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Garden bench - a beautiful element of landscape architecture. With its help, you can create a recreation area in the local area. Such structures are built both in production and with their own hands at home. In the production of different materials are used, even in some cases, they can be constructed from chairs, logs, other material that is in each summer cottage.

Content of this article:

  • Design features
  • Manufacturing material
  • Garden benches: types and features
  • How to choose a bench for the garden?
  • Combined: metal and wood
  • Methods and options for manufacturing
  • Transforming benches
  • Making your own hands
  • Choosing a material
  • Manufacturing steps
  • Finishing tips
  • Custom benches
  • Bench in the bath: features
  • For the arbor
  • In the hallway: a house with a soul
  • Baby
  • Corner bench for garden, home, kitchen
  • VIDEO: We make benches with our own hands
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  • Design features

    Benches, unlike other small architectural forms, must comply not only with style, but also with ergonomics. Therefore, their choice takes into account the level of comfort, a single concept of landscape design.

    Since their first appearance in ancient Egypt, many different types of benches have been invented - from home gardening to ordinary ergonomic designs. Their variety is so wide, and in order to streamline this assortment, the constructions will be divided into three main types:

    • Street benches - functional design, which is built from practical, reliable materials. They rarely differ in the beauty of their forms, in the diversity of their style.
    • Garden designs - openwork benches with wrought iron elements. They perfectly complement the overall landscape design, settling the functional space.
    • Constructions for giving - differ in variety of types. They are a bright accent when forming a country site.

    Garden bench - a beautiful element of landscape architecture

    All designs can be divided into:
    • stationary - a static element of landscape design;
    • mobile - you can move, install structures in any part of the backyard plot, creating a comfortable recreation area.

    According to their location can be divided:

    • ceremonial - beautiful designs made of forged elements, wood, stone;
    • Dining - models are comfortable, placed on the terraces, near the barbecue. They are built from different wood species;
    • structures that are located near the water: the stream, pond, fountain. They are built from moisture resistant materials. Apply concrete, stone;
    • seasonal - mobile designs. Apply durable, reliable materials.

    Must match not only the style, but also ergonomics

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    Manufacturing material

    The material from which they are built, determines not only their location, but also the features of operation. Depending on the material they are divided:

    Wood - differ in a special aesthetics. They successfully fit into almost any style of landscape design. For the production of applied only resistant to rotting wood species. Apply walnut, cherry, oak, conifers. The tree undergoes a series of treatments: the material is impregnated with a composition that increases the resistance to moisture, coated with varnish or a special moisture-resistant paint.Stone construction - These are durable models. They will emphasize all the beauty of garden crops. In the construction used granite, quartz or marble. Such models are resistant to moisture, frost, and sunlight. They are stationary, massive and mounted in places with high humidity.Metallic - resistant to various damage, they are reliable. For the garden in vintage style choose forged models decorated with various decorative elements. Modern design underlined cast iron. The beautiful, graceful wrought-iron chair will successfully fit into style of a country.Plastic - often used in the manufacture of mobile structures and those that are installed close to water bodies. Such models may have a different color, decor.Combined models - a successful combination of several materials, such as stone and wood, metal and wood.

    Option of boards and cinder block

    Each model is set depending on the style of the infield, the special preferences of the owner.

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    Garden benches: types and features

    Each country house has an adjacent territory. It can be functional - even beds, bushes, greenhouses, and other garden attributes. Some prefer the English lawn, which are the beds. But there are people who prefer shady gardens.

    Regardless of this, in summertime, this area turns into a place to rest. Comfortable it makes a garden bench, which will look harmoniously in landscape design.

    Decorate any park

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    How to choose a bench for the garden?

    Backyard territory designers are divided into three main types in style:

    • regular gardens - created according to geometric laws: smooth paths, strict forms, each bush, flower bed are in its place;
    • country style or country - bright flower beds, wooden fence, trees and garden beds;
    • landscape areas. When creating style on the site preserves the natural beauty of greenery. Each element, for example, snag or a lowered branch, is not retracted, but is played up with the help of various decorative elements, including benches.

    White woodwork

    For each of the gardens will fit several options for garden benches.

    Choose them depending on:
    • the size of the garden;
    • structural mobility;
    • the material from which it is made.

    For example, for a small garden in a rustic style, designs made of wood will look beautiful. In some cases, you can use the bench, which combines metal, wood. They will emphasize the refined style, will be pleasant to its additions. You can not install stone models. They will stand out from the background of beautiful greenery and well-kept beds.

