Mint color in the interior - the freshness of being and juicy mood (135+ Photos). The combination of colors that you did not expect


Perhaps the most soothing shade for the human eye, the mint color added to the interior, will give a range of emotions. Like the other shade of green, mint helps to create a refreshing atmosphere, especially in places where you want to relax and recharge with new forces, for example, in the bathroom, bedroom. Fresh notes of mint provide a flexible backdrop for other colors. For an elegant color scheme that looks fresh all year round, try mixing soft shades of mint with lace white, pale gray and dreamy lilac.


Mint is a pastel color that looks good in the interior, it is combined with many shades. It gives a fresh, peaceful feeling, goes well with light, dark tones, metallic, other pastels.

Gives a fresh, peaceful feeling.

This shade, although it received its name from the plant of the same name, actually has little in common with the color of the source. The leaves of the mint plant are dark green, as if covered with a grayish shroud. And the mint flowers are fluffy panicles of dirty blue.

Fluffy green stem also does not inspire much confidence. In fact, the color of mint does not copy the plant, but people have long used mint chewing gum, dragee, tea, so they have a permanent image of something fresh, similar to aquamarine.

In the palette of green shades the colors of turquoise and mint are very close to each other. A comparison with the blue tones places it next to the blue. Experts identify four shades of mint:

  • menthol;
  • light turquoise;
  • pistachios;
  • sea ​​waves.

Thus, we can say that mint is on the border of cold and warm tones.It is enough to add a little yellowness to it to soften it beyond recognition.

Mint is a pastel color that looks good in the interior.

Peppermint was very popular in the 1950s, although it was often used in the 1930s and 1940s. The color is really elastic, very popular today. You can often see mint green walls in modern designs. It often appears in modern accessories, especially in combination with metallic.


Monochrome mint shades are often used in the Scandinavian style, which is famous for its visual purity, bordering on minimalism. The beautiful palette characteristic of the Scandinavian style, as well as natural materials together with the menthol walls create a balanced, harmonious combination.

BoardChoose simple graphic patterns or floral print wallpaper.. To decorate the walls, you can use decorative wallpaper without accessories on the walls. Such walls will increase the space, improve the atmosphere.

The colors of turquoise and mint are very close to each other.

Non-woven mint wallpaper very beautifully decorate the nursery of both sexes.

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Upgrade your living room with mint curtains

To make the living room look bright and fresh, pay attention to the choice of curtains. They can either create or destroy your design, so choose them carefully. For a renewed, pastel look that will help your living room reach its potential, mint curtains for this are the latest trend!

In a well-lit room, they can truly demonstrate their potential. They make your room look fresh and stylish, while other items in it will remain in the spotlight.

In a room where there are already mint elements, pastel curtains will contribute to the cohesion of the color scheme.

The color is really elastic, very popular today.

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Mint furniture as a perfect pastel element.

The idea of ​​painted walls may seem too constant and therefore frightening for some, so there are other ways to liven up your living room with a beautiful mint decor to turn it into pastel perfection.Adding mint furniture guarantees comfort and vigor, two characteristics that any living room can aspire to.:

  • In the living room with neutral wooden furniture, the sofa bed will be the focal point, an element that takes care of a revitalizing effect.
  • Mint coffee table, chairs - the obvious choice. If you don't want the retro feel to be out of control, just add a different shade of chair to balance the fresh mint!
  • Bright living rooms, decorated in a clean, simple style, are a suitable place for a mint sofa. If you only want a hint of boldness, add a chair in a stronger shade of mint.
  • In a modern living room with many attractive elements, it is sometimes difficult to determine the focus, as if it is not known where to find it. Amazing mint sofa solves this problem in an instant.
  • Pastel mint sofa is a fashionable touch that can fit any living room.

Bright decor

This pastel color can really argue with many other basic pastels, which are commonly used in the interior to provide the background, the decoration base. Consider also painting your facade in menthol if you live in a private house. It is in harmony with the surrounding nature, universal for the facades of any style.

