Modern style in the interior of the apartment (185+ Photos) - Luxurious simplicity of sophisticated design


The interior in Art Nouveau style is romantic and gentle, can be strict and strong. Smooth lines, rounded shapes give elegance and lightness, while natural colors and natural materials emphasize the charm of nature. This style requires a certain cost. But recreating the true modern, get a masterpiece.


Style features

"Every time has its own art, every art has its own freedom" - These words were written on the facade of one of the most famous buildings in Europe and became the motto for the followers of the Art Nouveau style.

At the very beginning of its existence, the interior demonstrated a single whole, uniting architecture, plastic and painting. The refinement and softness of the lines, the subdued colors perfectly complement the brutality of the forged metal. Many combinations gave originality and unexpected embodiment.

The main features of modernity that can be easily detected with the naked eye - the soft plasticity of lines and painted things, modernizes artists and designers. As for the layouts, the lack of rigid symmetry.

Interior Art Nouveau Romantic and Gentle

To create an interior in modern style, there must be a number of authentic items. Everything that you do not have to be in harmony with these things, then the interior is not annoying. A greater amount of new taste is in Russian modern.

The style is suitable for apartments that have a non-standard layout. Beautifully looks country house, decorated in this style.

Modern, always has the author's coloring. That is, you can always distinguish the hand of a master or European masters. Individuality is of great importance, it is even harder to draw if you yourself do not live in this era and do not feel yourself the same individuality.

Smooth lines, rounded shapes give grace and lightness.

The line of hitting the scourge, which was chosen by modern, could find a source of inspiration in nature, return to national traditions and look at the design principles in a new way. Perhaps the demands of our time are somewhat similar to the modern era. It was not by chance that they began to choose it more often.

The important task is to choose a design option:

  • Full reconstruction of the original, the most expensive solution. We'll have to follow the smallest details in order to achieve a true picture.
  • Decorative option. Where there is an imitation of style, with the help of basic elements.
  • Design with multiple elements and colors.

You can proceed to the design of the room, and remember the rule of inspiration by nature, elegant forms of curls and natural colors.

This style is costly.

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A spacious room is perfect for a modern style kitchen. The small one will not look so impressive, but if it’s still the choice of this design project, everything may just have to take into account some details.

Character traits:

  • Use smooth surfaces as well as varnished.
  • Elements in the furniture glass, chrome.
  • Floral ornament in the interior.
  • Necessary modern technology.

For such a kitchen is suitable a large room

BoardThe walls are better painted in a single color. Wallpaper inappropriate, also applies to the panels. Used glass wallpaper or ceramic tiles of small size.

The tile should be without a pattern and be sure to use the grout between the joints.

The combination of different textures will emphasize the modern style. Beautiful polished wardrobe and furniture from untreated wood.

Furniture is desirable to choose in monochromatic colors or with elements of vegetation.

The walls are better painted in a single color


  • glass inserts with decorative processing;
  • photo printing;
  • facade of furniture, decorated with hand-painted;
  • milling.

The table can have a bright accent or, on the contrary, to match the floor. A massive table with thin long legs will look good. Upholstered chairs and fancy ornamentation. And the whole composition should be in the center of the room.

The buffet is a classic dining room, quite popular furniture in modern style, as well as a sideboard. The difference of modernity in sideboards and buffets is facets, vegetable patterns, both on wood and on metal, soft rounding on stained glass windows.

Everything must be combined and in harmony

Will add design direct curtains, beautiful vases. Wonderful completion of the composition will be the flowers on the table in the center and the china.

A beautiful expensive picture will give individuality to the room. It should be noted that everything should be combined and in harmony, the color scheme with metal elements, the lack of pathos and excess emphasizes the taste, as well as a sense of proportion.

In modern modernity, the central place is occupied by the kitchen island, occupying less space than the traditional table, more functional. It is convenient to organize a reception with him, where each guest can freely come over for a snack or a drink.

New details are gradually added to this style, but the main nuances remain:

  • stick to clear lines;
  • minimum number of colors;
  • large space;
  • quiet lighting.

Kitchen furniture, it is desirable to be easy, to be able to rearrange, change the interior, updating the look of the room.

Stick to clear lines

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Living room

The main part of the living room is the furniture. Furniture in modern can be divided into two types:

  1. Difficult combination of different breeds of a tree and the varnished covering.
  2. A well-made oak and, over time, made a clean, noble shade.

Modern furniture often restores ancient furniture, which is combined with a golden hue with the decor and design of the room.

Chairs of cramped leather with a floral ornament made of oak.

The main part of the living room is the furniture.