    In landscape areas, for example, close to blocks of stones that will be beautifully laid out harmoniously, a stone shop fits in. It can be a model with or without a back. Under the hanging branch of willow can be placed a small wooden bench, in which there will be no metal parts.

    You can install stone furniture in regular gardens near the fountain or stone statue. It will complement a single style and bring in a zest.. Wooden elements will look inappropriate.

    A cozy choice for your garden

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    Combined: metal and wood

    These designs are universal. They are installed not only on the plot, if the style allows it, but also on summer terraces, in the barbecue area. Such models have a high aesthetic component.

    Choose the shape and appearance of the model, depending on the purpose.For some cases, simple benches without a backrest are ideal; for others, it is better to choose a bench with a backrest and armrests.

    Wood in combination with metal

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    Methods and options for manufacturing

    Such structures are built on the production. The difficulty is that you need to have the tools to create the necessary shapes from metal. It is built as a support. Do armrests and legs of a design of it. The tree is applied to sitting and a back. This should be a dense wood, which is pre-treated with impregnations that protect against rotting:

    • Pine - light wood with beautiful texture, color. With age, it becomes only more attractive. The disadvantage is easily damaged mechanically;
    • acacia - dense deciduous breed. It is reliable, it can be used as the main material in the construction of the bench, but with prolonged contact with a wet surface, the color of the tree may change. Therefore, it is better to use it only for arranging the seat and back;
    • cedar - expensive material that absorbs moisture. It is the best for street building. Since after drying it does not crack, it is deformed;
    • teak - the high price of the beam does not allow many to use it in the construction of furniture for the street. However, it has many properties: it does not absorb moisture, does not crack and is damaged. Over time, gains even greater strength.

    Such designs are universal

    Depending on these parameters, the tree for the benches is selected. However, they are also composed of metal. His choice is equally important for creating high-quality and reliable design. All metal parts of the street construction are treated with anti-corrosion agents. The properties of this material, methods of finishing it affect the aesthetic component of outdoor furniture.

    Therefore, the choice of this material is as important as wood:
    • aluminum - A common option for creating a frame of outdoor furniture. It is easy to clean, can be cleaned, it is resistant to corrosion;
    •  steel - pipes, corners, channel bars. It is quite flexible in comparison with other iron alloys, so the furniture from it is very popular. Stainless steel is a durable and reliable material. It is resistant to corrosion, has a low weight;
    • cast iron - high-quality, reliable material. It is used to create stationary structures, which should have a lot of weight.

    Forged legs

    Each outdoor furniture can have a unique design, which depends not only on the choice of materials, but also on how it is finished:

    • casting - The most common method of processing metal. With its application it is possible to achieve the creation of various forms and patterns. This method is used only in production;
    • powder finish - gives the metal strength, attractiveness. It is safer and more beautiful than ordinary paint, protects the surface from damage. At home, to make such coverage is impossible;
    • forging - a way by which you can create a completely unique drawings, patterns. Wrought furniture is considered the most beautiful, reliable.

    However, to create outdoor furniture in the garden, you can use old metal objects, for example, a bed. To build such a piece of furniture, you need to leave the bed frame and with the help of wood to make the backrest, seat. Such models will give coziness and uniqueness to your style.

    In the form of a swing

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    Transforming benches

    Transformer benches are functional designs that are used not only to decorate the backyard plot, but also to create a comfortable recreation area in it. These models are characterized by mobility, they are practical, convenient in work - in just a few seconds, the bench is transformed into a comfortable table with two benches. Behind him is comfortable to sit, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

    What are the constructions:

    • built from natural wood;
    • made of metal and wood - combined models;
    • collected from metal.

    On private plots, constructions made of wood or combined models are used. They are ordinary without decoration, but very practical. Make a table, benches can be your own.

    Easy do it yourself

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    Making your own hands

    Before you start building a transforming bench, you need to prepare the material and tools, make a drawing. It can be done with the help of design and miscalculation programs. They can be found on the Internet or do the calculation yourself.

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    Choosing a material

    For the manufacture of the required timber, planks, the choice of breed depends on you. This article is written about the pros and cons of wood, which is used for shops. The board should be polished, it is better to check its humidity with a moisture meter.

    The calculation of the material according to the standard drawing

    To build needed:

    • 4 bars with a section of 90 * 45 * 1445 mm;
    • 5 bars 90 * 32 * 1480 mm.