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Create a mint mood

Mint - calm, nice looking. It is suitable for different styles, looks good in a modern, minimalist design, as well as in traditional rooms, vintage design, chebbi-chic. Since it is combined with many colors, and also works in different types of rooms, the design of the house with this shade is quite simple and a novice decorator can handle it. But, despite its calm nature, there are several important things to remember.

Calm, nice looking palette

This is a two-part color that has many different shades:

  • sea ​​foam;
  • light turquoise;
  • menthol;
  • mint;
  • pistachio ice cream.

Therefore, every homeowner will find a shade that he likes.

This shade of green in the interior performs a certain therapeutic role, because at first glance it always brings to itself, rarely repels, but, on the contrary, attracts attention, makes the room bright, fresh, spacious.

Good for different styles.

Last year it was very popular, you can even say that it is a trend color - not only in design, but also in fashion. But since he is accustomed in the fashion industry, this is an original novelty in the interior. A special feature of this color is space, comfort, so it is often used for a bedroom or mini-kitchen. And it is unusually refreshing, makes the room more clean.

Bright and calm

When deciding to use it at home, first of all think about decorating the walls with it. Soft green walls will have a relaxing effect, no matter where you apply them. You can choose green mint as wallpaper, besides wall paint.

BoardLet it be wallpaper that contains green mint in the design, which will make the room comfortable, lively. Use it in the bathroom, living room or kitchen to get a fresh, bright look.

Soft green walls will have a relaxing effect.

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Mint decor - where and how to apply?

First of all, you can choose it for the walls and cabinets in the kitchen, especially for vintage, rustic home interiors. It is easily integrated into different places of your decor, for example, in textiles. Mint greens are also suitable for a romantic setting.

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If you want to use it in the bathroom, in front of you are many different options. Use it for wall tiles, floor tiles, shower curtains, or select mint green for your bathroom accessories. In the bathroom, you can use mint green towels or romantic details to create a retro style.

In the interior of the bathroom

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Living room

In the living room you have the opportunity to use it everywhere, starting with decorating the sofa with the help of menthol green pillows, choosing mint accessories, using mint greens on the curtains to change the atmosphere of the room. Or feel the feeling of freshness, choosing greenery for the walls.

In the interior of the living room

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In the bedroom you can say hello to the sun, choosing mint greens for textiles. It is useful to try it with a relaxing effect for bedspreads, bed linen, curtains, pillows. When it comes to the bedroom, makeup in vintage or country style won't be bad.

In the interior of the bedroom

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Mint combo: combine colors

It is best to think about the mood you want to create, and then just trust your own look. The result will always depend on the amount of natural light in your space, so check the combination of hues already in your room before making a final decision.

Mint comes to life with many shades. It is important to know that the color combination of mint with other tones will be dominant and underlining, despite its delicate shade. Therefore, it is important to choose a tone.Menthol is associated with freshness, energy, vigor. Peppermint more blue - like a sip of cool water on a hot day.

Menthol is associated with freshness, energy, vigor

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Mint and Metallic

Create a bright and bold effect by combining metal with mint, especially this combination is important for the kitchen, where you can place a lot of metal appliances.In combination with metal shiny elements in the kitchen, mint looks cool, fresh. Combine mint brass for an elegant, luxurious look or with frosted nickel lights to create a decidedly cool space.

Peppermint is a suitable accompaniment to stainless steel appliances, or it can even be used as a designer color for selected appliances, large or small, in space, as more and more manufacturers join this trend.

In combination with gray and white

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Combining with white

To use the relaxing properties of menthol in the most efficient way, you can combine it with white. The combo with white is a clean, clear scheme. Here you can safely experiment using white walls with menthol furniture, or vice versa. White finish with this contrast always adds architectural interest.

Mint-white striped wallpaper will perfectly fit into the image. And in combination with red, yellow, you can add energy to the surrounding space.

Adding white to all places where mint is safe. You can safely add it as much as possible in order to increase the feeling of freshness, purity and spaciousness. This combination will remind you of the summer, salad greens from the beds.

