265+ Photos of house styles - Facades to be remembered


The variety of styles makes the house unique, diverse. The facade is the face of the building. And to form a portrait you need to come up with all the responsibility and attention. We offer photos of house styles, each of them is worthy of attention, let's look in detail with their properties and features.


Provence House

The facade in the style of the romantic Provence always looks neat and cozy. The brickwork is slightly protruding, the mosaic and terracotta surface resemble houses from the French hinterland. Roughness is out of place here. Such a house in any locality will look elegant and refined.

Provence House

Main features:

  • this style uses natural material;
  • welcome items made of wood, wrought iron;
  • natural colors are used;
  • handmade accessories.
The decoration of the facade in this style should resemble old houses from the province.

It is desirable to use natural materials, but they are usually expensive, so they can be replaced with an artificial counterpart, and save a lot.

This style uses natural material.

In the Provence style, the following substitutes for natural construction products are allowed:

  • decorative plaster;
  • building stone with irregular shape;
  • wild stone, resembling splinters, with the form of uneven tiles, as if torn edges, and rough to the touch;
  • wooden beams.

As for colors, various options are relevant here. The walls are made of light materials, and the finish is made of dark colors.

Country style is very similar to Provence, many people confuse it. In Country music warmer tones are used. And in the finish more contrast. In Provence, colder shades.

The facade should resemble old houses

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Useful tips for selecting material

To get the texture as close as possible to Provence, you can use decorative mixtures:

  • fine-grained, imitating sand or semolina;
  • coarse-grained, it imitates an ancient stone or tree damaged by a bark beetle.

Plaster can be in different colors:

  • With industrial coloring, with obtaining high-quality and more saturated color.
  • A mixture of gray or white, which can be painted after it is applied to the walls.

The foundation is equipped with a wild stone, as well as the corners of the house, the space, if it is under the window or above it. This material is used in the decoration of balconies, loggias, verandas.

The walls are made of light materials.

In this style of demand, natural materials such as wood, especially lining, with which you can implement any design projects. The space around the house should also match this style.

On the site will be appropriate fountains, gazebos. Wooden tables and chairs. A great addition would be a wrought iron lantern, as well as any antique decor. Climbing plants will give comfort and warmth.

The advantages of houses built in the English style, that they are built of classic bricks, which guarantees a long service life. Constructed from moisture resistant and environmentally friendly material. Good sound insulation, and resistance to moisture and temperature changes is also an advantage.