The decor is an important moment in the design of the living room, because it can complement the missing moments in the room. In the modern style, the decorative motif was completely based on the vegetative lines, themes, creating the same solitude with nature, which was quite popular from the very beginning of the revival of modernism in the interior. Flowers had to be big, lush, which could become a kind of accent in this room. They support the whole system.

Ornaments in the room are often present and always on the plant theme. Ornaments may not necessarily be taken from Russian modern. The Belgian-French designs are perfectly combined with the Russian modern, especially on the doors and glass. Ornaments are also combined with antique furniture.

Decor is an important moment of design.

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This furniture is rather not characterized by its typical modern, new forms, material of Karelian birch, which is really Russian material. Another characteristic attribute of the interior is monster. Typical plant for the era of modernity. It feels obvious roll and parallel with a gang. Vegetative patterns on furniture repeat a pattern of monster leaves or remind about it.

Non-standard furniture with unusual shapes will complement the style wonderfully. A large tabletop with thin legs will be very useful.

Sofa and chairs should be one set. Furniture made from the same material, one type of wood will look great. Corner sofa - a good option. Furniture is desirable to put in the form of "P", "G".

Non-standard furniture with unusual shapes

A peculiar element of decor - a large, large flower, which was a kind of accent in the living room, supported all the vegetative themes that are present in fabrics, furniture, and paintings.

The big problem in the historical style is to make upholstered furniture. It was not accepted to put a sofa in the middle of the room. In the center could stand chairs, armchairs. In the historic interior is very difficult to find furniture, whether classic or modern. Leather furniture was more typical of modern.

The sofas were leather, hard, bulky, not designed for placement in the living room, cabinet with wooden shelves. There were quite a few empty spaces with small groups: a table and an armchair, or a small table and armchairs, as well as a large table in the dining room.

Corner sofa - a good option

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The interiors began to be built not according to the principle “entered right and left - two identical entrances”, but in a circle. Apartments are built in an enfilade way: we enter the hallway, then the living room, office, bedroom and so on, on the other side of the hallway there is a hall, which also connects to the living room, which allows you to enter two rooms. To summarize, the suite building of the apartment allows you to go from one room to another in a circle, in fact, all the rooms have two doors: one can enter, the other - go out. Quite typical of modernity.

In some way it repeats roundness, smooth lines that were in nature. In general, modern has exhausted its ideas and decorative motif from nature.

Simple, discreet option

Basically, at the door of Art Nouveau style there are glass inserts with falsetto. Stained glass is not only found in Modern. Inserts are a bit lighter, the frame is darker. There are also typical modern curls and uneven lines resembling a flower.

For the franc of the Belgian branch of Modernity, increased decorativeness is characteristic. There is such a term "whip line", a smooth curve. Vegetative forms adjoin this line, which are intertwined and twisted. Favorite flowers in this period - iris.

The developing female hair, which creates the same effect, and the shape of the furniture, are very close to the scourge strike line. Its plastic, dynamics, tones, which should create a basic concept. This smoothly curving lines, were subject to purely ornamental motifs. It manifested itself in the forms of furniture, always curved smooth lines.

Suitable for wardrobe

Stained glass appears after a long oblivion in the period of modernity. As after the Renaissance, they disappeared from the interiors. Modern stained glass windows stylish, more restrained. The shape of the stained glass and ornamental decor can be on the walls, which manifests itself in a semi-mosaic pattern. It is always close in its style, that is, it is a single ensemble of winding lines that can move from the design.

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Wall decoration plays a big role in any style. The Art Nouveau style has a certain direction, but it will still be able to please with variety, various unobtrusive patterns and shades.

You can rely on minimalism and use in the decoration of the walls a combination of light and bright colors. To do this, do not pile up the room with furniture, then it will be easier to focus on the wallpaper.

Wall decoration plays a big role in any style.

Paper wallpapers are not used in this style, usually the walls are covered with liquid wallpaper or they are completely absent. Soft colors are used:

  • sand;
  • cream,
  • creamy,
  • pearl,
  • peach.

Such shades visually increase the room, and are wonderfully combined with smooth lines of decor.

If you decide to paint the walls gray or asphalt, you can decorate them with various plant ornaments, this will help to avoid gloom. Fit a panel of wood, but only a bright shade.

Wall decoration photo posters

Features of wallpaper in modern style:

  • Species that have a pattern of brick, natural stone, leather, emphasize the feature and simplicity of design.
  • Models with smooth lines, waves, an ornament, asymmetric pattern in combination with monophonic inserts are suitable for large spacious rooms, and emphasize the solemn look.
  • Popular models with unusual textures and embossed pattern.
  • Wallpapers with the effect of glossy overflow, on the walls in the sun look great, and add luxury to the design of the room.
  • Wallpaper red, brown, black, blue, will be well combined with shades of beige, cream color, emphasizing the grace of modernity.