    For the manufacture of the required timber, boards, the choice of breed depends on you

    For the work you need to prepare the tool that is required. And you will need:

    • screwdriver;
    • drill;
    • level;
    • corner;
    • sandpaper for sanding surfaces.

    A grinder can do this better, but if there isn’t one, you can use paper (320). Also need screws, bolts, saw. You also need to purchase paint materials.

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    Manufacturing steps

    • Making the legs design. To do this, take the bars and cut them into a length of 70 cm. You need to make 8 identical legs. On them, it is necessary to make oblique cuts on both sides in order to obtain a balance of the structure with further installation.
    • The frame is made for the design. This will require boards, which need to be cut into four segments of 40 cm and the same length of 170 cm. The corners must be made the same.
    • It is necessary to strengthen the frame, for this you will need to nail a wooden bar in 50 cm steps. Thus, the construction will be divided and the bench will be protected from deformation.
    • The legs are attached to the seats at a distance of 10 cm from the corners. It is important to make the connection quality, reliable. It is done with bolts.

    For a large family

    • A rectangle of 70 * 170 cm is created from the bar, which will be connected inside with additional material to ensure reliability.
    • All made elements of the transformer are assembled. The work is difficult and responsible.
    • It is necessary to cut two bars 40 cm long. They are needed for attachment between the bench and the shield.
    • Cut off two more beams, 110 cm long. They are used for the backrest. They are connected by screws.
    • The frame is going to, only then it is sheathed from the outside with a tree.
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    Finishing tips

    To protect the material from moisture, it is necessary to coat it with wood stain and then with a water-repellent lacquer. It dries for 36 hours, so after work you can not use the bench for several days. Such structures with proper care serve about 20 years. Over time, the frame can be replaced by metal, which will increase the service life.

    To protect the material from moisture must be covered with stain.

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    Custom benches

    These constructions are installed not only on personal plots, but also inside the house, in gazebos. Not only the design, but also the materials used in the assembly of the structure depend on the location.

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    Bench in the bath: features

    During the construction of baths washed only reliable materials. This tree, which under the influence of high temperature, humidity will not be subjected to deformation and will not change its color. For such models take:

    • linden tree. It is easy to process, does not crack over time, dries quickly and heats up slowly. Minus - over time, the board darkens;
    • aspen - possesses medicinal properties, but with long-term operation loses beauty;
    • abashi. This tree has a porous structure, it does not heat up quickly, and retains its original appearance for a long time.

    Solid wood

    It is strictly forbidden to use coniferous timber or clapboard. When heated, it can release tar, which causes a burn.

    Benches in the bath are stationary structures. Their location is thought out at the design stage of the sauna. They must have a certain height, width, so that a person can comfortably fit on them.

    They are built of several types:
    • L-shaped - for paired medium area;
    • straight lines - mounted in small steam rooms;
    • U-shaped for large rooms.

    Benches are made multi-level so that a person can independently choose a comfortable atmosphere for himself. On the lower shelves the level of heat and humidity is much lower than on the upper ones.

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    For the arbor

    Arbor without comfortable furniture is useless. After all, there must be organized a place to rest. It can be equipped with benches, chairs, chairs or a bench-transformer. It is located depending on the area, structural features. The wrought-iron furniture made from the tandem of wood and metal, as well as fully wooden structures, looks attractive. Depending on the style of the room, you can choose the shops:

    This option can be placed in the gazebo

    • benches are built in the same style. If, for example, it is country, then the shops can be built in combination with metal, and only from wood. The designs made of old furniture or objects will look beautiful. As a support, you can use wheels from a wheelbarrow or regular hemp, beautifully carved. Attractive look models with carved elements, decorated with soft cushions of bright colors. Artificially aged bars, which are used as seats, will give charm, comfort;
    • rustic style - only wood is used, and it can be aged or used bars that have been standing in the yard for a long time. They will be the best basis for the shops. Metal and plastic are not welcome in this style. Furniture should be solid, good quality. You can apply decorative ornaments as capes;
    • Scandinavian style involves the use of a variety of warm and soft objects. Benches are built for gazebos large, they are stationary with wide seats, high backs. To make such furniture attractive, soft pillows are added, which are custom-made to the size of the furniture.

    An interesting option from scrap materials

    Rarely install furniture made of stone or iron in the gazebos.

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    In the hallway: a house with a soul

    Arranging the hallway is just as important as choosing furniture to other rooms in the house. After all, this room is the hallmark of any home.

