length of its warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Pros: Durable, beautifully grainy, environmentally friendly, long warranty.

Cons: Some bamboo floors may have dents.

Stylish room with large windows

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Carpet covering

Carpet is difficult to imagine as a reliable and popular choice for the kitchen, as it is difficult to maintain and clean. But the most modern carpet tiles are a good solution for kitchen floors. They have been developed and tested to serve as a wear-resistant material in high-traffic areas. It is a durable material that is easy to clean, easy to install.. It is especially convenient because it can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

BoardSome manufacturers advise buying additional sets of tiles in order to have a replacement in places with higher traffic if the surface is erased. It can also be used to partially coat walls.

Bright accents in the white room

Pros: durable material in modern colors and soft texture, suitable for reusable use.

Cons: requires frequent cleaning and a vacuum cleaner.

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Concrete floors

On concrete, you can apply a special light paint or glossy epoxy screed. Light concrete can also be obtained by mixing white sand and portland cement.

Concrete has a modern appearance and increased hardness. Having a solid surface, it can withstand activity in the busiest kitchens and still look great.

There are various types of finishes for it:

  • freshly cast concrete can be printed;
  • ready concrete can be painted;
  • polish;
  • make a stencil;
  • make an impregnation.

BoardIf you like concrete floors, but you live in a cold climate, consider adding under floor heating to concrete to warm up the cold surface of the material.

Pros: Durable, versatile, moisture-resistant, modern.

Cons: Hard, if standing for a long time, cold, in need of re-sealing, can get dirty.

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Laminated wooden floors are an inexpensive and durable idea for floor covering a kitchen. Its top layer is strong enough to withstand the toughest treatment. If you add a soft pad under it, you get an ergonomic solution, suitable for prolonged standing. Easy installation and availability of different styles makes this solution simple and convenient for the kitchen.

Laminated wooden floors

BoardChoose laminated flooring with the best possible guarantee. Many manufacturers offer a 25 year warranty. For additional cushioning for comfortable standing, place a thin layer of foam under the bottom.

Pros: Durable, economical, wide range of options, easy to install and remove.

Cons: not as valuable as a real wooden floor, it can be slippery, noisy, not treatable.

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Rubber flooring

Rubber has similar properties to cork, but comes with a large variety of colors and textures. It is easy to install without adhesive due to its high adhesion characteristics, which make it a good temporary solution for a floor in a rented apartment. It is soft, durable and has a non-slip surface. Available in rolls or tiles.

BoardRubber tile is easier to install than sheet. For convenience, choose recycled rubber flooring that is cheaper.

Loft style

Pros: suitable for processing, waterproof, fire resistant, durable, easy to clean, soft.

Cons: people are sensitive to the original smell, spilled oil can stain the surface of the rubber.

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Stone slabs

There is a huge variety of stone floors, including the most popular marble, travertine and granite. Due to differences in shades, the stone gives the kitchen a natural look.

Stone floors are naturally cool and are better suited to areas with a warm climate. If you install stone flooring in a cold climate, consider floor heating to heat the floor in winter.

The clarity of the lines in the interior of the living room

BoardAcquire at least 25% more stone than you need and save your receipt to return the rejected stone. Browse all your stone tiles before you install them professionally. It is likely that the grain and the color of the stone will vary greatly, and you will want to return those parts that did not fit the pattern or tonal correspondence.

Pros: solid, durable surface, easy to clean.

Cons: some stones can get dirty, require routine sealing, some varieties are quite fragile.

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Ceramic tile

Tiles are a great solution with low maintenance for the kitchen. It is easy to clean, durable and has a reflective surface that expands the boundaries of the space in the kitchen.

Stylish and discreet interior

Tiled designs imitate wood and other textures and patterns. Floor tiles are no longer limited to 12-inch format as before. Some of the latest modern designs can be quite large.

BoardHire a professional to install the tile, especially if the surface is not perfectly flat. For ease of maintenance, install tiles with grout lines that should be as narrow as possible.

Pros: durable, moisture-proof material that is easy to maintain, available in a large assortment of styles, shapes and colors.

Cons: grouting lines are sometimes difficult to keep clean, fallen objects, such as dishes, are likely to break.

Tiled designs imitate wood and other textures and patterns.

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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is affordable, comes in a variety of textures and styles, it is one of the most waterproof kitchen flooring. While tiles are fairly easy to install, sheet vinyl requires professional installation.

BoardCheck out the latest trends in vinyl flooring that mimics wood. This is an easy-to-install material that is waterproof enough to be used in a bathroom, kitchen, or other wet area. It can also be well textured to mimic wood grain realistically. This modern material on the floor requires careful study to discover itself and at first glance is very similar to natural wood.

Beautiful, cozy bedroom

Pros: Easy to install, water resistant, some styles look just like wood. Cons: Harmful potentially hazardous chemicals in the composition, require an even base for installation, can be easily deformed.

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Wooden floors

The tree is traditionally located among buyers at the top of the list when choosing a floor. The tree has a high-quality, warm look, has a unique grain, which is formed depending on age. But the wood in the kitchen requires special protection from excessive moisture.

BoardAdd an extra layer of finish to the kitchen so that the wood is sealed. If you live in a climate of high humidity or in the coastal region, avoid wide boards that will eventually become deformed and lift along the edges.

The tree is traditionally located among buyers at the top of the list.

Pros: increases the cost of housing for resale, beautiful, durable, you can change the decor.

Cons: sometimes creaks, requires periodic varnishing, can easily be dented or scratched.

Since wood flooring is most popular, consider it more carefully.

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Light wood floor

Gender is an important design element in a room that can create a strong visual effect in any room with the right wood species, their color and finish. Among all the floors in a light shade, wood flooring is particularly notable.

BoardIf your house already has parquet, you only need to polish the boards and then paint them to match the walls or furniture. If your parquet is made of some hardwoods (for example, oak or ash), you will need to pre-whiten with white.

Creative, stylish and cozy room design

To avoid all this grinding and painting, light-colored flooring can be achieved by installing newly designed parquet floors that have been pre-treated with whitewash or paint. Alternatively, if you like the look of wood, but you don't have the budget, then you always have tinted vinyl or ceramic tiles.

You can choose wooden floors with a different surface:

  • glossy;
  • artificially aged;
  • threaded or colored so that the grain is more visible.

Wood flooring gives a sense of basic integrity, lightness and at the same time reliability. Light woods that perform well as flooring can be as follows:

  • beech;
  • ash;
  • oak;
  • Scandinavian solid varieties and many others.

These forests are combined with traditional interiors, bringing in their natural lightness, familiar to many generations. On the other hand, their undervalued, soft shutter speeds complement the sharper lines of modern architecture. This is a classic flooring that will look confident, will improve any style of interior with its sincere naturalness.

Light wood floors come in a rich range of colors:

  • whites;
  • creamy;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • gray.

Flax, cotton and other neutral tones inspired by the earth look great here. These wooden floors create a neutral canvas from which any style or design can be created.Keep your space monochromatic or mix it up with bright accents.

Dining area connected to the living room