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Combination with black

This is a radical, but very effective way to decorate. A pair of mint with black lacquered furniture or molding is one of those ways that will leave a vivid impression.

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Combination with lavender

Pastel shades always look good together, have a very feminine and "cute" shade. Lavender is a great alternative to pink if you want something soft, but not too girly.

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Gray calms, mutes the natural energy of mint. To keep a soft palette, try adding light gray, pastel colors.

In the interior of the nursery

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Combined with each other, these two colors create a real concentrated retro-atmosphere of the era of its heyday. Add red to complete this image.

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A stunning combination of peach and mint

Both of these colors are modern and sophisticated. But when they go together, miracles happen. Designers draw their best ideas from natural inspiration. Both of these colors are very appetizing, causing associations of a juicy and light dessert. The mint-peach interiors look just as appetizing.

Kitchen in a light, delicate color

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Rose mint color

This combination is also suggested by nature - we see it in all beautiful flowers and, above all, in roses. Pink and mint are located at opposite ends of the color spectrum. Therefore, this beautiful combination creates a dynamic aspect that is rich in contrast, it can be combined in different ways during installation.Use mint for wall color or simply select furniture and accessories.

Initially, this combination was developed in the fashion industry to create vintage shebbi-chic bow. But the success of the "mint rose" migrated to the interior design. Fresh duet returns in a new form - you can see the interiors made in coral pink, salmon, bright orange color.

In the style of minimalism

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Salmon and Mint

If menthol can contain different intensity from green to blue, then salmon is a period from coral to pink. This is quite a dynamic, tropical combination that will not go unnoticed and suggests association with exotic fruits - mango, guava.

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Mint and brown

A rich chocolate brown duo with mint is a timeless color combination that always looks fresh (and is associated with chocolate mint ice cream). And a classic black and white combo with mint can give any room a classically sophisticated, bright look.

In combination with beige

Mint is associated with a fresh spring season. There are many unusual color combinations that you can use with it to make your space more interesting. Try raspberry, orange, olive green, gray or even navy blue.

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Mojito in the interior: mint with lemon

The theme of mojito is already pretty beaten, but its taste does not bother, as well as its color combination, giving the effect of double freshness.

BoardLight yellow color schemes convey happiness and joy, bringing energy and sunshine into modern interior design and home decoration. Think of citrus and mint green leaves, their delicious aroma and pleasant appearance, and blend these beautiful colors into your interior.

Kitchen combined with living room

Such an interior will be happy, cheerful and optimistic. Inspired by lemons, light yellow is associated with brightness and sunlight. This is a warm color, so it should be used to bring comfort to the interior.

Yellow color stimulates the mind and creates physical activity, which in combination with a relaxing and calm mint will create a balanced interior with harmony and balanced color schemes. Adding reds, shades of brown and white decoration to the yellow walls or the decor will add warmth, brightness, convenience and dynamics.

Blue, pink or purple hues, all browns are great for accentuating the design of the interior "mojito". They can be used when you need to add interest, a unique character, colorful ideas to decorate the house.

Bright and comfortable bedroom

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Lemon lime mint

Yellow creates an expressive bow with black color that can be added to lampshades or furniture. Strong contrasts will make the room modern, for this you can also use white. Light yellow and black and white color schemes give a feeling of joy, creating balanced and bright interiors.

You can also add brown here, but in combination with light yellow details. Brown accents will add a sense of stability and security to the rather frivolous interior of the main scheme.

Light yellow color shades are interesting shades for experiments. Playful and light, lemon-mint color is pleasant, it creates a playful mood, it is the color of youth, early spring. This is a wonderful combination for the children's room, as well as the kitchen, dining room, living room. Light yellow and green colors can be combined with pink or purple, blue and brown for the bedroom.

Playful and light, mint color

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Yellow green brown color scheme

Light yellow color goes well with darker colors and all rich color shades. Brown colors create almost neutral backgrounds for yellow walls, furniture, and decorations. Brown, yellow and green combos are a harmonious and balanced color scheme that seems natural and organic.