    What pay attention to:

    • the size of the hallway. In a small room, bulky structures cannot be installed; they will visually reduce it;
    • the number of people living in the house. If the family is large and the area allows you to better install in the hallway a functional bench with drawers. It should be big and comfortable;
    • what functions will be assigned to the bench;
    • in what style it will be made.

    In the interior of the hallway

    For this room are purchased models made from different materials:
    • plastic - models are combined with other materials: wood, chipboard or fiberboard. Of them rarely build furniture for the hallways, only if the interior allows you to enter it. Plastic may have a different color shape. Plastic benches are easy to clean, transported;
    • wood - durable, reliable designs. Due to the dense structure of the tree does not absorb moisture, under the action of solar radiation does not crack. For the manufacture of furniture used wood conifers, aspen, alder, oak. Such models may have a carved pattern on the legs, armrests or headboard. The wood is painted with a tinted lacquer to preserve the texture of the material;
    • MDF and chipboard - used in the construction of furniture. Such designs are equipped with drawers or it can occupy all the space under the product. This material is used for the construction of furniture in the living room, bedroom. It may have a different color, covered with a laminated film, which increases moisture resistance;

    Conveniently store different stuff

    • forged - not suitable for all hallways. So that it does not overload this room, such structures are constructed in small ones. They perform only their main function - you can comfortably sit on it. Furniture can be backed or built with beautiful patterned armrests;
    • wicker - beautiful models. They are inferior in strength to their counterparts, but their beauty minimizes this disadvantage. Such constructions are built both with a box for trifles, and without it;
    • combined - used wood and metal. Such designs are practical, reliable. The skeleton of the structure is built from metal, and the parts on which the back is seated or supported are made of wood.

    Choosing shops for the premises can not so strictly relate to the material and its properties to withstand sudden temperature changes.

    Provence style

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    Children's furniture is built according to the standards set by our government. Therefore, to the choice of material, paints are subject to high requirements, prescribed in SPIPs. For the construction of shops used natural materials or plastic, which does not contain harmful impurities.

    Types of children's benches, depending on their location:
    for the street - used wood and metal. The legs are built from steel, which is processed to improve its properties, resistance to moisture. Such designs have no back, rare models can be with armrests. The upper part is made of wood, and it covers all parts of the metal frame to close all sharp corners. Decorate such models with multi-colored paint, which is painted all the components of the product;

    Children's option in the form of horses

    for kindergartens and playgrounds establish benches made of wood. Such designs are most suitable for children. They do not contain harmful substances, there are no sharp corners and connections that a child may be injured about. In the locker rooms can install shops, whose height does not reach half a meter. They are mobile and easy to move around the room; plastic structures are mounted for private playgrounds. They differ in a variety of patterns, colors. They can be made in the form of favorite animals, cartoon characters. Shops easy, reliable. The back can be made in the form of the sun, a caterpillar, a butterfly. An integral part is the variety of colors.

    From the old crib

    Often such designs can be combined with a table, canopy. If a bench is made for a children's public playground, you must take into account all the rules established by the government. For the construction of children's structures in a private house, you can apply the model of plastic.

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    Corner bench for garden, home, kitchen

    The shops are built from different materials: stone, metal, plastic, wood. Among the variety of forms and types of benches, angular models look especially interesting. They are compact, but more spacious and beautiful. Many types of corner shops can be constructed:

    • angular bench-transformer - this model consists of straight sections of small size, which, if necessary, can be rearranged, while adjusting the structure to the conditions of another space;

    Corner option

    • On the plot you can find many places that can be used to create a comfortable resting place. A simple corner bench, placed against the wall is easy to install and does not require the use of programs for calculations. To assemble it you need to prepare a frame, a tree that will serve as a seat. It is installed near the free wall, which is sheathed with clapboard;
    • Corner benches made of natural stone. Such designs establish on personal plots. They are reliable, distinguished by the lack of back and decor. Such models are made on productions;
    • corner bench with a table. In the design there are benches located between the table. It may be a little larger and taller in size, of a different color. This will only give the composition a unique look.

    You can decorate with flowers

    Such models are built of wood, rarely when steel can be used as a frame. For beauty, they are decorated with various decorative elements. If it is wooden structures, then as a decor there can be carved elements made on the legs of the models, a headboard. If the design is combined, then a beautiful forging is done, it can be made on the back or armrests.

    Choosing from which material to make a bench for a private plot or for a hallway, a steam room, a playground, you need to take into account not only its beauty, but also its properties and reliability.

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    VIDEO: We make benches with our own hands