This style does not tolerate too bright and defiant tones, but prefers a light, unobtrusive color.

Wallpaper in one tone, light floral ornament or print will be a great art nouveau solution.

If you are going to add accessories to the walls, stop at the wallpaper for painting, so you can change the color periodically.

If you prefer contrasting transitions, you can create such a composition in a combination of red, black and white, this design looks strictly and at the same time luxurious.

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For living room

It is believed that the living room is easier to make out compared to other rooms. This is explained by the fact that many people want the living room to be in calm and unobtrusive colors. To do this, it is enough to brighten the light and paste over the walls with light wallpaper.

To make an accent wall, you will need light beige, cream shades and wallpapers for the accent wall of a bright patterned ornament, floral pattern, 3D printing, photo wallpaper.

BoardDo not overdo it with contrast, the exception is a vegetative plot. You can also use abstraction.

Light beige, cream shades of walls

Such walls are usually made behind the sofa or where the TV is located. This design is designed for spacious living rooms. For small rooms, it is inappropriate, because the walls with dark wallpaper will reduce the space. And in rooms where there is a lot of space you can make separate zones with the help of color, such as a kitchen-studio. The combination of colors is suitable for rooms with niches and various projections to emphasize the beauty of the design.

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For the bedroom

For such a room is not worth doing contrasting transitions and bright accents. The bedroom is glued in white, light green, pink tones. Unobtrusive atmosphere will help to relax. If there is a desire to make the room more spectacular, pick up furniture with bright colors.

There is another way to add elegance - pokleit wallpaper with metallic or glossy sheen.

Unobtrusive atmosphere will help to relax

Wall mural or patterns on the bedside wall also look spectacular. But the bedroom should be soothing, not annoying. Therefore, it is better not to use embossed, patterned or printed models.

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For kitchen

For a room with an aggressive environment, washable heavy-duty wallpaper for painting is used, as well as embossed. The working area can be distinguished by trellis under natural stone, brick, wood.

In the dining room is better to use softer, warmer shades, creating an atmosphere of comfort. They should not be annoying and distracting. Light tones will add freshness. Dark tones will crush, reduce space, which will also adversely affect the interior of the room.

Wall mural look spectacular, but they can become irrelevant, not fashionable, then you have to change the whole design.

Calm monophonic wallpaper - suitable for the kitchen.

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Model in modern style is installed in any room from the living room to the bathroom, only you need to take into account the size of the room, because this style requires good lighting.

Chandelier for the hall is a beautiful decoration, it should be elegant, solemn. They look beautiful on chains, chandeliers-spotlights have the function to change the direction of light. In the bedroom, hang up more relaxed forms, so as not to irritate, soothe, in the nursery, respectively, you need to take into account the age category. A model with gentle curls, light unobtrusive ornament with a child theme.

Chandelier for the hall - a beautiful decoration

A typical Art Nouveau chandelier with a shade, which goes down, respectively, you can change the lighting at the table, suitable for the kitchen. But one note: for such a light source requires high ceilings.

Light in the modern era was of great importance. He could combine and add comfort to this atmosphere, making it warmer. It is very characteristic of modernity with a lowered part, such were for the dining room, when it was possible to lower it even lower, with lampshades, a crystal insert, and metal dust.

Fortunately, now in the capabilities of architects a much larger number of techniques for lighting. Therefore, in modern modern style, many designers offer to add technical light on the walls to more illuminate the decor and furniture. Chandeliers in this style, increase the space, which is very important in this direction.

A chandelier of calmer forms is hung in the bedroom.

Decorative lighting products are perfect for the interior of the room, floor lamps, spotlights, sconces, which are placed at the corners, will be a wonderful addition.

They can also be made of wood, porcelain, thin glass, with metal elements, in fancy shapes.

A cozy wicker chandelier will add charm, comfort over the table in the living room, and additional LED lights will add modern motifs to the interior.

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Modern bathroom is a bright, memorable space. The use of wide baseboards, wide baguettes and various mosaics is welcome. If the bathroom is too small, the main thing is to keep the proportions, do not forget about the decor. Let it be just a mirror or a beautiful lamp.

This is a bright, memorable space.

Modern does not need the constant use of a contrasting range of bright colors.A stylish solution can be achieved with a monochrome or bed combination. An important emphasis in the decoration of the bathroom is on the walls and the floor, because they represent the background for the plumbing.

The floor can be fairly traditionally laid with light gray or dairy tiles. It is great if there will be a floral ornament with smooth curls on it.

The ceiling is better to make a stretch, crystal chandelier will add wealth in combination with spotlights. You can use stucco, smooth patterns. All this will emphasize the modern style.

For the decoration of the walls most often used tile or mosaic. In the spacious bathrooms a combination of decorative plaster is possible.