Mint is quite fashionable, which means that it will be popular for quite some time. Энергия мяты всегда будет популярна, поэтому не беспокойтесь, что ваша мятная зеленая мебель выйдет из моды.

Энергия мяты всегда будет популярна

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Используем минт в детской

The mint color combines the soothing power of blue with the nutritional power of green, so the symbiosis of both colors makes a serene shade that is optimal for the nursery. A green tone will reduce the child’s anxiety, providing a deep instinctive sense of physical well-being. Blue tones relax both the mind and body, and its effect on the physical reduction of blood pressure, heart rate and respiration has been proven All this is necessary to ensure a strong and healthy sleep for the child..

Mint green looks beautiful with almost any color, suitable for a boy or girl. For girls, you can choose a combination with a coral and soft pink shade to ensure a sweet appearance. For a more manly effect, add a shade of blue or orange or a combination with gray or yellow to suit the boy.

Combines the soothing power of blue with the nutritional power of green

Green has a reputation of being universal, since it is the most natural, natural color. This means that it comes with almost everything. However, when choosing colors it is necessary to take into account that mint falls into the family of pastels, that is, shades that are diluted with white.

BoardTherefore, when choosing colors, one should give preference to pastels in order to make the interior balanced. You really can not go wrong with this choice, but you can easily pick your favorites.

Combination with gold

I want to draw your attention to another curious property of any cold pastels, and mints in particular, combined with shiny metallic. A touch of shimmering gold to add warmth and richness to a pastel palette will add visual interest..

A glam metal trend can be created with an accent wall, which not only creates a stunning focus, but a sense of cohesion, highlighting gold or silver accessories and tying them to the decor.

Looks pretty with almost any color.

You can use glossy gold (or silver) stickers for this purpose as an option. This is a good alternative or addition to wallpaper that will provide decorative flexibility.

BoardCreate an accent wall with stars or an unusual polka dot ceiling. You can even use stickers to decorate a boring dresser or headboard.

Infants spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling. This can be used so that he can contemplate something brilliant. Add a brass or gold chandelier to your menthol interior. Make a standard mobile out of a standard chandelier. It is easy to make it yourself from scrap materials.

Suitable for boy or girl

Brass items are also great and complement menthol tone. Choose a brass lamp on the leg, and next to put a brass table for small things - these two objects will make a real designer room from a standard children's room.

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Decorating tips

Decorate with mint in a room that has a lot of natural light, as this color takes on its richness and such a beautiful shade in the light of the sun. With artificial lighting there is a risk of getting a “hospital ward,” especially if cold halogen lights are used.Always combine mint with brass and copper accessories - lamps, kitchen appliances and other. Peppermint can also work well with chrome-plated surfaces, but compared to them, golden materials, and especially brass, give warmth and brightness.

Add decorative elements

A good idea is to use mint in retro-styled interiors. Ming was often used in the 50-60s of the 20th century, and we can still see this famous kitchen equipment, which has survived to the present day - refrigerators, food processors, stoves - as well as tiles and other mint items. In this way, if you like vintage, you can use this color as inspiration for your retro interior. You need to add a warm tint to any menthol interior, as it will need to be added. Although it is so light and fresh, it is inferior without something warm and / or dark.

Remarkable energy appears in rooms in which there are combinations with red shades - coral, red, orange. Use this effect for your purposes.

In tone with the sea wave

Use mint pastel instead of other, more familiar neutrals.. It makes the room bright, but still calm and delicate enough to fulfill the same role as the classic neutral. I do not see a contradiction in order not to consider mint pastel neutral. Return to the menu ↑

What should not do?

Less is more than more. If it seems to you that saturated mint walls or furniture will be superfluous, start your acquaintance with the color first with a small one.

BoardUse it in pillows, scatter accents over the rooms, add a small vase to the window. Even a small amount of menthol accessories perfectly refresh the space.

Try to get acquainted with the color in spring, when nature wakes up and the freshness is felt especially keenly.

Use pastel in the given style.