Since the bathroom of standard apartments does not indulge its owners with free space, the basic furniture will be the nightstand on which the sink is installed. It can be light or dark, depending on the rest of the design.

For the decoration of the walls most often used tile or mosaic

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Plumbing for modern style

Although designers advise installing suspended plumbing with oval shapes, this applies to sinks, toilets, as well as trouble. All possible pipes must be hidden. Particular attention should be attributed to the bathroom, which ideally is located in the center of the interior. Or it has an asymmetrical shape made of acrylic. But it is inherent in large rooms.

Plumbing utensils fit modern. The main thing to avoid futuristic accessories.

Furniture, it is desirable to consist of one set, made of wood. With fancy shapes.

Use modern plumbing

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The main decor in the bathroom in the Art Nouveau style comes from walls and small items such as accessories and textiles. Lamps can be built-in ceiling or lighting, directly to the space and a mirror. The main decorative elements will undoubtedly be cranes.

Special attention in the room deserves a bathroom mirror. It can be large, almost the entire wall, or decorated with a complex baguette. This style requires a lot of light, and a large window would be an excellent option, but if there is no such possibility, you can achieve this goal with a large mirror that reflects light, lights all the far corners. Return to the menu

Entrance hall

For the Art Nouveau style correspond to the plant elements, smooth lines and no right angles. The hallway should be multifunctional and elegant, without too much pathos.

The hallway should be multifunctional and elegant.

It is advisable to use:

  • Various arches asymmetric shape.
  • The combination of various materials of wood, natural stone, porcelain, painted glass.
  • Compositions with fancy shapes.
  • There should be patterns of plant character, you can use Oriental motifs.

Wallpaper is pasted over the walls, for this to be straight walls, a good solution is plastic panels. The colors use a rich straw color, mustard, purple.

The furniture is also used asymmetric, with unusual curved shapes, made of wood. There must be wavy lines, no standard rectangular cabinets.

An interesting solution for storing outerwear

If the hallway is small, then you can decorate the wardrobe with an ornament, or an element of vegetation, wildlife. Original looks not bulky chair or stool with patterned upholstery. Hangers are suitable. It is desirable that all the furniture was made of wood, products made of bronze, cast iron will be an excellent design solution.

An unusual, but rather eccentric part of the hallway - a mirror. This is another work of the modern era. Often, the base is made of pear, with characteristic stained glass windows.

The lighting should be good, unusual sconces mounted above a large mirror, an original lamp or a chandelier will do. A beautiful addition will be a table lamp with undulating forms on the tabletop with high legs, extraordinary imagination, unusual light sources will emphasize the style.

Lighting should be very good.

Doors that lead to different rooms should be decorated with stained glass, which is a feature of modern style.

Beautiful floral or oriental ornament on the walls, on the cabinets will complete the picture and make the hallway unique.

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It is very difficult to find design works for the design of a study in the modern style, since there are practically none. Therefore, many dilute modern classics, specifically a study. The pistachio color is typical for modernism, so we suggest to put a wardrobe with just such a palette. Pistachio hue combines all the other little things and makes the atmosphere softer. The study does not need to be decorated with any characteristic details.

Architect Victor Orda changed the interior space with the help of metal structures and let the light in through a combination of glass and metal. New technologies have made glass a favorite combination of modern.

Cabinet option

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Important points of the interior - lush decor and decoration. Jewelry art supports it, in the form of precious stones, pearls, corals and colored enamel, art glass. However, the topic of nature is a priority. Inspiration, at times, are unexpected things, such as insects.

Stylized plants are present not only on upholstery fabrics or lace patterns, they are a favorite element of the gang. That is, the lambrequin on a rigid basis, he allowed to change the height of the window, no less significant component in the modern era. In Russia, for example, they liked to depict a thistle.

Cabinet option

In the modern era there were very popular things that were made in the workshops. Characterized by facets, which are widely used in the same mirrors, stained glass, furniture.

If you do not overdo it with the decor, then such a design can be successfully created in a small room.

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  • If metal elements are used, it is desirable that smooth lines be present, resemble a plant theme.
  • When making the windows note that the curtains look beautiful on wide cornices made of natural heavy fabric.
  • In this style, do not use symmetry, the lines gently balance, gradually moving from one to another.
  • Do not use bright colors to decorate the floor, as well as ceramic tiles. Strict smooth lines, geometric shapes will break the whole design. It is better to lay laminate or parquet in the color of wood, which will be in harmony with the pastel tones of the walls.

If you like everything stylish and bright, avoid minimalism, then the interior in modern style definitely suits you. The main criterion is beauty, it must be in everything, even in the most insignificant interior items. This style creates a light, harmonious, comfortable design for living and is ideal for those who appreciate home.